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					                   7 DAY NORTH LUANGWA MOBILE SAFARI

                                          This six night mobile safari epitomizes the true spirit of
                                          adventure and exploration in truly remote wildlife rich
                                          areas of Zambia. The North Luangwa is a dedicated
                                          wilderness park where you are not likely to see other
                                          tourists. The whole concept of the North Luangwa mobile
                                          safari is to show you three completely different
                   2                      environments and habitats over six nights. The safari will
                                          start on the escarpment above the Luangwa Valley in the
                                          rich and diverse Miombo woodland in the hills. After two
                                          nights in this area, you will drop down the escarpment on
                                          to the Valley floor and spend two nights on the
                                          Mulondoshi river, a dry riverbed with interspersed pools
                                          and beautiful open parkland grasslands. The final two
                                          nights are spent on the Luangwa River in the Mulondoshi
                                          Delta amongst the classic Luangwa ‘Riverine’ vegetation
                                          and lagoons. The ground covered on this mobile is truly
                                          remote and wild – no other tourists and plenty of wildlife
           Mfuwe                          in this pristine game country.


                                          Saturday - Camp 1 is set in the escarpment Miombo
                                          woodland that makes up 24% of the North Luangwa’s
                                          vegetation type. The camp is on the banks of the upper
                                          stretches of the Mwaleshi river, which is a tributary of the
                                          Luangwa. The water is cool and crystal clear and as
                                          there are no crocs up here, it is ideal for swimming!

                                          Depending what time we arrive at camp, there is the
                                          option of an evening walk or drive along the Mwaleshi
                                          followed by drinks around the camp fire and a three
                                          course dinner.
 Transfer Option 1. Take a charter flight directly from Lusaka (or your previous destination) to
 Mano Airstrip, North Luangwa. It is approximately a two hour flight from Lusaka to Mano.

 Transfer Option 2. A scheduled flight to Mfuwe, South Luangwa and then a charter flight ‘hop’ to
 Mano Airtstrip, North Luangwa. The scheduled Lusaka to Mfuwe flight is approximately 1 hr 10 mins
 and the ‘hop’ charter flight is approximately 20-30 minutes flying time. This is normally a less
 expensive option than direct charter flights.
 Sunday. Morning drive to the Luswa Valley, a beautiful grassland Valley that runs adjacent to the
 Lupita river in the North West corner of the park. This is an upland area where the you have a good
 chance of seeing Roan and Sable, antelope species that don’t occur very commonly on the Valley
 bottom. Then a late brunch on the banks of the river and a swim in the clear cool waters – fantastic.
 After brunch we will head back to Camp 1 and the afternoon activity can be a nice walk up or down
 the Mwaleshi – a great birding area as well as good elephant and buffalo country.

                                Monday – Move to Camp 2. Camp 2 is on the Mulondoshi River in
                                the south central sector of the North Luangwa National Park on the
                                Valley floor. The game drive down from Camp 1 is stunning as the
                                road drops down from the high escarpment into the Valley. On the
                                way you will get the chance to walk to the Mwaleshi water falls for
                                morning tea. The Mulondoshi is dry riverbed for most of the year with
                                small pools of water and beautiful grass parklands on either side. This
                                attracts the grazers (buffalo & wildebeest), which in turn attract the
                                predators. We will arrive in camp for lunch and can then do a walk or
                                drive in the evening and a night drive if you want to.

                                Tuesday – Explore the Mulondoshi. We can track the lion between
                                the water holes either on foot or from the back of a vehicle. The
                                scenery, wildlife and remoteness of this area is all yours, no-one else
                                is here!


                                                Wednesday – Move to Camp 3. We can either walk
                                                or drive to Camp 3 along the dry Mulondoshi River to
                                                it’s confluence with the Luangwa river. Camp 3 is
                                                almost directly opposite the confluence in an area
                                                called the Mulondoshi Delta. Here the Luangwa has
                                                cut a new course leaving behind a huge ‘wafwa’ (old
                                                course) that provides fertile grazing lands that attract
                                                high numbers of game and predators too. We will
                                                cross the Luangwa River by canoe or on boat and walk
                                                into camp for lunch. In the afternoon we can do an
                                                evening walk up or down the Luangwa.

Thursday – Luangwa Meander. The nearest tourist camp to this location is 50 kms north or south.
This country is there to explore and this can be done on foot or by vehicle. The Mulondoshi Delta is
pristine Luangwa riverine habitat with the river, dry river beds and lagoons which in turn attracts the

Thursday – Luangwa Meander. The nearest tourist camp to this location is 50 kms north or south.
This country is there to explore and this can be done on foot or by vehicle. The Mulondoshi Delta is
pristine Luangwa riverine habitat with the river, dry river beds and lagoons which in turn attracts the
greatest diversity of game and bird life. The morning activity of a walk or drive would be followed by
lunch, then a siesta and an afternoon/evening activity of choice with dinner out under the stars

Friday – Game drive to Mwaleshi Airstrip. We will set off from Camp 3 in the morning to
Mwaleshi Airstrip. This is a two to three hour game drive through beautiful riverine game country
following the Luangwa. We will pass by some amazing hot springs, cross the Luangwa river and then
the Mwaleshi river to reach the Mwaleshi airstrip. This is the end of your North Luangwa mobile
 Transfer Option 1. Take the charter ‘hop’ to Mfuwe from Mwaleshi. This is a short twenty minute
 flight to Mfuwe. In Mfuwe, you have the option of spoiling yourself to a nice lodge after the mobile
 safari or take the scheduled Mfuwe to Lusaka 1hr10 min flight.

 Transfer Option 2. Hire a charter to take you anywhere else in Zambia or fly across to Lake Malawi.

 We will book and organise scheduled flights and departures on your behalf. We can also advise on
 great onward locations that really complement our mobile safaris.

Cost of Safari per person for 2012
US$4,900 including return flight from Lusaka with 2 guests
US$4,500 including return flight from Lusaka with 4 guests
US$4,640 including return flight from Lusaka with 6 guests
Full board (all meals, drinks and bar), gameviewing activities, National Park fees, laundry and transfers

Visas, airport taxes and international flights

Child Policy
No children under 7 years old. Only children older than 12 allowed on game walks.

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