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                Temple Expansion Report - May 2006
Jai Jinendra!

Temple expansion work is going in full fledge. Foundation, walls and overall exterior structure are built.
Internal walls, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and ceiling works are being done. Many of you might have
seen how our Temple is getting a new shape. We are all very excited and anxious to see our new Temple.
In this newsletter we are providing an update on Construction, Time line, and Donations.

Please contact us if you have any question, comments, and suggestions.

Board of Trustees, Executive and Temple Expansion Committee

                                       Construction Progress
As you can see from attached pictures, construction is progressing very well. Recently Prabodh Vaidya, Dr.
D.U. Shah, and Samprati Shah visited India to talk about expansion project with some of the lead Jain
organizations in India. They met with Shri Shrenikbhai, managing trustee of Kalyanji & Aandji Trust, and
Shri Shreyakbhai, managing trustee of Shankheshware Tirth. The meeting was arranged by a famous
philanthropist Dr. Dipchand Gardi. They also met with Shri Rajendra Sutaria, our architect in India. Many
important decisions were made during these meetings in India. The contracts for Front Chawki, Bhomti and
various other marble works have been awarded and work has already started. It is our great privilege to have
Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj agreeing to perform Pran Pratishtha (Invoking Tirthankara) of all the Murtis for new

Fund Raising:
Fund raising committee is meeting with various potential donors and spreading the urge for donations. On
April 14th Kalpana and Hasmukh Shah of Schereville, Indiana hosted a fund raising meeting at their home
which was attended by ten families. At the end of this meeting we were able to get pledges for $50,000+.
Similarly, last December, Hiren & Lina Shah, Oakbrook, IL hosted such fund raising event and we had very
good response from that meeting as well. Expansion committee is very thankful to Hasmukh & Kalpana Shah
and Hiren & Leena Shah for hosting such events.

We really need big support from our membership. So far, out of 1500 life members, only 135 (less than 10%)
has donated or pledged for this project. We urge all of you to act now, society needs your support. This will
be very good investment that you and your next generations will cherish forever. Just imagine our kids and
grandkids sitting in well facilitated pathshala classes, separate for each level, while new born babies, and
toddlers playing in separate nursery room.      Imagine your kid performing on a huge auditorium stage with
sound, lights, and action! The list will go on and on. All we need now is donations. Please don’t wait before it
gets too late. When you are gone from this world, you won’t be remembered by how rich you were and how
many cars you had, but what you contributed towards your community to preserve and promote Jainism and
Indian culture will make you hero.

Project Time Line:
Based on the updates we have received from Mr. Rohit Patel, Contractor/Architect, Saachi Construction, the
new facility will be ready by 3rd week of September this year.    Based on this schedule, we are tentatively
planning to perform Pratishtha Mahotsava along with the inauguration ceremony during end of September, this
year. We will provide you up-to-date progress as we move forward.
    Construction Progress


 Darshnik Pratima (Outside Wall) -I                        $25,001
 Darshnik Pratima (Outside Wall) – II                      $25,001
 Darshnik Pratima (Outside Wall) – II                      $25,001
 Satrunjay Pat                             Sponsored       $50,001
 Sametshikhar Pat                          Sponsored       $50,001
 Girnar Pat                                Sponsored       $50,001
 Pavapuri Pat                              Sponsored       $50,001
 Pooja Room (149 Sq. ft.)                  Sponsored       $35,001
 Aangi Room (113 Sq. ft.)                  Sponsored       $31,001
 Meditation Room – 1 & 2 (260 Sq. ft.)     Sponsored       $50,001
 Sadhviji Maharaj Paat (Upashraya)                         $41,001
 Sadhuji Maharaj Paat (Upashraya)                          $41,001
 Temple Elevator                                           $40,001
 Office Elevator                                           $25,001
 Elephant (Outside – Right)                                $25,001
 Elephant (Outside – Left)                                 $25,001
 Fitness Room                                              $50,001
 Small Classroom – 1 (360 Sq. ft.)         Sponsored       $50,001
 Small Classroom – 2 (360 Sq. ft.)         Sponsored       $50,001
 Small Classroom – 3 (360 Sq. ft.)         Sponsored       $50,001
 Small Classroom – 4 (360 Sq. ft.)         Sponsored       $50,001
 Classroom – 5 (730 Sq. ft.)                Partially      $75,001
 Classroom – 6 (562 Sq. ft.)                               $75,001
 Classroom – 7 (925 Sq. ft.)                              $101,001
 Classroom – 8 (933 Sq. ft.)                              $101,001
 Classroom – 9 (907 Sq. ft.)                              $101,001
 Teachers’ lounge/Classroom                                $50,001
 Health Center                                             $50,001
 Library/Resource Center (1266 Sq. ft.)*   Sponsored       $35,001
 Modern kitchen facility                                   $50,001
 New Dining Area                                           $50,001
 New Prayer Hall                           Sponsored      $150,001
 New Stage                                                 $50,001
 Conference Room                                           $50,001
 Audio Video Room                                          $50,001
 Nursery Room                              Sponsored       $35,001
 Office                                                    $25,001
 Dignitaries Room                                          $50,001
 Coat room – 1                             Sponsored       $21,001
 Coat room – 2                                             $31,001
 Upashraya*                                Sponsored       $25,001
* Additional sponsorship                     (STATUS AS OF MAY, 2006)

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