BOC Credit Card “Tax Payment” “Statement Installment” Plan

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   BOC Credit Card “Tax Payment” / “Statement Installment” Plan Application Form                                                                                  To avoid duplication,
                                                                                                                                                               please do not mail if faxed

   1. Personal Information (Please fill in all the fields)
Cardholder Name (must correspond with the name on your credit card) :
Contact No. :                                                                                       Mobile No. :
                                                                                                                           (only applicable to BOC Credit Card, BOC CUP Dual Currency
BOC Credit Card No. :                                                                                                      Credit Card, Co-brand Card and Intown Card)

   2. Tax Payment Information
                                                                                                Shroff A/C No.                                            Payment Amount
                      Name of Tax Payer                                 (Please fill in the same 11 digits as shown on the Tax Bill)                               (HK$)

1. BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd (the “Company”) will take approximately 7 working days to process the tax payment after the receipt of the application form. If cardholder
wants to set up forward payment instructions, please use online bill payment service via your designated internet banking or BOC Credit Card Online Service. 2. Tax payment is
only applicable to a cardholder paying personal tax or on behalf of a third party for the “2011-2012 individual salaries taxes, personal assessment, profit taxes, property taxes”;
business registration payment and purchase of tax coupon are not eligible. 3. The tax payment amount cannot exceed a cardholder’s available credit limit. 4. The tax payment
amount does not qualify for gift points. 5. All approved tax payment applications are irrevocable.
If the tax payment amount exceeds cardholder’s available credit limit and cardholder is paying his/her own tax bill, the Company will
consider to approve a temporary increase of your credit card limit (not applicable to Intown Card, Commercial Card and tax payment paying
on behalf of a third party). The final credit limit is subject to cardholder’s credit status at the time of application. It will take approximately
10 working days to process the tax payment after the receipt of the application form. Please put a “ ” in the box below if cardholder agrees
to apply for a temporary line increase.
    If my tax payment is higher than my available credit limit, I agree to apply for a temporary increase of my credit card limit (Valid for one
    month) for tax payment.
    (In considering for the credit limit adjustment, the Company may have to access to cardholder’s credit report, and the Company may require additional documents,
    if necessary, subject to cardholder’s credit status. The Company reserves the right of final approval.)

   3. “Statement Installment” Plan Information (Please put a “ ” in the appropriate box)
I would like to apply for the “Statement Installment” Plan to repay the tax payment :
Installment Amount                    : HK$
Please select the Repayment Period :       6 months         12 months       18 months 24 months      36 months
To find out your personalized preferential handling fee and to apply for the “Statement Installment” Plan, please contact our 24-hour
designated hotline 2929 2228.
Remarks: Cardholder applying for "Statement Pay by Installment" Plan ("Statement Installment") agrees to be bound by the Important Note for Statement Installment. To find out
more about the relevant Terms and Conditions, please visit The Company reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the terms and conditions of the
promotion offer at its sole discretion anytime without prior notice.

  Cardholder Signature
I/We declare that the above information is true and complete and hereby authorize BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd (“the Company”) to contact my/our employers, financial and credit
institutions or any other credit or information source for the verification thereof and for the collection of such information as required for the processing and evaluation of this application
and, if my/our application is approved, for the operation of my/our accounts. I/We hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that (i) I/We have not held any credit card that was cancelled
by the issuer due to my/our default in payment; (ii) I/We do not have any overdue payment exceeding 30 days in respect of any of my/our Indebtedness (including without limitation
credit card, mortgage, personal loan and other financial arrangement); (iii) I/We have never been adjudged bankrupt, or made the subject of any bankruptcy or similar proceedings, or
of any receiving or similar order, in Hong Kong or elsewhere; and (iv) I/We have carefully and conscientiously considered the status of my/our assets and liabilities. I/We have no
intention to petition for my/our own bankruptcy or for any similar order, or propose to enter into with my/our creditors any individual voluntary arrangement or similar arrangement, in
Hong Kong or elsewhere, nor do I/We see any reason why I/We should do so. I/We understand that the company has the absolute right to refuse my application without any reason.
I/We have carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this application form.

Signature of Cardholder (must correspond with your card application)                                                 Date                                                             REFOCT12

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