PROGRAM OF THE SEMINAR The main problems of the social by benbenzhou


									                                PROGRAM OF THE SEMINAR
    "The main problems of the social infrastructure around the development of industrial sites in
                                         Russian regions"

Kaluga, square “Stary Torg”, building 2,

                                                                               «23rd» of September 2011 г.

Administration of Kaluga Region, Room 381, 3rd Floor

With the support of the Administration of the Kaluga region, Agency of investments and the
Corporation of Development of Kaluga Region

        The seminar, organized by the Association of Industrial Parks with the support of the
Administration of the Kaluga region and the participation of the international consulting firm KPMG, will
discuss problems of every Russian region that successfully implements the investment policy and develops
industrial parks targeted at foreign investors.

      Why should we gather in Kaluga? - The Kaluga Region has advanced experience and the biggest
number (several thousands) of foreign workers on its territory.

        During the seminar on an example of Kaluga region we plan to work out the certain business
solutions arising in the course of working with investors objectives and constraints, we plan to render a
methodological support to HR-specialists of foreign companies operating in Russian regions. The proposed
solutions for the seminar’s participants will be a real step in the development of related services around the
industrial parks and will contribute to good investment climate in Russian regions.

Here are main issues that will bring up for discussion:

1.      Localization of production = localization of competencies and knowledge. Include the issues of
step-by-step substitution of foreign personnel by the Russian personnel. Skilled personnel: recruiting,
retraining or training. Changes in the social structure of the economically active population. Difficulties
and practical solutions.

2.      Social and cultural adaptation of foreign personnel, their integration into the corporate
relationships of big Russian companies of foreign origin. The development of autonomous services around
the industrial parks (the creation of specialized tourism, entertainment, educational and other programs and
activities aimed at organization of a comfortable family vacation and corporate vacation of foreign
employees in Russia).

8.00 – 8.30     Gathering in the Square “Ploshiad Gagarina” (площадь Гагарина) (Address of bus stop:
                Avenue “Leninsky Prospect” (Ленинский проспект), 32)
                Contact: Katerina Norkina, +7 926 589 4432
8.30 – 11.00    Leaving to the city of Kaluga. Registration for the seminar, introductions, presentations,
                and meeting people.
                Coffee and light breakfast.
11.00–11-20   Opening the seminar
11.00–11.10   Akimov Maxim*, Deputy               Welcome words from the Government of the Kaluga
              governor of Kaluga region           region
11.10-11.20   Yablokov Yury, President of         Opening speech of Chairman of Board of Association
              Association of industrial parks     of industrial parks of Russia
              of Russia /      Zhuravsky
              Denis, Executive director of
              Association of industrial parks
              of Russia
11.20–13.00   Engineering and technical personnel in the regional industrial parks: the training or
              attraction from other territories, migration problems, qualification problems, social
              infrastructure problems around the creation of new industries.
              Moderator: Ekaterina Gorokhova, Vice-President and General director of “Kelly
11.20–11.30   Opening speech, moderator’s report
              Antonina Ivanova, Head of       Report on the personnel needs and problems that foreign
              regional projects, Kelly        investors face at the opening of large plants (factories)
              Valery Antipov, HR
              manager of “Magna”, Kaluga
              Natalia Ivanova,
              HR-manager Volkswagen
              Group RUS, Kaluga
              And others representatives of
              HR-community of Kaluga
              Oleg Uklechev*, Head of the Experience of Kaluga region, solutions on practice.
              Head of study center for
              training and retraining of
              specialists for the automotive
              industry, Kaluga
              Alexey Nikitin, director of
              the college of informational
              technologies and
              management Kaluga
              Andrey Tsarkov director of
              the branch MGTU of Bauman
              in Kaluga
              Darrel Stanafford, General      On the role of social infrastructure to attract investments
              Director CB Richard Ellis in    in the Russian regions
              Raynard Kainz*, General         About the training of engineers personnel
              director of LLC Agiplan

              Maria Malinina and              Tools of personnel’s motivation for rationalization work
              Liudmila Legkaya,
              KPMG, Group of HR
              management and taxation
              management of individuals
              Speeches of guests of the       Exchange of views, needs and expectations of foreign
              seminar                         employees
              Moderator                       Summing up the first part of the seminar
13.00 –       Launch
14.00–15.00   Social and cultural adaptation of foreign employees of enterprises - residents of industrial
              Moderator: Zhuravsky Denis, Executive director of Association of industrial parks of
14.00–14.05   Opening speech of moderator
              And others representatives of The actual needs of foreign employees and their families.
              HR-community of Kaluga           The role of the HR community. Expectations of Russian
              region                           companies.

              Vladimir Nkitenko,            Integrative role of the Chamber, the proposals for the
              Representative of Russian-    development of services in Russia
              German chamber of commerce
              Elena Lempert, President of Family and corporate vacation: home theaters, clubs,
              Academy of Home               interesting hobbies
              Valery Korovkin, Federal      State support for new products: Disclosure of tourist
              agency of tourism, Head of    potential of Russian regions
              international Department
              Presentations of participants European formats of corporate and family holidays in
              Exchange of views, needs and Russia: the agricultural-tourism, ethnographic tours,
              expectations of foreign       cultural dialogue and comfort of foreign colleagues.
              Moderator                     Summing up the results
15.00-15.30   Case-study and master class from company KPMG
              Anna Dorskaya, KPMG,          Options for structuring the recruitment of foreign
              Group of HR management        employees. Practical aspects.
              and taxation management
15.30-16.00   Cofee-break, meeting people
16.00         Leaving to Moscow

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