Appendix B - Supplementary costs for additional policing

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					Appendix B

Appendix B – Supplementary costs for additional policing

The original costings provided by the Metropolitan Police of £27,000 were
based on 2 PCs for 5 hours a night for 21 weeks. This was based on overtime
in addition to a normal day’s work for the officers, at time plus a third.
Once the patrols started it was clear that officers were not willing to work the
overtime but were using their rest days to provide this additional cover for the
ward. Rest day working is time plus a half and officers have to be paid for a
minimum of 6 hours if they come in on a day off, irrespective of how many
hours they actually spend at work; therefore the Director of Community
Protection has insisted on 6 hours out and about on the Ward.

The revised costing, based on rest day working, with the minimum payment of
6 hours duty for a PC working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
until the end of the financial year, minus 2 weeks over Xmas, is £28,224,
equalling £1,344 per week.

Therefore an additional £1,224 is required from the ward budget to cover the
cost of the patrols until the end of March 2009.

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