Assisted Living Residences in Florida

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					                             Assisted Living Residences in Florida

Prior to 1990's there used to be what is called elderly care homes or nursing facilities. The purpose of
these facilities was mainly to deal with the elderly generation. However, as time gone by the issue of
other dependent groups surfaced. The crippled particularly were having difficulty living and interacting
normally with other people in the society. Main concern for such groups lead to the establishment of
assisted living facilities in the 1990's.

Description and Function

Assisted living facilities or ALF's as they are also referred to are facilities that have been established to
assist people who have disabilities. They should not be confused with nursing homes or treatment
centers for the impaired, In reality, if you visit an assisted living facility you may be surprised to find
that it has no sign of treatment or nursing anywhere. The basic function of these facilities is to offers
assistance to the disabled in their day to day activities. Sometimes, disabled persons may be quite a
burden on the whole family. This is especially so if everyone is busy working and is always away. For
such a situation, assisted living facilities offer you to help, in return for a specified service charge that
is paid monthly or after a number of months.

Several states in America established this kind of facilities as part of programs to assist disabled
persons fell accepted by the society and continue living a normal life regardless of their condition. In
particular assisted living facilities in Florida, are several and they offer the best care impaired persons
can get.

Cost you

Assisted living facilities in Florida offer assisted living services at an cost-effective cost. On average, a
facility will charge $2,500 in monthly fees. However, this is not constant for all facilities and cost may
vary from $1,400 to $3,700 per month based on the location type of assisted living facility and services
offered there. It is essential to note that additional fees may apply depending on the scope of services
offered there and whether the resident will need any special service.

Services provided

The most basic services provided in Florida include, housing, food and one personal service such as
administering medication. In some cases, the assisted living facilities will offer extra services such as
nursing for residents who are in need of it. Therefore, even if assisted living facilities are not nursing
homes they may at time incorporate nursing services into their programs.

The conditions of admittance into Florida facilities include display of non-violent behaviour, sociable,
ability to take care of one self in some things hence not requiring 24 hours supervision and the
occupant should not have any serious diseases especially communicable ones. Failure to meet this
requirements may lead to a discharge from the facility.

How to find an Assisted living facility in Florida

Presently there are about 39 Senior assisted living facilities in Florida. To get the best or least
expensive one you can simply visit the local authority offices. There you will be directed to the best
facilities. You can also run a searching online and reviews on several of them. This gives you an idea
of the best place to go.