cyber crimes by zhouwenjuan


									                                       Spring 2010

                                                     The Citizens’ Call
                                             Information for members & supporters of the
                                                  Los Angeles FBI Citizens’ Academy
                                                       Alumni Association, Inc.
                                                         Cyber Crimes a.k.a. “Death by 1000 Cuts”
                                                           The Computer as Weapon or Target?!
                                                                          By Lynette Warburton
Board Members
James D. Paules, President
Jpaules@                      “There is more money
Linda E. Lee, Vice-President                   stolen through
LindaE Lee                     computer intrusions
Christyann Evans,                            than conventional
Secretary                                     bank robberies”                        ADIC Shawn Henry
David Evans, Treasurer                                   FBI
                                               Washington, DC
Mark Mulcahy, Past President

Directors                              A neighbor defaces a woman’s legal brief               “If I told somebody that there was someone
                                       electronically to prevent her from timely filing       in their home going through their personal
James Brabeck                          incriminating evidence against the man’s               records, they would immediately do
                                       cohorts in the Orange County, California Court         something drastic about it such as leave their
Joe Dunnigan                           of Appeal. An ex-boyfriend stalks a woman              job or call 911,” Henry said. “There are
Henry Leong                            through her cell phone using spyware to track          people in their computer and the user is
                                       her movements and monitor her every                    oblivious because they don’t perceive it with
Melissa McSorley                       conversation. A foreign entity takes command           their five senses. Because they can’t observe
                                       and control of a company’s network through             it, it is not real to them. The fact of the
Charles McSorley                       phony e-mails sent to the CEO that were                matter is, it is very real and the threat is
                                       answered, virtually enabling a stranger to run         significant. Most people just don’t get it,” he
Matthew Slatoff                        the business.                                          said.
                                       No, this is not some sci-fi plot in an upcoming        Bots. Hacking. Malicious code. Phishing.
Administrative Liaison                 Ray Bradbury novel; it is life in the 21st century.    Spam. DOS attacks. The list grows day by
                                       Welcome to the Age of Information.                     day.
SA Mary Prang                          Shawn Henry, assistant director in charge of the       A botnet, also known as a “zombie army,” is
                                       FBI’s Washington DC field office, believes that        a large number of compromised computers                  Americans do not take the cyber threat                 that have come under the reign of a hacker
                                       seriously enough “because they cannot see it,          usually for a nefarious purpose.
Newsletter Editor                      touch it, hear it, taste it or feel it.” He recently   The herder, who controls the group of
                                       received the Cyber Crime Fighter Award from            computers remotely, accomplishes the
Lynette Warburton                      McAfee security experts.                               takeover in various ways; one way is by
                                       “There are people right now sitting and working        installing their program through “open doors”                 on their computers who do not realize the              that are targeted on an unprotected
                                       danger -- that there are others on it with them        computer. Another technique is to send e-
                                       going through files and extracting information,”       mail with an attachment that can embed
                                       he said. “Because they don’t witness it with           hidden software when clicked upon. Still, an
The Los Angeles FBI Citizens           their own two eyes since it is invisible, they         additional tactic is to release a “drive by”
Academy Alumni Association, a          don’t act upon it as they should.”                     which can occur just by surfing the web or
private, non-profit organization, is   Cyber Crime. It is a blow that can and does            downloading files. All of these methods
not part of the FBI.                   change life, as we know it.                            result in transforming a computer into a bot.
                                                                                                          (Continued on page three)

                                                                                                                             Page One
                                     President’s Message

Want to give back to those who keep our nation safe        Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated, committed staff
putting their lives on the line continually in the name    at the FBI, the Citizens’ Academy program has proven
of truth, freedom and justice? Then take action and        to be a rewarding experience for all of our graduates.
formally renew your membership with the Los                And, the best is yet to come with changes underway
Angeles FBI Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association.          to make the FBI CA course more robust; for example,
The recent FBI Fallen Agents Memorial Service was an       instructors plan to use hands-on scenarios drawn
inspirational tribute to those agents who made the         from real life cases and outdoor exercises to enhance
ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives for us all.        the curriculum.
I encourage each one of you to make a difference by        In addition to maintaining your relationship with the
joining the organization that supports those agents on     FBI family, FBI CA3 membership also entitles you to
the frontlines, namely our FBI CAAA.                       participate in various activities including behind-the-
We are living in tumultuous, uncertain times. Note         scenes tours, educational presentations, and
the troubling BP oil spill in the Gulf, the pervasive      volunteer events. In the fall, our association is
financial crisis throughout the country, not to mention    tentatively slated to visit the Orange County Regional
the unsettling terrorist attack threat that looms in our   Computer Forensic Lab and the LA County Coroner’s
midst on a daily basis.                                    Department. We are also scheduled to meet with
These disturbing developments only serve to make           SABT Kevin Miles for Bomb Tech Demo Day.
me appreciate our premiere law enforcement agency,         What are we here for? The monks say: For the sake
the FBI, all the more, and remind me of the ongoing        of the choir.
value and significance of our group.                       If you have any comments, please contact me.
Truly, where would be without the Federal Bureau of
To date, over 366 people have gone through the FBI         James D. Paules, Jr.
Citizens’ Academy. What does that mean, exactly? It        Los Angeles FBI CAAA           
translates into hundreds more well-informed eyes and       Graduate, Class of 2001
ears for the bureau.                             

                                     2010 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

  January           TBD                                    August                     Bomb Tech
                                                                                      Demo Day
  February          Chinese New Year
                                                           September                  -Coroner’s
  March              TBD                                                               Department
                                                                                      -New FBI CA
  April              US Coast Guard                                                    Session Starts

  May               -DHS-CBP/AMOC                          October                    Regional
                    -FBI Fallen Agents                                                Computer
                     Memorial Service                                                 Forensic Lab

  June              -O.C. EOC                              November                   -CEO Range Day
                    -FBI Open House                                                   -FBI CA3
                                                                                       Member Mixer
  July              American Heroes
                    Air Show                               December                   TBD

                                                                                                     Page Two
                                                       Meet the new ADIC of the Los Angeles FBI 
                                                                 Steven M. Martinez 
                                                       A Renaissance Man with a Badge and Gun 
                                                                  Criminals Beware:  
                                                          You Don’t Want to Get on his Radar 

                                                                     By Lynette Warburton

                                                   One of the most noteworthy he ever              Swindles can range from builder bailout
                                                   supervised was one involving an Eastern         cons to foreclosure rescue scams. The
                                                   European organized crime group that             most common form of mortgage fraud is
                                                   kidnapped and murdered five members of          illegal property flipping where real estate is
                                                   the Russian community in Los Angeles while      purchased, falsely appraised at a higher
                                                   extorting huge sums of money from their         value, and then quickly sold. What makes
Book smart. Streetwise. Been there. Done
                                                   families who believed they were still alive.    the conduct so criminal is that the appraisal
that. You want someone of Mr. Martinez’s
                                                   The truth of the matter was that the killers    is dishonest and deceptive, the loan
caliber with his specialized education, training
                                                   had already disposed of the bodies in a lake    documents are doctored, and the buyer’s
and experience watching your back.
                                                   in the foothills of California.                 income is inflated.
Ask the lady whose life he saved coming out
                                                   “The reason this is one of the most             “Once we realize the situation, we are right
of a bathroom at a car wash in Las Vegas with
                                                   meaningful and memorable to me is that it       on top of it,” Martinez said. “We keep the
her casino winnings. Martinez thwarted the
                                                   had a successful outcome,” Martinez said.       pressure on where it is needed.”
“would be” robber who had lunged at her
                                                   “We used all of the tools and techniques at     He observed that “Even Ponzi schemes are
from assaulting the woman and taking her
                                                   our disposal (including undercover stings,      starting to crash and burn due to the lack
                                                   wiretaps, and surveillance, among others) to    of new money.”
He was in the right place at the right time
                                                   bring the ones responsible for this horrific    While financial fraud is a major focus for
doing what comes naturally to him.
                                                   crime to justice. Our FBI teams went all out    them, Martinez stressed that counter-
His razor sharp, finely tuned instincts served
                                                   to recover the bodies in 300-foot deep          terrorism is still the FBI’s number one
him (and her) extremely well that day.
                                                   water and gather evidence. It took years of     priority.
Steven Martinez, the new assistant director in
                                                   arduous investigation and prosecution. In       “We are very vigilant in this area,” he said.
charge of the Los Angeles FBI, is clearly in his
                                                   the end, the criminals were arrested,           “We partner through the Joint Terrorism
                                                   extradited, tried, convicted and punished.”     Task Force to make sure that any threats to
Born in Santa Barbara and raised in the San
                                                   And now, the good news: Statistics reveal       Southern California are promptly and
Francisco Bay area, he and his family are both
                                                   that violence is down in the greater Los        properly dealt with and that we are as far
delighted and grateful to be back in California
                                                   Angeles area.                                   out and in front of it as possible. To the
after his many travels.
                                                   Next, the bad: Financial crimes are at an all   extent that we can be prepared to respond
Stimulating, challenging employment with
                                                   time high.                                      if we have an event, I think we are doing a
loved ones by his side... “It does not get any
                                                   “The turbulent economy is creating a lot of     great job.”
better than this,” he said.
                                                   stress and strain on society,” Martinez said.   Martinez dispels the popular media notion
With a bachelor’s degree in government from
                                                   “We have noticed a spike in white collar        of the FBI not getting along well with other
St. Mary’s College and a master’s in political
                                                   crime due to the crisis and collapse of the     agencies.
science from U.C. Berkeley, Martinez started
                                                   housing market.”                                “The idea that the FBI would burst onto a
his career with the FBI in 1986. He has held
                                                   He cited mortgage fraud as a prime              crime scene, push people out of the way,
posts in the Phoenix, Washington, Los
                                                   example.                                        and take over, is pure nonsense,” he said.
Angeles, El Paso and Las Vegas divisions and
                                                   Reports show that it has cost victims           “It does not play out that way in real life.
served as the first on-scene commander
                                                   (including borrowers, financial institutions,   We could not get anything done without
during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Baghdad.
                                                   and the Dow) over a billion dollars.            forging and cultivating those associations;
“It was a very intense assignment,” he said of
                                                   Perpetrators are usually industry insiders      meaning, we could not act that way for
the overseas deployment. “I managed
                                                   such as accountants, real estate brokers,       very long before getting completely shut
counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence
                                                   and banking professionals but can and very      out. If you asked our law enforcement
efforts every hour I did not sleep.”
                                                   often do include others.                        counterparts they would say that we handle
Whether fighting ruthless drug cartels on the
                                                   Martinez is very familiar with the subject as   issues collaboratively and make an effort to
Southwest border, corrupt, unconscionable
                                                   he headed a task force to combat the            do so. The community is better served
CEOs on Wall Street, or crafty, cunning cyber
                                                   problem in Las Vegas.                           when we all pull together.”
thieves on the World Wide Web, Martinez is a
                                                   “Trust me, we are aggressively addressing       One for all and all for one.
master at thinking on his feet.
                                                   this type of crime,” he assured.                Citizens, too, are encouraged to do their
“There are exciting adventures to be had no
                                                   Mortgage fraud, which is fraud for profit or    part.
matter where you land,” he ascertained.
                                                   fraud for property, is defined as the           “If there are any serious concerns, please
He thoroughly embraces the opportunity to
                                                   intentional misstatement, misrepresentation,    get a hold of us,” Martinez said. “Put the
lead the Southern California bureau.
                                                   or omission by an applicant relied on by a      information into the hands of someone
“There is no more interesting place to work
                                                   lender or underwriter to fund, purchase or      professional who can look into the problem
than Los Angeles with its diverse portfolio,” he
                                                   insure a loan.                                  and evaluate it. Know that a report can
said. “The quality, variety and magnitude of
                                                   California ranks third in the nation for this   always be made anonymously.
cases are exceptional.”
                                                   offense, according to Lexis Nexis.                         (Continued on page four)

                                                        RED CARPET

                                                       FOR FBI AGENT
                                                     KATHLEEN CARSON

                                                       AND HER BOMB
                                                      DETECTION DOGS

                                                          THEY GO

                                                     By Lynette Warburton 

Salem has BIG paws to fill, according to Special      If they pass, they go on to six more months
Agent Kathleen Carson who recently lost her           of professional training.
beloved bomb detection dog, Disco, to illness.        The PBB facility was recommended to Carson
The Emmys, Olympics, Golden Globes, Super             by the New York Police Department Bomb
Bowl, Grammys and the Academy Awards are just         Squad.
a few of the extravaganzas that the FBI covers to     In addition to assuming his normal duties in
safeguard the public from potential harm.             June, Salem will also be participating in Major
Carson is deeply committed to the mission.            League Baseball All-Star Week.
Equipped with a master’s degree, she has a            His initiation is rigorous and thorough.
passion for animals, the environment and law          “For the first two weeks after arriving in Los
enforcement, and uses all three in her role as an     Angeles, Salem and I will spend a lot of time
Explosive Detection K-9 Handler, Hazardous            bonding,” Carson said. “He will not be
Materials Response Team Member, Bomb                  exposed to a lot of other people during this
Technician, and Assistant WMD Coordinator.            period. He will learn that I am the pack
She and her canines often upstage the stars with      leader and he must learn to trust me.”
their presence.                                       What Carson has gleaned from Cesar Milan,
To audiences attending these larger than life         the popular dog whisperer, is that humans
events, they serve as guardian angels providing       have to be balanced in order for the dog to
peace of mind -- to those with evil intentions,       remain balanced and for the human to be the
they serve as a warning and a deterrent.              pack leader. The pack leader never goes to
Salem, a frisky, ten-month-old, male, yellow          the pack – the pack must go to the leader.
Labrador retriever, is clearly up to the task.        The pack leader must invite the pack into its
“I chose him for several reasons,” Carson said.       space.
“He was the top choice from 25 K-9s that were         According to the expert, exercise (one hour a
graded and was selected because of his good           day), discipline and affection, in that order,
appearance, health, and temperament. He also          are what are needed to keep a dog on track.
has exceptional abilities in hunting and playing,     “After the two weeks of bonding, Salem will
and is socialized and friendly.”                      begin his exposure to explosive odors,”
This soldier was trained well by Puppies Behind       Carson said. “He will be introduced and
Bars. PBB is a program on the East Coast that         trained with other dogs and handlers at this
prepares dogs to perform for law enforcement.         time. He will be prompted to recognize all
The Explosive Detection Canine curriculum began       major explosive odors and combinations and
in 2001 in response to the September 11th             will then have to be certified with the
tragedy and has been thriving ever since.             California Narcotics Canine Association
These specially bred puppies, usually Labradors or    (Explosive Detection) to become a qualified
Golden retrievers, are placed in prisons with a       working K-9 that will earn the approval of the
suitable inmate who raises, trains and works with     U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”
them. Dogs are taught everything from basic           There is never a “typical” day for Carson and
obedience skills to explicit commands such as the     man’s best friend.
mandate to watch an officer’s back. Literally.        “When I am in the office, Salem will be at my
After a year or so, if deemed appropriate, the        side,” she said. “When I attend meetings he
dogs return to school and are given a series of       will either wait in the truck or I will bring him
tests to determine their level of confidence.         in if I am allowed. (Continued on page four)

                              CYBER CRIMES
                       (continued from page one)

“Once someone gets a foothold in a computer,        financial institutions. They take more money            -      A Computer Crimes Task Force
it is hard to get them out,” Henry said. “They      through computer intrusions than                        -      Outstanding partnerships with
can do everything an administrator can              conventional bank robberies,” he said.                         domestic and international law
including shutting down communications.”            Because of its potentially devastating impact                  enforcement
FBI Director Robert Mueller considers botnets to    on national security and the economy (from               -     Strong relationships with citizens,
be the Swiss Army knives of cyber crime.            Wall Street to Main Street), cyber attacks are                 private industry, the public sector,
“You name it, they can do it,” he said. “From       considered by the FBI to be a very serious                     academia and the government
attacking networks, sending spam, and               issue.                                             InfraGard, an alliance comprised of 35,000
collecting data to infecting computers and          “We are more predisposed to an assault as a        members throughout the country from a wide
injecting spyware. They do not require highly       country because we are more reliant on             range of disciplines, is a great example of the
technical skills, yet the national security         infrastructure run by computers which use          FBI and commerce working together for the
implications are far reaching. A botnet can shut    microchips,” Henry said. Water, power, and         common good. The organization shares
down a power grid, flood an emergency call          transportation are just a few examples of          important information about cyber threats to
center with millions of spam messages, or           what could be gravely affected.                    their own company with other trusted
disable a military command post.”                   “Increased connectivity increases our              associates through a secured computer
Botnets are acknowledged by many in the             vulnerability (as a nation),” he said.             server. Their primary function is to protect
industry to be one of the biggest security          The FBI’s top priorities are to protect the U.S.   and defend critical infrastructure.
threats on the Internet today.                      against terrorist attacks, foreign intelligence    “Proactive investigations enable us to identify
Over one billion people around the globe use        operations and espionage, and cyber based          and infiltrate cyber crime organizations and
the World Wide Web on a regular basis, a            attacks and high technology crimes, in that        create the opportunity to disrupt and
staggering statistic.                               order.                                             dismantle them permanently taking them off
While Henry believes that it is the greatest                                                           line,” Henry said.
innovation of his lifetime, he warns that it does                                                      Operation Phish Phry, one of the largest
pose serious risks.
                                                         “Increased connectivity                       international cyber fraud busts to date in U.S.
“There are many wonderful advantages to using           increases our vulnerability                    history, was a major coup for the FBI and
the Internet including access to information,                                                          nation alike.
speed, and the ability to accumulate large data
                                                              (as a nation)”                           Last October, almost 100 people were
sets. The problem is these advantages can also               ADIC Shawn Henry                          arrested in Southern California, Nevada and
be exploited by the criminal as a tool to                                                              North Carolina, and as far away as Egypt for
enhance their illegal activity,” he said.                      Washington, DC                          various crimes related to “phishing” including
Primary United States adversaries are terrorists,                                                      computer fraud, money laundering and
spies and organized crime.                                                                             aggravated identity theft. The con artists
“Traditional groups involved in, for instance,      They are also responsible for preventing           face a lengthy sentence behind bars as the
cigarette smuggling, extortion, theft of            predators from using the computer to steal         conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud
interstate cargo, and money laundering ten          from, defraud, and otherwise victimize             charges alone carries a statutory maximum
years ago have now migrated to the web.             citizens, businesses and communities.              penalty of 20 years in federal prison.
Stealing data off a network (such as research       Armed with its authority and resources, they       What actually happened was innocent,
and development) is lucrative because it is a       investigate and prosecute unauthorized             gullible victims gave their sensitive,
commodity that can be bought or sold like any       access violations known as hacking, denial of      confidential login credentials to a fake
other pilfered item,” he said.                      service attacks, Internet fraud schemes,           financial website set up by the thieves. Once
According to Henry, the cost of cyber crime is      malicious code such as viruses and worms,          the information was processed, offenders
stolen data, lost business opportunities and the    and copyright violations.                          withdrew over $1.5 million from one bank
remediation of networks that are extremely          Tools they utilize to combat the cyber threat      and transferred it to another bogus account
expensive.                                          are:                                               they set up and managed at a different
“Eastern Europe has sophisticated, highly                 -    A Cyber division which supervises       location.
technical organized crime groups that steal                    and facilitates FBI investigations      This FBI investigation took two years.
hundreds of millions of dollars from U.S.                      related to computer crimes staying      According to Special Agent Jason Smolanoff
                                                               on top of the latest threats,           who is working on the case, the prosecution
                                                               technology and trends                   is active and ongoing.
                                                          -    Squads in 56 field and 60 overseas      “The sophistication with which Phish Phry
                                                               legal attaché offices which research    defendants operated represents an evolving
                                                               and examine computer intrusions,        and troubling paradigm in the way identity
                                                               theft of intellectual property and      theft is now committed,” said Keith Bolcar,
                                                               personal information, child             FBI Special Agent in Charge of Counter
                                                               pornography and exploitation, and       Intelligence/Cyber Crime in Los Angeles.
                                                               online fraud                            “Criminally savvy groups recruit here and
                                                          -    Cyber Action Teams which have           abroad to pool tactics and skills necessary to
                                                               special agents, intelligence analysts   commit organized theft facilitated by the
                                                               and forensic experts ready to travel    computer, including hacking, fraud and
                                                               at a moment’s notice to where ever      identity theft, with a common greed and
                                                               they are needed around the world        willingness to victimize Americans.”
                                                               to solve a case                                     (Continued on page four)

                                                                                                                                Page Three
                              CYBER CRIME (continued from page three)
  Cyber crooks use phones, text messaging          private sector needs to be conscientious and
  and chat rooms to converse with each other.      vigilant, and secure their systems.”
  Law enforcement uses intelligence such as        In other words, safeguard your computer as
  the personally identifiable information,         you would your home. Exercise caution and
  Internet Protocol location, e-mail address,      follow the FBI’s recommendations: First,
  names linked to those, hacker monikers and       keep the firewall turned on; next, install or
  clues collected in the computer code to catch    update anti-virus software and anti-spyware
  them.                                            technology; always keep the operating
  There are more adversaries today trying to       system up to date; be careful what is
  access the U.S. government’s top-secret data     downloaded; and lastly, turn off the unit
  than ever before.                                when done with your business online.
  Henry’s biggest concern of the moment is         When issues arise, the Internet Crime
  what he terms “the expansion of the              Complaint Center is the perfect place to
  perimeter” where places such as Africa, parts    register a computer related grievance. IC3 is
  of Asia and South America have now               a partnership between the FBI, the National
  increased their connectivity translating into    White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of
  “more people trying to get in the door.”         Justice Assistance. It collects and analyzes
  He emphasized that the FBI’s primary duty is     data, and when appropriate, refers criminal
  to identify threats to the U.S. and then roll    complaints to the appropriate law
  out operations to mitigate them, in the end,     enforcement agency.
  to finally take them down.                       Never under estimate them. Though they
  “Our first line of defense is the individual,”   are inundated with calls these days, the FBI
  Henry said. “The FBI is not in a position to     is still just a mouse click away from finding
  do network defense; just as it cannot provide    the bad guys.
  for the defense of a neighborhood against a      As J. Keith Mularski, an undercover agent
  burglar. It is up to the homeowner to be         who posed as a cyber criminal for the FBI’s
  responsible for their safety by putting locks    online card trading forum “Dark Market”
  on the door, installing an alarm system, and     successful sting operation, said: “Know
  making sure there is adequate lighting           this: We will get you no matter where
  outside to deter the criminal. Similarly, the    you live.”

  SABT Kathleen Carson & Salem (continued)                                            ADIC Martinez Profile (continued)
(That is how Disco, who Salem replaced, became so famous.                          Remember, the FBI does what it does on behalf
He was always invited in to wherever I was at the time and                         of the people.”
everyone loved him. He became the welcomed mascot to                               Martinez could not lavish enough praise on the
many different groups that I was involved with).                                   men and women of the Los Angeles FBI.
“Salem will also work local and national events and will go out                    “They have such an outstanding work ethic,” he
on explosive search warrants and clear bomb threats. He will                       said. “It is easy to come to your job each day
never be allowed to investigate a suspicious package. That job                     when you have that level of dedication.”
belongs to the bomb tech. However, he will tell me if he                           According to Martinez, the ideal FBI agent should
detects an explosive in the area. If so, I will then remove him                    have “exceptional leadership skills honed by
from the premises, reward him and work with the local bomb                         exposure to difficult and demanding situations.”
squad to clear the package. If the package can be handled                          To be a successful one, they should have a good
remotely (with a robot), that is preferred. If not, a bomb tech                    education, critical thinking aptitude, report
will dress out in the 85 lb. Kevlar suit and go down range with                    writing acumen, the ability to express themselves
the prescribed tools. If possible, x-rays will be taken to                         well in a court of law with authority and
determine if the package is a threat. If it can be visually                        influence, the wherewithal to take on projects
cleared, it will be; otherwise, the package will be disrupted and                  and see them through, and last but certainly not
rendered safe,” she said.                                                          least, they should lead an honest and clean life.
Carson felt the Academy Award winner Hurt Locker had some                          “I live my life according to the Golden Rule,” he
very realistic elements to it. “I found the apprehension felt by                   summed up. “Treat others how you would want
the lead bomb tech was very believable,” she said. “The                            to be treated.”
number one concern of all bomb techs is for someone to                             He believes that it pays off in the law
remotely detonate a bomb (remember, they can see you – you                         enforcement environment as well.
cannot see them). In the case of the movie, everyone on both                       “We leverage a lot out of those relationships,” he
sides of the road was suspicious. The tension was palpable.”                       remarked. Translation: What goes around
When in doubt, it is always best to err on the side of caution.                    comes around.
“If a citizen finds something suspicious, they should never                        The Southern California populace can sleep
touch or move it,” Carson advised. “Distance yourself at least                     peacefully at night knowing that ADIC Martinez
300 feet away (if not more) and call 911. Try to provide as                        and his extraordinary team of FBI agents are
much detailed information as possible. For instance, how big                       keeping a studied, watchful eye over the region.
is it? Are there wires, batteries, electronic components? Use a
lot of description. Know that all data is greatly appreciated
and utilized in our endeavor to keep our nation safe.”
“And the Humanitarian Award goes to the FBI and their furry                                                             Page Four

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