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									                       December 2008 Newsletter
           151 Peak One Blvd – Frisco
                                                                   Thought of the Month:
           Box 1845 Frisco, CO 80443                        MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
        Web site:
                                                            Christmas is glorious. I love the
                                                            season, the unique spirit of
                          Christmas. It affords you the
                                                            opportunity to do things for others,
        Volume 25, Issue 12, December, 2008                 it means a spirit of love, a time when
                                                            the love of our fellow men should
                                                            prevail over all hatred and
                                                            bitterness, it is truly the season for
                                                            kindling the fires of hospitality. Ed

President’s Column                                           SCSC News
Thank you to everyone who has already made a                 Senior Council - will meet at 3 p.m. on Tuesday,
donation to the Summit Senior Foundation. We’ve              December 2, in the Ute Room.
had a very positive response and really appreciate
your support!
                                                                           The Seniors Annual Holiday
As SCSC members we each reap benefits from the                             Party – Will be held this year on
activities which we choose to participate in and                           Saturday, December 13, at 11:30
from the interaction with other members.                                   a.m. Please remember to make
Contributions to the foundation will build a                              your reservations for the event by
financial base to help insure the long-term viability        Wednesday, December 3. See the enclosed flyer
of the SCSC organization.                                    for details.

As a reminder, additional donations made before the
end of the year can be used for tax deductions for           Attention RSVP Volunteers –
2008 taxes.                                                  Thank you for all of your
                                                             service this past year. At the
I hope that you all enjoy the holiday season. Let it         end of October we had 219
snow, let it snow, let it snow.                              volunteers report their hours, and the total hours
                                                             served was over 10,000. Great Job!!!
Bruce Shults
                                                             As most of you know, the RSVP Volunteer program
                                                             is funded by a federal grant. The mission of the
                                                             program is not only to encourage volunteerism
                                                             among those 55 years and older, but also to show

the impact that our seniors have in our county. The                                 To receive a 2008 directory:
only way this can be done is to track the hours that                                The directory costs $2.00 and is available to pick up
you serve and where you serve. Turning in your                                      at the Center front desk. It costs $4.00 if mailed via
hours on a Service Hour Record not only helps me                                    the postal service. Please email or call the Front
to do this, but also provides the funding to say                                    Desk if you would like any changes made to your
“Thanks.”                                                                           entry.

There are several of you who are members of the                                     To view the newsletter on-line:
RSVP program that have not turned in your hours,                                      Go to the Summit County website
and although your service is appreciated, I have had                         
to put you on an inactive status. If you have not
                                                                                     Click on “SENIORS” (found on the left side of
turned in hours during the year of 2008, please
                                                                                       page under Quick Links)
contact me at or drop by
                                                                                     Click on “NEWS”
the front desk to pick up a Service Hour Record
                                                                                    You do need Adobe Reader, which is free software.
                                                                                    Please send all your information for the
I need your hours for 2008 submitted by the last
                                                                                    newsletter to Christy Nelson. Emails are
week in December in order for you to receive an
                                                                                    appreciated! Contact her at
invitation to the Appreciation Luncheon in January.
Thank you. Christy Nelson
                                                                                    Don’t forget, articles/information need to be in
Table of Contents                                                                   before the 12 of the month.

PRESIDENT’S COLUMN ................................... 1                            Newsletter Committee – Please remember if you
SCSC NEWS.......................................................... 1               have any suggestions regarding the newsletter,
                                                                                    direct your comments to our Newsletter Committee:
TABLE OF CONTENTS ..................................... 2                           Bonnie at
2009 SUMMIT COUNTY “OPEN” WINTER                                                    Corina at 513-1285 or
GAMES 50+........................................................... 2              Dennis at 262-3811 or .
                                                                                    Marie at 668-8961 or
FRISCO/COPPER INFO CENTER ................... 3
CHALLENGE YOUR MIND .............................. 3                                2009 Summit County “Open”
                                                                                    Winter Games 50+
SOCIALIZE .......................................................... 4
HEALTHFUL ENDEAVORS ............................. 5                                                           The 2009 Winter Games
SERVICES FOR SENIORS ................................ 5                                                       will take place February
                                                                                                              8, 9, and 10. The
COMPUTER CHALLENGES ............................ 6                                                            Colorado Senior Winter
TRIPS ..................................................................... 7                                 Games started in 1981;
                                                                                                              Summit County has
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES ................................... 7                                                      hosted the event since
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ..................... 7                                     1983. Pat Hutson and Peg Bartko chaired the event
                                                                                    for 21 years, running, maintaining and enhancing
DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS ................................. 9
                                                                                    the “Senior Games at the Summit.”
ADVERTISEMENTS ......................................... 10

                          Donna Rushing from the            Frisco/Copper Info Center
                          Summit Prevention                 The Summit Seniors are responsible for staffing the
                          Alliance (SPA) is leading         Frisco/Copper Information Center on Sundays. We
                          the new team, assisted by         cover two shifts (9-1, 1-5), and we need
                          Lorie Williams and a host         volunteers. This is a significant fund-raiser for
                          of others. Events will            SCSC and it's also an opportunity to meet people,
                          include downhill races,           share experiences and provide information about
individual and dual slaloms, nordic races, relay,           our great county. Please share the fun and spread
biathlon, snowshoe, ice skating, hockey goal shoot          the experience among many. Call Becky Hopkins
and a snowball-throw competition.                           at 668-9494 or for
                           The games operate with
                           volunteers and are self-
                                                            Sunday, Senior Staffing, December, 2008
                           funded. We need your
                           help in two areas: site          Dec. 7
                           help and donation                9 - 1 Susana/Pete Novembre
                           assistance. Please call or       1 - 5 Charlotte Clarke/Bob Noonan
                           come by the Community            Dec. 14
& Senior Center to add your name to the volunteer           9 - 1 Sandy Franzen/Chuck Boyd
list and/or to make a donation. 970-668-2940.               1 - 5 Pat Hutson/Peg Bartko
                                                            Dec. 21
Registration forms for the game events will be at           9 - 1 Sue/Steve Enderlin
the front desk of the Community & Senior Center.            1 - 5 Barb Werren
Pick one up and join us in the laughter, excitement         Dec. 28
and challenge of the 2009 “Open” Winter Games               9 - 1 John Roberts
50+.                                                        1 - 5 Ed Doogan

The Summit Seniors                                          Challenge your mind
Foundation Solicitation Progress Report – As of                              Party Bridge – Tuesdays at 1:00
November 11, 2008:                                                           p.m. in the Hobby Room. Be there
To date the Summit Seniors Foundation has                                    by 12:50.
received $3,400 in contributions from 99 members
(counting couples as 2). This represents $34.35 per                          Duplicate Bridge - Every
contributing member. Thanks to all who have                                Monday and Friday, 1:00 p.m.-
contributed. We appreciate your support.                    4:30 p.m. You need to have a partner or call Corley
                                                            at 262-0417. $1 donation for SCSC members/$1.50
Support Summit Seniors – Anyone interested in               non-members. ACBL sanctioned.
making present contributions or a testamentary gift
by a provision in a will or revocable living trust to       Supervised Play - There will be no supervised
the Foundation should contact:                              play in December. See you all in January. Happy
               Larry R. Niedegerke                          Holidays! Thanks, Maggie
               Attorney at Law
               PO Box 1274                                  Advanced Beginner & Intermediate Bridge
               Breckenridge, CO 80424                       Classes – Intermediate Bridge may start in
               970-547-2170                                 December if enough people are interested. Call

Corley at 262-0417 if you can come on Wednesday              December. No book reservation needed, just get
afternoons from 3:00 pm to 5:00 to learn new                 your book at the front desk and pay $15. You will
bidding systems and practice playing bridge with             have time to look over the subjects before our first
friends.                                                     meeting.

Ladies’ Bridge – December Ladies’ Bridge and                 The topics include: U.S. and rising powers;
luncheon will be held on Wednesday, December 10              Afghanistan and Pakistan; Energy and the Global
at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Donna Reuterman.                Economy; The Arctic Age; Egypt in the 21st
Call Donna at 513-0586 if you would like to join us          Century; Global Food supply; Cuba after Castro;
and tell her what you’d like to bring for the salad          and Universal Human Rights. Looks like another
buffet.                                                      interesting year. If any questions call Millicent
                                                             Plant 668-1352
Round Robin Bridge – Will begin in January
2009. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Activity          Tale Spinners – Will meet Monday, December 1,
Book at the center. It is a Chicago scoring party            at the Senior Center at 11:30 a.m. for a “bring your
bridge format and everyone is welcome to                     own brown bag” lunch followed by a speaker.
participate. If you are looking for a partner let us
know. The awards dinner will be the end of April.            The Book Club – The December meeting will be
Questions call Jean 262-0381 or Margery 262 -                our annual organizational meeting, when we select
3811. We look forward to hearing from you.                   the books and identify the discussants and hosts for
                                                             2009. It will be on Tuesday, December 9, at 7:00
PLEASE REMEMBER ...It is requested that all                  p.m., at the home of Karen and Kenyon Kugler. If
bridge games and classes be fragrance free. Some             you have suggestions for books for 2009, please
of our folks are extremely allergic to fragrances and        email them to Karen at by
are not able to participate when fragrances are in the       December 1. Include the title and the author's name
room. Please respect their health issues and refrain         and a very brief description of the book. Please call
from wearing fragrances.                                     the Kuglers at 547-0522 by the weekend before the
                                                             meeting to confirm your attendance.
Cribbage/Dominoes – If you are a cribbage player,
or enjoy dominoes, join us on Thursdays at 1:00              Café Scientifique – There is no Cafe Scientifique
p.m. in the Hobby Room. Better yet, come to the              in December.
senior lunch and stay for cribbage or dominoes.
Mah Jongg – Games will be on Tuesdays and
Fridays at 1:00 p.m. For information call Marcia at          “GALS” (Golden
668-8322.                                                    Adventurous Ladies of the
                                                             Summit) – Calling all women
Scrabble – Join us for fun scrabble games on                 over 50 years of age, single for
Thursdays, 1:00 p.m, in the Hobby Room. For info             whatever reason and ready to
call Helen Fitzgerald at 468-7630.                           get out of the house. The next GALS will be at the
                                                             Frisco Boatyard Restaurant on December 4, at 4:00
Great Decisions – This Foreign Policy Association            p.m.
discussion group will start meeting on Wednesday,                             Red Hat Society Luncheon –
January 21, 2009 in the Loveland Room at 3:30                                   Contact Margery Nemura 262-
p.m. The briefing books have been ordered and                                   3811 for details of the holiday
should arrive at the Senior Center in early                                    lunch on Wednesday, December

Tuesday/Thursday Luncheon                                  Please contact the Senior Center to schedule an
Great food and great people make our luncheons a           appointment. Remember to bring any
fun activity. Come join us at this event and save          correspondence, bills or other relevant materials to
yourself having to cook a luncheon meal. Please            your counseling session. Also, the annual election
call the office at 668-2940 one day prior to the           period to switch Medicare prescription drug
lunch to make your reservation.                            coverage is November 15 to December 31.

Monday Night Dinner (MND) – Join us by 5:30                                 AARP Driver Safety Program
p.m. on Monday nights. Make your reservation                                 January 20, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
(668-2940) by the Wednesday before the dinner.                               January 21, 8:00 a.m. to noon
Correct change ($5 or $6 depending on income) is                             Fee $10.00 for SCSC members,
appreciated; nonmembers pay $2 more. If you                                 $12.00 for non-members.
don't show, you still owe! Help with setup (4:40)
and cleanup is always appreciated.                         This eight-hour course is a comprehensive
                                                           classroom refresher course designed specifically for
After-dinner programs begin at approximately               the maturing driver age 50 and over. It covers
6:20 p.m:                                                  physical changes (vision, hearing, reaction time,
December 1 – 2009 Medicare Overview with                   and declining depth and perception skills) of the
               Michael Hornback.                           maturing driver. Participants will also receive a
                                                           thorough review of the “rules of the road” with an
Healthful endeavors                                        emphasis on defensive driving practices. The
                                                           curriculum also provides opportunities for the
                Silver Sneakers – Silverthorne             participants to identify individual problem areas and
                Recreation Center has a program            apply information needed for improvement in their
                specifically geared for seniors.           driving.
                Call the recreation center at 262-
7370 for more information.                                 Colorado seniors age 55 and older upon completion
                                                           of the course are eligible to receive an insurance
Services for Seniors                                       premium discount. To register for this class, call the
Notary Public at the Senior Center – Lorie                 Summit Community & Senior Center at 970-668-
Williams is able to notarize your important                2940.
documents for you. Please call her with questions
and for appointments at 970-668-2940.                      GLS, Inc., Certified Public Accountants and the
                                                           Summit County Senior Citizens – are pleased to
Medicare Counseling – The Summit County                    announce that FREE income tax services will be
Senior Center provides a free counseling program to        provided for Seniors* of Summit County as well as
Medicare beneficiaries and their families/caregivers       for Summit County residents in need**. Three free
to assist in understanding Medicare benefits,              tax preparation sessions will be held at the Summit
coverage gaps, billing concerns, Medicare                  County Community and Senior Center in Frisco, in
supplemental insurance plans, Medicare HMOs and            the Ute room. The dates are as follows:
Medicare prescription drug plans.
                                                           Saturday, February 28, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Counselors will be available at the Senior Center          Saturday, March 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
from 10:00 a.m. to noon on:                                Saturday, March 21, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Thursday, December 11
Tuesday, December 16

All three sessions are limited to those people that         Hearing Evaluations – An audiologist from
utilize Form 1040 and/or Schedules A and B ONLY             Summit Hearing, Richard Green, will be coming
and have been Colorado residents for ALL of 2008.           from Colorado Springs to the Community & Senior
For additional information, call GLS, Inc. at 668-          Center on Wednesday, December 3, 9:30 a.m.-3:30
5694. We look forward to assisting you.                     p.m.

*Seniors are considered 65 and older living in              This service is available for those ages 4 and up.
Summit County for this service.                             Appointments take between 15 and 40 minutes. To
**Individuals in need who are NOT Seniors are               make your appointment call Summit Hearing at
restricted to $20,000 or less in total income and who       (877) 505-3225.
live in Summit County.
                                                            Five Wishes and File of Life information is
The Outreach Committee – Our mission is to                  available in the office. Five Wishes is a great tool
reach out to the needs of the senior community. If          for letting your family know your end-of-life
you are, or know of someone who is going into the           wishes. Remember to update the File of Life (your
hospital, in need of transportation to a doctor’s           medication list) and your will on a regular basis.
appointment or are homebound, please call Andy              Contact Christy for more information at 668-2942.
Searls at 668-0625 or Christy Nelson at 668-2942.
                                                            Support Groups
Senior “Ask A Lawyer” Day - This successful                 The Summit Cancer Support Group – We will
program is offered on the 3rd Tuesday every other           not meet in December. Happy Holidays.
month. The next one is January 20 at 12:30 p.m.
Bring your legal questions for private consultation         Alzheimer’s Association/Memory Loss Support
with a lawyer.                                              Group – will meet on Wednesday. December 3, at
                                                            the Senior Center from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. This drop-
Senior Name Tags – Can be ordered at the Center             in group includes trained facilitators ready to field
office for $5.75/name tag.                                  requests for information, share experiences and
                                                            provide connections to questions and concerns with
Wellness Testing is being offered to seniors by the         others. For more information, please call Christy
Summit Medical Center. They offer many lab tests            Nelson 970- 668-2942.
such as complete blood count, chemistry panel,
lipid panel, PSA and thyroid screening. These               Computer challenges
services are offered at a significant savings in            Computer Basics
dollars and are available on a year-round basis,               My children gave me a
weekdays, 8:00-4:30 pm. You must pick up a                       computer and I don’t know
form at the Community & Senior Center office.                    how to use it.
                                                               Everyone is emailing and
City Market CARES – City Market has a program                    sending pictures of their children and
that gives non-profit organizations moneys when                  grandchildren I feel out of the loop.
their members shop at the store. By linking your               I need an email address.
City Market discount card to SCSC, our group will
                                                               I want to be able to search the web, to pay
receive a donation quarterly, but your
                                                                 my bills, to look at my bank account.
discounts/promotions will not be affected. A win-
                                                               How can I get recipes on the web?
win. Please bring your City Market card by the
Senior Center and sign up.                                     How do I sell on Ebay?

Let us help you get going with the basics. Sign up         Huff and Puff Snowshoe Group: This mellow
and we’ll find a time to help you. Call the front          snowshoe group needs an organizer to find
desk 668-2940 to find out more information.                volunteer leaders for the 2009 season. If you're
                                                           interested in this prestigious position, please contact
Help with specific computer problems (software             Bonnie Guthrie at
or hardware) is being offered by John Roberts,
668-8961. Free monitors, keyboards and mice are                       Planning meeting for Snowshoe Hares
available as well as low-priced older PCs.                             – Ute Room. 3:00 p.m., Monday,
                                                                        December 8. Come with ideas for
The center’s computers are available for anyone to                     snowshoe trips. If you cannot attend
use Mondays through Fridays. They all have Word,                         and have a trip you would like to lead,
Access, Excel and the Internet, and share a printer.                       please call Mary Kay Rachwalski at
                                                                          468 0644.
         A Holiday Treat – A tour of the Governor’s
          Mansion with all of its Christmas                                 VOLUNTEER
           trimmings coupled with a tour of Molly                           OPPORTUNITIES
              Brown’s Museum is scheduled for
               December 11, if weather permits.
              Alternative dates for the trip are
December 12 or 13.                                         Drivers Needed – We have recently added a new
Time of Departure: 8:30 a.m. from the Senior               homebound lunch delivery in Breckenridge on
Center                                                     Tuesday and Thursday. We need a few drivers that
Time of Return: 4:30 p.m.                                  would be willing to pick up a lunch at the
Cost/Person: $6.00 for SCSC members and $8.00              Community and Senior Center at 11:45 a.m. and
for non-members.                                           make the one delivery to Warrior’s Mark in
Transportation: A bus is not available for this            Breckenridge. Contact Andy Searls if interested at
trip, therefore carpools are being formed.                 668-0625.
Lunch: at Le Central at your own expense.
Deadline to Sign-up: December 1                            Companion Needed – The elderly lady in
Sign up at: Community & Senior Center                      Warrior’s Mark would also welcome someone to
Contact Person: Corina Aragon 970-513-1285;                drop by on an occasional basis to visit. Her family                                            is away from home all day and she seeks
                                                           companionship. Please call Christy at 668-2942 if
Outdoor Activities                                         you are interested in this opportunity.

                     Attention XC Skiers: The                               Little Stitches – A very big thank
                      planning meeting for the 2009                         you to all who made our Christmas
                      season will be Wednesday,                             dress giveaway a huge success.
                       December 3, 3:00 p.m., in the                        The families in Summit County
                      Ute Room at the senior center.                        really appreciate all the hard work
              Bring ski-trail ideas and a volunteer        and generous gifts to them.
spirit. If you can't make the meeting, email your          Our Easter dress giveaway is scheduled for the end
thoughts to Bonnie Guthrie at                              of March, so mark you calendars. Call Evey Statz                                 at 547-2809 if you would like to contribute to this
                                                           very worthy project.

AARPTax-Aide:                                                AARP will offer this service at the Community &
                                                             Senior Center from February through April.

                                                             Volunteers are needed to make this a successful
                                Volunteers Serving
                                                             program. Time commitment can be flexible based
fAARP Tax-Aide is the nation’s largest
                                                             on your availability. Mileage reimbursement is
volunteer-run tax assistance and preparation service         provided. Training will be provided. For more
for low- and middle-income taxpayers, with special           information contact Chris Boller, SCSC member
attention to those age 60 and older.                         and District Coordinator, at 668-4336 or

              Volunteer Needed to Help Children with Special Health Care Needs
The Summit County Public Health Department and Early Childhood Connections, funded in part by the Summit
Foundation, is looking for volunteers to help assemble Assistive Technology devices for Children with Special
Health Care Needs in our community.

We will assemble assistive and rehabilitative devices for these disabled children. Public Health will provide all
materials (PVC, cloth, plastic netting, glue, etc), and simple and easy-to-use assembly diagrams. Initially, a staff
person from Public Health will be available to train volunteers. We will distribute the equipment to children in
the program.

We need your help! The volunteer group will gather on an ongoing basis -- once a month for approximately 2-
4 hours, to build the devices (Sometimes it might be every other month, depending on need). This is a small
time commitment that will have a HUGE impact on children’s lives in our community.

A planning meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 9, at 11:30 a.m. at the Timberline Adult Day Care in
the Community & Senior Center. We will meet monthly, so if you cannot make it in December please be sure
to sign up for January or February!

To volunteer, please call the Senior Center front desk at 668-2940. Or contact Public Health directly to
sign up        Sarah Karges at (815)483-6673 and
              Georgette Contos at (970)668-9713

             December Birthdays

 12/1   Eden      Wenig            12/10   Janice     Skarbek      12/23   Donna      Dusen
 12/1   Sandy     Kuschnerus       12/10   Carolyn    Brown        12/23   Gail       Friedman
 12/1   Sally     Barton-Higgins   12/11   Carolyn    Hull         12/23   John       Fitzpatrick
 12/1   Jeanne    Gerlach          12/11   Robert     Stone        12/24   Char       Hajny
 12/1   Jan       Coles            12/12   Jaramy     Karns        12/24   Ken        Wiggins
 12/1   Roger     Kendall          12/12   Kenneth    Leach        12/25   Clyde      Grindell
 12/1   Renate    Helm             12/12   James      Fugere       12/25   Joanne     Boulton
 12/2   Gordon    Warner           12/12   Bob        Jeffries     12/26   Donald     Keehn
 12/2   Dick      Candelmo         12/13   Ralph      Rudder       12/26   Mary Lu    Jones
 12/2   Barry     Lazarus          12/13   John       Riley        12/26   Margaret   Frazier
 12/2   Tom       Lyda             12/13   Joan       Mclaughlin   12/26   Colin      Kelly
 12/2   Bob       Paquette         12/13   Amy Lou    Waters       12/26   James      Rogers
 12/2   Gary      Weis             12/13   John       Pelch        12/26   Robert     Reinert
 12/3   Gordon    Mann             12/13   Martin     Gravel       12/27   Gretha     Vermeulen
 12/3   Jim       Chicklo          12/14   Richard    Groff        12/27   Daniels    Bernice
 12/3   Eileen    Friars           12/15   Dave       Raymond      12/27   Joan       Donnelly
 12/3   Fitz      Fitzgerald       12/15   Sallie     Cochran      12/27   Karl H.    Easterly
 12/3   Vern      Jaques           12/15   Faye       Cohn         12/27   Michel     Bagneris
 12/3   Betsy     Lidgey           12/16   Hank       Pedersen     12/27   Bettte     Holdos
 12/4   Carol     Ihlenfeld        12/16   Claudia    Stein        12/27   Steven     Ladin
 12/4   Phyllis   Grindell         12/16   Leyah      Namoff       12/28   William    Winfrey
 12/4   Harley    Van De Wege      12/16   Theo       Barron       12/28   Noreen     Wint
 12/4   Steven    Carter           12/16   Ellie      Moller       12/28   Carol      Faust
 12/4   Jane      Johnston         12/17   Bob        Fobes        12/29   Robert     Follett
 12/5   Bill      Hartline         12/17   Beverley   McArthur     12/29   Susana     Novembre
 12/5   Gale      Garrett          12/18   Judy       Weinert      12/29   Joyce      Lee
 12/5   Ron       Haney            12/18   Nancy      Smith        12/29   Fran       Jones
 12/6   Sandi     Beard            12/18   Winifred   Prall        12/29   Bonnie     Domer
 12/6   Stewart   Fleishey         12/19   Janet      Huiatt       12/30   Angeline   Lawinger
 12/6   William   Morgan           12/19   Joel       Lachance     12/30   Michael    Orth
 12/6   Ronald    Palmer           12/20   Bernie     Bottomley    12/31   Jack       Beckner
 12/7   Joanne    Malmgren         12/20   John E     Roberts      12/31   John       Zinkus
 12/7   Mary      Clark            12/20   Jean       Pilon        12/31   Tony       Leonard
 12/8   Woody     Shelton          12/20   Donna      Bishop       12/31   Bert       Snyder
 12/8   Nancy     Gregory          12/21   Glenda     Rosenberg    12/31   Bill       Lund
 12/9   Barrie    Gravel           12/21   Roger      Wegner
 12/9   Denni     Lottermoser      12/21   Richard    Rees
 12/9   Thomas    Reynolds         12/22   Don        Martin
12/10   Jilane    Savignano        12/22   Hans       Kuschnerus

 Advertisements                                              West Vail Rental – Sunny, refurbished house on
              Learn to Square Dance –                        Gore Creek… eat-in kitchen + formal dining area
             Timberline Toppers is presenting an             seating 8… 3.5 BR, 2.5 BA… 2-car attached heated
              “Introduction to Square Dancing” on            garage… 2 decks, gas grill, Jacuzzi w/ view… cable
              Tuesday, January 13, at 5:30 p.m.              TV/wireless internet… on free bus route to mtns…
             at the Community and Senior Center.             website #176542… $500/nite …(303)
              Couples and individuals are invited.           550-2848 (OTH member)
              Registration required. Call 970-668-
5088 or 970-668-3411.
                                                             2 BR/2 BA Dillon Bay on Corinthian Hill – 3rd
Home Exchange – Seeking trade for two to four                floor condo. Amazing lake and mountain views; 5
weeks or ? in Tucson from December 2008 through              minutes to Keystone lifts, on Summit Stage route.
early March 2009. 1900 sq. ft. home in private               Redecorated upscale unit, previously only owner-
mountain foothills community. For info and                   occupied, always no-smoking/no pets. Rent by the
pictures go to and enter ID                 week or month: Rates vary from $850 wk through
63441. Bob at                      December 14 to $2000 + utilities per month peak
                                                             season. Special 10% off to any retired public
                                                             school teachers. View website:;
                                                             contact Judy email: or call:
Housing Needed                                               970-262-6845
We Don't Need A Govt. Bail-Out – We do need to
rent a place for 4 to 6 weeks, preferably mid-Feb. to        Short-Term Rental – Beautiful 2-bedroom
Apr.1 but we're open to anything when there's snow           apartment, sleeps 6, 5 miles south of Breckenridge,
on the ground. We'll pay up front so you'll be safe.         fantastic views,(970) 453-7505,
(It's been $2,100.00 for 6 wks. each of the last ten
years.) We have stayed at the Powderhorn Condos
in Breckenridge for 5 of the last 6 years. Check             Frisco Townhouse – Available the entire 2008-
with Morris & Doris Molinero, the Geo. Hesses,               2009 Ski Season: December 1, 2008 through March
Breck Thomases or Al Allisons for references.                31, 2009. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, sleeps eight.
                                                             Private indoor hot tub, fireplace, attached garage,
We're seniors (very) Over the Hill'ers, (Loosey              cable TVs, washer and dryer, deck, fully furnished.
Goosey & Copper) and live in CO Springs. If you              A short walk to Main Street. All utilities paid
can help us out, phone Bill or Sheelah at (719) 488-         including hot tub maintenance and cable TV. No
9874 or email Also could use              Smoking - No Pets - Deposit and Lease
something for a couple of days to help Bill celebrate        $2275.00/month. Contact: Dick Loewecke, 1378
his 85th birthday New Year's Eve (10:20 pm, CST).            East Capitol St. NE, Washington, DC 20003-1533.
                                                             Mobile 202-222-8363, Fax 301-583-8859,
Housing For Rent
Breckenridge Town Home on Blue River – Walk                  Frisco Townhouse – Available January-March
to slopes & Main Street – Families & Mature                  2009, 3BR, 2½ BA. Fully furnished and includes a
Adults desired – 2BR, 3BA – Heated Garage –                  fireplace, attached garage, and washer and dryer. It
Short- or long-term rates available Reduced rates            is a short walk to Main Street. NS/NP Deposit and
for balance of 2008. Phone: 970-668-3411 or Cell:            monthly rent $1950 which includes utilities.
970-333-4950.                                                Contact Sara at 303-424 8722 or cell 303-638 6569

Breckenridge: Large Studio Apartment –
Spacious 625 sq .ft. caretaker apt. in a large home.
Private parking, entrance and deck. Fully furnished
and equipped including microwave, range,
refrigerator, dishwasher, bathroom with tub and
shower, TV, CD player, DVD player, wireless high
speed internet access, etc. No smoking or pets. See         Full real estate service for a low set fee starting at
photos and short-term rental info at                        $2,950 or contact owner for rates for           Help-U-Sell Resort Properties
extended stays of 2-8 weeks. Contact owner at 970-          Dyan Devault
547-1879 or                             970-485-5740 Direct
                                                            970-513-7283 Office
Furnished Wildernest Condo – Reserve early for    
the Holidays – 2BR, 1BA. Beautiful mtn.view
from large balcony. Rent by the month, week, or
extended weekend if available up to Jan. 1. Contact
Lisa at 303-475-2663 or Pat at 734-646-0501.

Prime location Victorian in Breckenridge For
Rent: 3 BR/2.5 Bath/ 1-car garage available
weekly or monthly, high end, walk to everything.
(970) 453-1718

For Sale
Copper Mountain/Winter Park season pass
voucher – $325. Cell:309-287-8858; H: 970-468-
6486, Silverthorne

Red sofa and matching love seat – For sale for
$125 as pair only. Rowe brand name. Very good
condition (except for limited sun fading). Can
email you a picture if interested. Diana & Don
Dettmering, 453-0506 (after December 1st)

     135 Main St., Dillon
     (970) 468-0539
     Senior and Local Discounts
     Call for Hours

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Box 1845                                                         Postage Paid
Frisco, CO 80443                                                 Permit 10
                                                                 Frisco, CO 80443

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                                                      published monthly by Summit County
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