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									                                                                       File 2 Of 8 Grade
                                                                   RSBI-SMPN1 Magetan

                                   Nihon go no jugyou

       Watashi wa 2 nensei desu. Gakkou de nihon go no jugyou o benkyoushimasu.
       Nihon go no jugyou wa kayoubi ni arimasu. LL kyoushitsu de nihon go no bideo
       o mimasu. Tokidoki, toshoshitsu de hiragana o kakimasu. Nihon go no moji wa
       mittsu ga arimasu. Hiragana to katakana wa kantan desu. Demo, kanji wa
       muzukashii desu. Nihon go jugyou wa omoshiroi desu.

       Hiragana :
       わたし わ 2 ねんせい です。がっこう で にほん ご の
       じゅぎょう お べんきょうします。にほん ご の じゅぎょう
       わ かようび に あります。LL きょうしつ で にほん ご
       の びでお お みます。ときどき、としょしつ で ひらがな
       お かきます。にほん ご の もじ わ みっつ
       が あります。ひらがな と かたかな わ かんたん です。で
       も、かじ わむずかしい です。にほん ご じゅぎょう わ お
       もしろい です。


       This is my second grade loop. Japanese language classes at school

       studying island tail. Japanese class loop on Tuesday. I see the video of

       the Japanese in the classroom LL. Sometimes,I write hiragana in the

       library. There are three alphabet of Japanese characters. I am a

       simple loop Hiragana and Katakana. But it is difficult kanji loop. I am

       interesting Japanese class loop

   Atarashii kotoba :
    - tokidoki             : sometimes
    - Moji                 : alphabet
    - itsu                 : when

If you want to send me a file, please using Ms. Word 2003. I can’t open your file if
you send me a file with Ms. Word 2007 or ZIP.
And your code is consist from CLASS – YOUR ABSENT NUMBER.
Your name is DEWI, your class in 8E, and your absent number is 10.
So your code is 8E-10 (without space)
     Nama                  DEWI
     Keterangan            8E-10
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                                               File 2 Of 8 Grade
                                           RSBI-SMPN1 Magetan

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Lets do your work carefully.
Diane sensei

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