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					September 27, 2011

Dear Seniors and Senior Parents,

Thanks to all of you who baked and brought in items for the Bake Sale at Back to School Night.
We made approximately $350.00!! Every little bit counts!

We will be having the fourth and final Class of 2012 Dakota McNabb Scholarship Fund Car
Wash this Saturday, October 1st, 10:30am to 2:30pm at the Route 15 South Firehouse (corner of
Rt. 15 and Edison Road). If we have cars coming by after 2:30pm, we’ll stay open until 3:00pm.
All proceeds from the washing of cars will go toward the scholarship in Dakota’s memory. All
proceeds from sales of baked items and hot coffee go to the Class of 2012. This is where we
need your help!

Merit points will be awarded for anyone who comes to help wash cars AND anyone who brings
in items to sell. Additionally, if anyone has a coffee urn that we could borrow and sell hot coffee
– PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. If someone (first dibs gets it) could bring a can
or two of coffee, half and half, sugar (fake and real) packets – that would earn points as well.
Hot coffee is a huge money maker!

There are students who cannot make the car wash and would like to earn merit points, so those
students can bring baked items either on Friday or Saturday morning. All items that come in on
Friday please have them delivered to G-106, and Mrs. Kirshenbaum will bring them on Saturday.
We have enough bottled water from Back to School night.

Those parents who would like to spend some time with their son/daughter, you are MORE
THAN welcome to come and help. Mrs. Kirshenbaum will be there with buckets and sponges by

Additionally, seniors -- if you have any old towels that we could use to dry the cars, please bring
them with you.

Again, if you have any questions or wish to volunteer to assist in any activities this year please
email us at either jkirshenbaum@jefftwp.org or pvandigriff@jefftwp.org
More news to come! Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to an
exciting year!

Warmest regards,

Jane Kirshenbaum and Patty Vandigriff
Class of 2012 Co-Advisors

P.S. Tricky Tray (October 21st) information coming to you shortly!!

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