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					                                                                             — — — B & J J   I-;,I [•;.<<;;{!
                                                                                                                                                                                     •MB                 HmmffiffP"1       1'^i i iwr™^—»™                                                       T 1 .7   ",'•   ,   ' rytp^s

                                                                                                     THE CASTIUAN, CASTILE, NEW YORK                                                                                                                                                         ^                                   n
                                            CASTILE SANITARIUM
                                            N«w» gathered Weekr/ *t the W a r -
                                               ium—Patients 11 They Come and
                                                                                                                                                                                             OIL COOK STOVES

                                                       Go—Entcrtainajeoti                 1 Summer Goods
       Flour                                  "Who can stay today in quiet
                                              'Mid the whirl and all the rush 1             — Are Ordered
                                              Only they who in the presence
                                              Of their Father find a hush;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (•
24'»lb. sack $J.78                            Tbey who know that He sbideth
                                              In the deep unbroken calm,
                                                                                                     to Move on
                                              And that He can teach His children
<jy iD. sa^K                    a.ou          Tbey w glad for they are quie. #
                                              And they come to know at length
                                              That In quietness and confidence
                                              Shall be their strength.                                          Friday ,-July-2 5th
                                                    Miss Coralyn Grout of Frewaburgh
                                                 was an arrival on Tuesday.
 Kellogg Brothers                                   Mrs. P. D. Tucker and son, F. D.
                                                Tucker Jr., of S t Louis, Mo., have
                                                 been spending a few days at the Smith
                                                 Cottage and visiting their aunt, Miss
       THURSDAY. JULY 24. 1919
                                                 Kate Post. «      .
                                                    Miss Sophia Fitta, Miss Elizabeth
                                                 Mead and Mrs. F. D. Tucker and son
                                                 motored to Letchworth Park, Friday
                                                                                               A. W. Davis                                                                                      VE
                                                                                                                                                                                              SAwith time,Oenergy Eand fuelt o vby. c o o k i n g
                                                                                                                                                                                                     a FL RENC       Oil S       e
                                                                                                                                                                                                Burning oil, it is easy to run and e a s y t o
                                                 afternoon.                                                                                                                                   keep clean. It has powerful burners which.

    Western New York                                Mrs. A. L. Johnson of Castile, who                               *M
                                                                                             Bt&®\B®\im®®®m®z m®®®mm®\B®®®®%                                                                  will give you the intense heat y o u n e e d tor
                                                                                                                                                                                              cooking, yet by simple l e v e r - c o n t r o l you
                                                "haBi>eeTr-a-patient4iere-iar_a_coijpje_oX                                                                                                    can instantly obtain a slow, s i m m e r i n g he-oi
                                                 weeks, returned to her home yesterday                                                                                                        lor stewing.
    uauno county Is to begin a cum-              much improved in health.                                                                                                                        Strong anil sturdy in construction, this                                                                                       * u
 pijgn against tuberculosis at once.                 Mrs. 0. W. Howes of Wyoming ar-                                                                                                          stove is built for years of friendly service.
                                                                                                -    r - T - : -                                  • M M ; . •.•>; ' !•,•'• >    '
     Kocbesur Is already planning great. rived Thursdayas a guest at the Sani-                                     • M E .' mtsaavM                                                              Order yours, today.
 a restrictions for fireworks in l»2o. tarium.
     TVe Nestle Food company has porr                Miss Carrie Rudisill, who is a patient
 ti^rd the-milk Station at Penn Van. at the Sanitarium, has taken a room at                     Profit Sharing System
     Oinandalgua's city council Is In la- Uje Smith Cottage.
 tor of building" a municipal lea plant.                                                                  We are underselling any store around. A l l ^ o c d s                                        LUCAS & WHEELER
                                                     Miss Kate H. Post of St. Louis, Mo.,         at standard prices, marked in plain figures and then a
     fetoUishsfeai        of a       ntl
                                 g»xa c   la fl
                                            c    is among the recent arrivals.                                                                                                              PLUMBING                             HARDWARE                                 HEATING
 Mtory Is contemplated for Roches-                                                             _J&per cent discount for cash. That is some discount.
 ter.                                                Mrs.JWj). McFadden of MiddleptTrY,
                                                 who has been here for several weeks,             Come in and we will tell yo.u how we do it.
 point to a lighter fruit crop than              returned to her home Wednesday, A                         .^FoIlowing^Are a Few of the Bargains:
 LtUiil-                       ,                 few of her frieds were entertained in-
      Motorists of Newark are talking o! formally Tuesday in her room. Miss *U. S. Nelson Sox
 icrmuig a club to go alter better Nind of Washington, D. C , and Miss                            Best Quality Work Shirts
                                                                                                                                                                     2 pr. for 25c
                                                                                                                                                                                            SEASONABLE GOODS
                                                 Hettisheime,r of New York gave songs
      it will cost a million dollars to put |^and readings which added to the pleas-              Best Qualify Overalls..                                                      2.00                            AT PRICES THAT ARE RIGHT
  Use desired dam In the barge canal at ure of the evehing. As a parting gift                     Overalls, Lighter Weight                                                     1.50         Just opened Fresh Barrel of No. 6 Columbia Dry Cells
  Kockeiter.                                     the guests presented her with a copy of          Extra Trousers from                                              $2.00 to 10.00.
      Rochester Is working out some rig- Dr. Cordelia A. Greene's book, "The                                                                                                                Maytag,. Electric and Gas Engine Power Washers
  id rules to govern the limitations ol Art of Keeping Well."                                     B. V. D. Union Suits.                   ...^_,..•                            1.75         Potato Cutters, Grindstones, Garden and S t e e l Iron
  lathing suits. "                                   Dr. Marie Ross Wolcott of Buffalo is         Union Suits, other m a k e s . .                                   $1.50 to 3.50               Wheelbarrows
      Tic Aspegren Fruit company at 80- a guest at the Sanitarium.                                Boys Union Suits, all sizes                                          75c to $1.00
  4u«-will distribute $1,600 amo"ng its                                                                                                                                                     Gas Engines, all sizes, Empire Cream Separator, near-
  eajployes as a bonus.                              The Sanitarium guests enjoyed the            BlackjSox, extra quality                          20c pr.; 3 pr. for 50c
      J&m«-stown's • striking machinists beautiful sight as the Sunday Schools                    Work Shoes                    '.                        .$2.25_to.$7.00 pr.                   ly new, Lawn Mowers, Auto Robes and aO Har-                                                                                      r
   tLd furniture makers have voTed to marched down.the hill, took their places                    Dress Shoes                                                      . ,$3.00 to- $10             ness Accessories, Implements, Tractors and all
   centime their strike.                          around the Library steps and presented
       Niagara Falls Is u> have a new their service flags to the Library Asso-                                                                                                                  Farm Machinery, always on hand.
    bsnk on its east side. The capltai- ciation.                                           •               We are going to handle the swellest line of READY
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Without your trade we cannot exist; with it we caa lEtury.
    Uitioii will be $200,000.                         Miss Frances K. Bement, who has              MADE S U I T S this fall andwinter that you ever saw.                                           a complete line and give you service and sttisfactniCL
       Oneseo state nurmal school has been a missionary at Shaowu, China for                      This is some statement but we are ready to prove it.
    tie largest registration snlce the earn- 21 years, is spending a couple weeks
                                                                                                   These clothes are beginning to come and within thirty                                                      Yours for Service and Quality,
    met course was started.                      "as a guest Of Dr. Mary-T-.^Greene.
        Castile announces that the Erie haa                                                        days we will have a wonderful assortment.
    idded to the number of trains whicn
                                                      The services in the parlors Sunday
                                                   evening were of unusual interest and                    Remember everything in - t h e store is marked in
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ELBERT G. RANDALL
    aake regular stops at Glen Iris.
                                                  -not only brought enjoyment but a spir-          plain figures, and everything is subject to the 6 per                                    Auctioneer                         Real Estate                       E a n n Implements
        Dr Charter-Br-North, n New TorK
    eipert. has arrived In Rochester t o itual uplift to "the members of the                       cent discount for cash. That means you get $100.00                                                                                PHONE 109-F-2
    make a survey of the milk situation. household. Rev. George Cook who has
        J. RobertTeall, for more than three
                                                   spent a great deal of time in the army          worth of goods for $94.00. Can you beat it ?
 _Tcirs manager of the Onondaga                    camps conducted the service and follow-
    county farm bureau, has resigned.              ed as near as possible the outline of a
                                                   service in camp. Pocket Testarnenta                                                                                                         •SMW«B«««HM««M»W«™^                                                           rrrnrn
        Buffalo hears that the Churchill
    plant of the Curtlss corporation haa were given to the guests and scripture
    tL order for 226 airplanes and 200 mo- was read by various ones. Two beauti-
                                                   ful Testaments were given to two
                                                                                                        Roy T, Strivings                                                                                     IGH COST OF LIVING
         It is probable that the Allegany          courageous ladies who sang "Give your                        "TUB      STORB                          JPOJR                       MBN"                      KNOCKED OUT
  -•wrtirrty firemen who met In Wellsville Heart to Jesus He is Calling You."
    this year will go to Andover next                  The medical talk Monday evening by                      nBaBHBBOMBBiUnMflHHMASMHBSU                                                                                                                                                                                       v
    year.                     L_                   Dr. Findlay carefully outlined the rou-
         Samuel GonTpererr head/ of the tine of the day as to exercise and rest
    Aaericaa Federation*-of-Labor, haa questions not clear in the minds of new
    taken a hand In the Buffalo hotel arrivals were answered."
                                                                                                                                                                                             Pressure Cooler arai Can°l
    strike.                                                                                               ilSas^0MBPHnnnBWBl^BMn>BB0V0HU0KSii
         Dunkirk police and hremen bare
    asked for increases of |26 a month.
                                                   -                   WSS
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ner Does the Stunt
     triLging their salaries up to $125 a                                                                                                                                                    A number of ECONOMIC devices n a v e b e e n invented
   -aoni                                            ~Trie~WrC.-T. U. ladies have raised                                                                                                      during the War, but one endorsed a n d used b y d i e
         Grorge M. Wiley, the new assistant their quota for the War Jubilee drive.
    Jtate commissioner of education, was               Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wells of Clare-
     focf superintendent of schools in mont, N. H., were guests of Mr. and
                                                                                                                   AJPhonograpli                                                             Government expert cookers and c
                                                                                                                                                                                             PRESSURE COOKER.
     Dunkirk. •
                                                    Mrs. Henry Wells Saturday and Sunday.
         Albion Is organizing a post of the
     American Legion to Include the area
     waLraclng Barre, Albion, Gaines and
                                                       Mrs. Louise Lee of Castile was the
                                                    guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ed Gayton                         in Every Home                                                                               High Pessure Cooker
     Carlton.                                       Saturday and Sunday.                                                                                                                     invaluable in cooking meats, beans, potatoes—in one-,
  —By a rote of 289 to 139 the Koches-                  Mr. and Mrs. E Schamberger spent
                                                                                                                                                                                             third of the time, required ordinarily and in c a m m g
     !« Chamber of Commerce has gone Sunday at Nunda, guests of the Brink
    .M record as favoring the League of family.                                                                   The good things of life belong to you, if you                              it is an indespensable article. Stop in while in town
      Nations.         ~      ~"""*                     Miss Catherine Newcomb of Pike was                                                                                                   and examine it.                                 _
         ftftyseveo new tuberculosis cases the guest of her sister last week.                            reach out and take them.
      vtre registered in Rochester during               Mr. and Mrs. Gay Young of Castile
     June. There are now 1,220* toowd
•a^caist's the'                                      were guests of Mrs. Randolph Wolcott,                        Bear in mind, however, to buy your Phono-                                                                C. M. ALDRICH
                 gro       around Gasport have                                                           graph or Piano A T HOME, where it is .our policy                                                       '      '   '    -.                                       /«MW«»i«»W»»»»!im«MW«»K*
                          formed the tenth co-          Miss Geraldine Tooley is visiting her
      organized a
      operative f; llng association - in fW          aunt, Mrs. John Finch, on the reserva-
                                                                                                         to correct every fault that might occur, this year
      *|ira coun
          D^svmd^-fiaa built a beautiful vlc-           Miss Margaret Tice is spending The               or ten years hence.
   Jorrrfch for her soldiers, and sailors. week with her cousin, Mrs. Norman
      Every building^ in the Ti(lage-ls said Cook at Wetherafield Springs.
      to have a flag. >                  v                    - ,       WSS
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ELECTUBe weeing
          Livingston county fanners report
      toe_nreMnc«-ot-tha-wheat-midge_in                   ANNUAL SCHOOL MEETING
      ttelr fields and fear a considerable
      toss as a result
          Misa Helen M. Patterson of Dunkirk
                                                        The annual meeting of Union Free
                                                     School District No. 1, will be held in
                                                                                                                WATROUS ® RUMSEY
        *s been engaged as executive secre- the school building, Tuesday. August                                            ••Where Music Is Sweetest"
         r j of the Chautauqua county tuber-         5th, 1919 at 8 p, m. Two members of                                                                                                           The Perry Electric Light Co. maintains a force of
   -**losls committee.                                the board of education aVe to be elected            Opposite Post Office, 45 S. Main 5r,_P_erry, N. Y.
                                                                                                                                                                                             men to do this class of work and wiD b e pleased to
          Coming is seeking a way to Jredue* in the places of Harlan W. Kellogg and                             (Home of the U u t e r Piano, Victrolaa and New Edison)
       U e cost of gas in that city. The Clark M. AMrfch, whose terms of office
          >                                                                                                                                                                                  care for any requirements of d i e people of Castile.
      company has permission to charge W expire Jaly 31st, and such other busi-
       *nU a thousand.                                ness transacted as is authorized by the
                                                                                                 %                                                                                                  Word left with the town clerk or a t T b e Cwstilian
          Mayor Hiram Edgerton o* Rocnea- Education Law as amended to July l«t,
        <* expects to run again, according 1918.                                         „, ,
            Ms usual custom. He s a y s h e will                                                                                                                                             office will be transmitted to us, or call Perry 1 5 3 .
                                                                   Clara D. VanArsdale, Clerk.
       ^ d on his record.                                Castile, July 8th. 1919.
           Sererar people, it is understood,                            WSS
      V** asked for an InveatlgaUon of the
       ° le Custodial asylum for FeeWe-                  The managers of the Cbaotaoqua at
                                                       Lake Cbautaqua are making a plea tor
                                                                                              Try Our "W^nt Golumn
           ru6*" W o m e n a t Newark.
           Ellwl                                     46,000,000 toSWLthatjnjtaitiotV _ 8                                                                                                      PERRY ELECTRIC J J G H T CO.
                   Reynolds" present county Urge indebtedness-tr^ssigned to the
        Judge and surrogate of Allegany rapid growthof the Cbautaqua without
        <»unty, has announced his lnunOoa
                                                       a corresponding increase in revenue.
                                                                                                  It .brings Results                     Untitled Document

        « nmning^for-taa office* again. •

                                                                                                                                                             Thomas M. Tryniski
                                                                                                                                                             309 South 4th Street
                                                                                                                                                             Fulton New York

                                                 ^   "N                                                                                                      13069

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             •SBktMHKflOSaaBS>MMMMMiKManSHHMMBB«ttBBKan«aB                V

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