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					Smaller things will not get noticed so easily. This fundamental management principle is
well known to many animals in nature and only by keeping pace with the above law
many animals appears to have evolved in nature. If we view the attitude of many
people in the corporate those who are seriously engaged in praising and pleasing their
bosses publicly are applying only the above management principle that is ‘small never
get noticed when it is with the big’.

The relationship between the species of the fish ‘Tunas and the Dolphins’ is a perfect
example of how the former has understood the insight. ‘Tunas’ are one of the most
preferred edible fishes in the world. Fishing of tunas is so rampant and hence some
species of ‘tunas’ have already reached the brink of extinction.

While some species of tunas are relatively safe as they extremely smart. They live along
with Dolphins or together with them. When ‘Tunas are with Dolphins’, the Shark and
other predatory animals of ‘tunas’ seldom see them from a distance as Dolphins are
much bigger than them. Further, some smaller predators wisely avoid the ‘jurisdiction
of Dolphins’ as they may get preyed by ‘Dolphins’.

Tunas ensure its safety and security by being with Dolphins as it will not be easily seen
by its predators from a distance. Even if they are seen by them, may not dare to come
near to them so easily where the Dolphins are agile and active.

Many corporate employees praise and please their bosses so lavishly before the top
management is doing so only with the above intent. By doing so, they achieve some
immunity for themselves in the corporate. When they move along with their bosses,
the bosses automatically have to assume greater responsibility of explaining or
defending the situation/questions.

Perhaps tunas also would have sensed the possibility of Dolphins getting listed in the
‘red data book’ of IUCN one day and thereby getting dolphins declared as one of the
‘protected’ animal and hence hunting or harming the Dolphins is offensive.

When Tunas move close with Dolphins, catching them become difficult as any effort or
attempt to catch tunas bound to harm some Dolphins also. Many countries have
declared that while selling tunas in canes, it must be explicitly stated in the label that
‘Dolphin Safe Tunas’.

Learn the intelligence and the management approaches of the animals in nature
especially of the ‘Tunas’. If the corporate leaders learn about the fish Tuna, will know
why the corporate is filled with several species of Tunas.

Although some species of ‘Tunas’ are endangered in nature, but the ‘Tunas’ in corporate
will never become endangered.
Like how tunas are liked by people to eat, tunas in the corporate are also liked in the
corporate as they always praise their bosses. Who will not get bowled so easily for

Whether the Dolphins in the corporate knows about the corporate tunas or not, but the
HR function must know them. Only then they can inculcate the culture of ‘straight
forwardness’ and ‘transparency’ in the organization, and the ‘tuna phenomena’ can be

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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