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									                    SPRAWL and
                   Property Rights
 MD State Department of Planning slogan:
  “Stop Sprawl, y’all”.
 Secretary Hall- What is Sprawl? 2 acres

Carroll County Commissioners on Plan MD:
• Called for more time to review
• Created a Planning Bill of Rights:
           Opposition to Plan
1) It is anti-property rights, and anti-free
2)It usurps local government’s planning
Note: While some oppose Plan MD for both
  aspects, others only oppose it because of
  #2; those individuals agree with the overall
  concept, but believe it should be
  implemented locally.
             Arguments for “Smart
These individuals that believe in smart growth may
  not like the state's usurpation of local authority
  but they do believe individuals believe some/all
  of the following:
• Climate change caused by humans threatens
  the existence of the world.
• Sprawl is unsustainable; government has a
  responsibility to drive people into sustainable
• It is fiscally responsible to promote smart growth.
               Arguments for
               “Smart growth”
• Sprawl contributes to social and environmental
• The government needs to promote good health
  by promoting walking/biking.
The arguments used in Cecil County:
• “We don’t want to become like New Castle
• “Developers have been given special favors.”
Questions to Ask:
• What is a fair government? If you believe
  one special interest has had an advantage
  in the past, do you want to tilt government
  in the opposite direction in favor of the
  opposite special interest group?
• What choices will individuals have when
  they move to Cecil County?
               Plan MD and
                Agenda 21
• Plan MD is modeled after Agenda 21:
• The premises and much of the language is
  the same although Agenda 21 is more
• The basis for these plans is that the free
  market/individual choice is “unsustainable”
  and central planning by “smart growth”
  advocates is necessary to determine
  where/how people live.
                    The Agenda 21
AGENDA 21: Table of Contents

• International cooperation to accelerate sustainable
  development in developing countries
• Changing consumption patterns
• Demographic dynamics and sustainability
• Protecting and promoting human health conditions
• Promoting sustainable human settlement development
• Integrating environment and development in decision-making
                             U.N. Agenda 21
• Strengthening the role of workers and their trade unions
•   Strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations: partners for sustainable development

• Local authorities' initiatives in support of Agenda 21
*The 2nd bullet point above is especially important because
  Agenda 21 policies are being implemented largely
  through the influence of Non-governmental organizations
  on our local governments nationwide.
*This is as much a social as well as economic plan.
To See the entire Table of Contents and Content of the U.N.
  Agenda 21 Charter, visit:
How is Agenda 21 implemented? Do we
  have anything to worry about?
• In most cases, Agenda 21 is being
  implemented locally through I.C.L.E. I.
  (International Council on Local
  Environmental Initiatives) or through
  NGOs (Non-governmental organizations)
  in partnership with local government;
  through Planning and Zoning and through
  Comprehensive Plans.
       Local Implementation
• Several of our neighboring counties are
  dues-paying members of ICLEI, including
  Harford County, Queen Anne’s County,
  and many townships in Chester County,
• Plan MD is an anomaly. The policies of
  Agenda 21 are usually implemented in a
  more covert way.
         Local Implementation
Cecil County has not joined I.C.L.E.I., so we
 don't have anything to worry about, right?
• Not so fast...I.C.L.E.I. is the NGO that has direct
  ties to the U.N. Agenda 21 Charter, but many
  other organizations are also advocating Agenda
  21 at the local level.
• Also, state and federal mandates are economic
  drivers that are pressuring local governments to
  comply with the policies outlined in Agenda 21.
                    Strategies for
• Increasing Consumption Costs- inflated Gas Prices,
  Mileage tax (Making driving unaffordable), property, and
  other energy taxes
• Through zoning ordinances and regulations- down
  zoning of private property, transfer of development
  rights, taxpayer subsidized conservation easements,
  higher density zoning (Government manipulation of
  private property)
*By 2025, 55,000 acres of Cecil County will be in permanent
  conservation. (Local goal, not issued by Plan MD).
• Withholding funds to areas outside the growth area
             Strategies continued:
• Government Funded Rail/ Transportation-oriented
• Eminent domain (The Kelo decision of the Supreme Court
  made this possible). Sprawled community or “sensitive”
  environmental areas may get down zoned or seized for
  reforestation or "community revitalization".
• Resistance to infrastructure expansion
• Opposition to variances(zoning, road, etc.)
• Regulations- Septic- being banned or overhauling current
  systems, etc. Making it too expensive to live in “sprawl”
• Using "tourism" as an incentive for preservation; eco-tourism
• Pressure to mix low income (section 8 or other subsidized)
  housing interspersed with regular housing
                      More Strategies

   Through stakeholders- the tyranny of the
    majority. Stakeholders are those besides
    yourself who determine what to do with your
    property for the "collective good.”
   Education- Environmental; environmental and social
    justice- both in school and on TV
           LOCAL Influences
1000 Friends of Maryland-
Local farmer, Previous Cecil County
  Commissioner, and treasurer from
  Commissioner Broomell’s first run for
  Commissioner, Phyllis Kilby, serves on the
  Board for 1000 Friends of Maryland.
               LOCAL Influences
From the 1000 Friends of Maryland “Guide
  to Stopping Bad Development”:
"Variances can have major consequences. For instance, an
  owner planning a subdivision might apply for a variance
  to build an access road two feet narrower than that
  required by the code. A two foot variance might seem
  inconsequential, unless you learn that the developer
  does not own enough land to build the full width, and
  therefore needs the variance to develop the property. If
  that is the case, then preventing the variance may
  prevent the whole project."
                     1000 Friends of MD
Another publication of 1000 Friends of MD,
 “Growing Smarter: Path to a Prosperous

• Addresses climate change
• Supports environmental justice
• Supports top down control of how and where
  people live that is to be enforced through fees,
  taxes, and regulations
• Supports smart growth
• Supports Plan MD
                     1000 Friends of MD
                        and Plan MD
Page 8 : "State-wide listening sessions have been held
  over the past two years, ensuring participation and
  input from stakeholders and the public in every
  region of Maryland. The next steps include
  synthesizing that input and drafting the plan, known
  as Plan Maryland. Plan Maryland is an opportunity
  to finally set clear visions and goals for Maryland
  and weave together housing needs, economic
  opportunity, transportation choices, food production,
  and environmental protection to make sure we
  invest efficiently in Maryland future.”
             1000 Friends of
           Maryland Continued
The push for taxpayer funded rail; less cars
"Maryland needs convenient and affordable travel options
  that are available to everyone, in every community, at
  every stage of life. Even before gas prices skyrocketed,
  demand for services such as MARC rail in central
  Maryland or rural bus and shuttle service in Western
  Maryland and the Eastern Shore increased. And the
  obesity crisis is driving a renewed interest in streets and
  neighborhoods that encourage walking and biking.”
  (similar to language in Plan MD and Agenda 21 that
  discusses health as a reason for implementing smart
        More on 1000 Friends
              of MD
• The document mentions affordable
  housing (subsidized housing) – mixed with
  regular housing- social justice
• "Encourage jurisdictions to create stronger
  planning initiatives through the targeted
  use of, or withholding of, state funds
  and permits.”
                        More info. on 1000
                         Friends of MD
There is also info. on land preservation, TDRs
  (Transfer of Development Rights), subsidizing
  farmland, eliminating septic systems etc. You
  can read through and see how it parallels other
  similar documents (Plan MD and Agenda
  21). The last page shows Maryland 2010 vs.
  2030 under a smart growth scenario. 2030
  looks like there is more open space than even
  now. What will happen to the people currently
  living in those areas?
              More quotes from
               1000 Friends…
• A solution to the problem of too many cars
  on the road is to: "Explore transit in other
  areas of the state, including the rail
  connector in Cecil County, rail transit to
  Annapolis, light rail to Waldorf.”
• This proposal from this same document I found
  interesting in light of the recent derailing of the
  Artesian contract: "Discourage urban
  infrastructure extensions such as water and
  sewer to reduce pressure to convert land to
  residential uses."
              Land Use Forums
The 21st Century Republican Club, Partnership for
  Cecil County, & Cecil County Democrat Club
  sponsored land use forums in 2006. Skip Yust (the
  newest member of the Planning Commission) was
  chair of the 21st Century Republican Club at the
  time; Rupert Rossetti, Chair of the Partnership for
  Cecil County, later became a founding member of
  CLUA (Cecil Land Use Alliance). According to the CLUA
  website, “CLUA is an organization of citizens and
  neighborhood civic groups interested in promoting
  smart growth in Cecil County, Maryland. The alliance
  grew out of the Land Use Forums that were held in
          LOCALLY:How has
           Agenda 21 been
2006 Land Use Forums:
 Which groups were represented?

(click the link to see the list)
All environmental groups; no groups
  representing the capitalist/business
  perspective or individual property rights
                          More on the Land
                         Use Forums of 2006
Who were the participants?
•   ARCA — Appleton Regional Community Alliance/ www.arca-md.org/Owen Thorne
•   Augustine Parish Land Owners Association/Wendy Moon (Moon is also the treasurer for Eastern
    Shore Land Conservancy)
•   Cecil Land Trust/Bill Kilby
•   CHARGE — Cherry Hill Alliance for Responsible Growth & Expansion/ www.charge-md.org/
    Lindsie Carter
•   Colora Civic Association/ Web site coloracivic.org/ Hazel Jenkins
•   The Conservation Fund/ www.conservationfund.org/ Joel Dunn
•   Eastern Shore Land Conservancy/ www.eslc.org
•   The Environmental Communication Foundation/Paul Hughes/ pyui@aol.com
•   FORS — Friends of Rising Sun/ Ron Smith Sr.
•   Friends of the Future of Chesapeake City
•   Lawyers for the Bay/ Mike Pretl
•   Liberty Grove Alliance/ coloracivic.org/Liberty_Grove/Charles Herzog
•   Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenways/ www.lshgreenway.org
•   Save Fair Hill/www.savefairhill.com/Ken Wiggins
             2006 Cecil County Land
                  Use Forums-
One presenter, Joel Dunn of The
 Conservation Fund, co-authored:“Cecil
 County’s Green Infrastructure Plan”

Please look over it. This was presented to
  the County Commissioners in 11/2007. It
  is currently on file with the Cecil County
  Government as are other documents
 relating to development in Cecil County
 published by The Conservation Fund.
          Cecil County Land Use
         Forums: The Conservation
Suggestions in Cecil County's Green
  Infrastructure Plan include:
• "In suitable locations, minimum lot sizes
  should be reduced to facilitate economically
  viable cluster development and to avoid
  fragmentation of natural systems"
• increasing taxes and fees is described as a
  way to discourage unwanted growth.
          Cecil County Land Use
         Forums: The Conservation
• According to The Conservation
  Fund’s “Resourceful Communities Program",
  “Working with a network of over 250 grassroots
  and community organizations across the state,
  we take a balanced 'triple bottom line' approach
  that focuses on environmental stewardship,
  sustainable economic development, and social
• Their "triple bottom line" approach promotes
  sustainable communities, integrated affordable
  housing, and attempts to eliminate racism and
  promote social justice.
                2006 Cecil County
                Land Use Forums
At one of the land use forums, Joel Dunn (Conservation
   Fund) cited this comment from The News Journal about
   a local farmer, who has associated himself with the TEA
   party: “_____, who owns a fourth-generation family farm
   near Fair Hill, said the forum helped him gain a broader
   understanding of land-use issues. He said more
   government money should be offered to farmers such as
   him who are considering whether to one day sell their
   farms. He doesn't want to sell to a developer, he said,
   but he might have to if the government cannot make a
   viable counter-offer.” I don't want to see it developed,"
   said [the] 64-year-old Cecil County native, "but I've got to
   retire sometime”. News Journal 10 January 2006.
           2006 Cecil County
           Land Use Forums
• Government solution to Farming= regulate
  then subsidize = control
• Social engineering through government
  manipulation of the free market / land use
          Cecil County Land Use
         Forums: Lawyers for the
• Another presenter at the forums was
  Michael A. Pretl who is a member of
  Lawyers for the Bay. He later wrote and
  filed the articles of incorporation for
  CLUA. This tells a bit about him From
  the CLUA forum notes:
           More on Land Use
“Meanwhile as a volunteer for about 30
  years in Baltimore, he [Pretl] was involved
  with more than a dozen activist community
  organizations involved in racial
  stabilization, housing and zoning
  issues, health care and the arts, as well
  as a number of progressive political
  clubs and election campaigns.
              More on Land Use
• Pretl’s political donations are limited to
  progressive politicians in MD, and he is also
  listed on the board of the Citizens Planning and
  Housing Association:
• That organization wants to eliminate sprawl, focus
  gov’t funding on redevelopment of existing
  communities, mandate section 8 “affordable
  housing” to be interspersed in all communities, and
  promote gov't funding for mass transit, which they
  believe is the next most important item for the gov’t
  to accomplish after passing the healthcare law.
         The CLUA Connection
• CLUA's founders include two of our
  commissioners (Jim Mullin and Diana Broomell)
• CLUA’s bylaws state that their primary concerns is
  environmentalism and that they want to “responsibly
  manage growth”. Their goals are listed here:
• CLUA is a land use organization with no mention of
  property rights in the bylaws or goals.
• Responsible growth is synonymous with smart
  growth/sustainable development as indicated on
  CLUA's home page.
• 1000 Friends of Maryland is linked on their website.
                       The CLUA
            Using Tourism to promote
                  “smart growth”.
• Tourism is another aspect of Agenda 21, and
  and is mentioned in the CLUA bylaws. That's
  certainly not to say tourism is bad of course, but
  this version of tourism seems to fit in with the
  environmental/green agenda:
• Tourism is presented as a way to promote open
  space and preservation through government
  management. (Not a private venture).
              The CLUA Connection
Resources to Learn About CLUA
• http://cecillanduse.org/clua/Whig_070614.jpg
• http://cecillanduse.org/clua/CLUA_Meeting_1.pdf
• http://cecillanduse.org/clua/CLUA_Meeting_2.pdf
• Info. On Paul Hughes (Board Member- CLUA, and
  presenter at the 2006 Land Use Forums):
Other affiliations of Paul Hughes
• http://www.climateprosperity.com/index.html
•   http://www.sustainablefinancialmarkets.net/participants/paul-e-hughes/
                 More local
Phyllis Kilby's (local farmer, Board Member
 of 1000 Friends of MD) husband and chair
 of Cecil Land Trust, appealed to the
 commissioners on 5/10/11 to ask
 for financial support and other help (grant
 assistance, etc.) for the preservation of
 farmland. The goal is to put over 22% of
 Cecil County into permanent conservation
 by 2025 (This was a county decision, not a
 Plan MD decision).
                  Comprehensive Plan
                     Forum- 2009
2009- Comprehensive Plan Forum:
      This was a forum provided to discuss the Cecil

   County Comprehensive Plan (note: who is on the
   panel, the gentleman who wants transit centered
   development, comments by some of our past
   and present commissioners, the gentleman who
   thinks some people have a "hidden agenda" that
   is holding them up, etc)
End results:
• Government controls energy consumption, as well
  as other types of consumption
• Total elimination of what we have left of the free
• Elimination of Private Property Rights (Collective
  Property Rights Replace Individual Property Rights)
  “Stakeholders” make decisions about what
  individuals can/should do on/with their property.
• Transportation/Travel Limited
• Limitations on how/where you live
               Outcomes of “Smart
Unintended Consequences:
• The Folly of Smart Growth from the Cato
  Institute (Portland, Oregon example):

• Interventionism vs. Free Markets:

• Let the Free Market Work:
The issue is not sustainability or efficiency; the free
  market has always driven society to become
  more efficient- phones, computers, cars, etc.
  This is ultimately about control. Some well-
  meaning people do not understand the end
  game or the faulty premises and philosophies
  this idea of “sustainability” is based upon. These
  individuals are not bad or evil, they are just
  misguided, and really do not understand the
  importance of choices when it comes to land
  ownership in the USA.
• Responsible Growth = smart growth = sustainable
  development = environmental justice
• 2006 Land Use Forums were sponsored/co-
  sponsored by: 21st Century Republican Club, the
  Democrat Club of Cecil County, ARCA, and various
  other lesser known local land use groups, the
  Conservation Fund, Mike Pretl – the progressive
  Citizens Planning and Housing Association
• CLUA developed from the Land Use forums
• Many people involved in these forums are making
  planning decisions for our county today.
• The forums promoted the idea that centralized
  planning, not the free market creates economic
  and environmental sustainability.
• This vision is consistent with the U.N. Agenda 21
  Charter for Sustainable Development and Plan
• This is based on the idea that the free market
  doesn't work. Individuals can't possibly make
  good decisions; central planners are needed to
  make decisions for them.
                     Cecil County Patriots

For additional resources on Agenda 21, visit

Thomas Jefferson
   “The pillars of our prosperity are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise.”
Benjamin Franklin
    “A free market is the means, under God, of establishing the freedom of our country entire, and of
    handing it down complete to posterity.”
James Madison
   “Government is instituted to protect property. It is not a just government, nor is property secure
   under it, where arbitrary restrictions deny to part of its citizens that free use of their faculties.”

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