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					                 Minutes of Mayfield C.C. Committee Meeting
                      Thursday 7th October 2010, 8pm
                      at The Carpenters Arms Mayfield

Present: Peter d'Aguilar, Raj Sharma, Neil MacDonald, Brian Stilwell, Bryan
Blundell, Doug Shankland, Peter Church, Robin Holliday.

Apologies: Ben Church, Nigel Iverson. (James Cole and Darryl Curcher have
notified resignation from the committee forthwith).

August Minutes: Had been circulated. Agreed and signed by Chairman. The
September Emergency Minutes will be issued as soon as possible.

Matters arising: None.

1. Ground:
       Arson Attack
1. As the current meeting could well be taken up entirely with ground, funding and
development matters (a second attack was made on 2nd/3rd October) it was decided
that a sub-committee (Doug Shankland, Raj Sharma, Brian Stilwell, Neil MacDonald,
Bryan Blundell - with hopefully Darryl's expertise in a PR capacity) should have
responsibility and authority to deal with all aspects, meet elsewhere, and report back.
Hon.Sec. will meet with that sub-committee before AGM notices are sent out in
November and distribute an update to members.
Terms of reference will include:
         (a) planning: obtaining planning permission is in hand by Bryan and Raj as it
             was necessary to move quickly; we must also get builders lined up;
         (b) insurance: Doug is dealing with insurers/loss adjusters and anticipates a
             cash settlement based on Sum Insured;
         (c) design; it is hoped that a great deal of final fitting out and completion work
             can be done by self-help using our own member tradesmen, labour and
             working parties, (a reason for asking for occupation on membership forms);
        (d) fund-raising: many donation offered already; funding plan to be drawn up;
        (e) banking/finance; Brian (hon.treas.) and Doug are arranging change of
             bankers to NatWest and back-up finance;
         (f) P.R.: liaising on press, media, fund-raising and keeping membership
             informed periodically;

2. The police have asked that if anyone has any information they contact Det.Const.
Andrew Smith (CS009) - 0776 877 4083.

3. Meanwhile Bryan reported that limited amounts of weed-killer have been applied
to the outfield, but most of our supplies have gone in the fire. The ground levelling
project has of necessity been put on hold. Fire engines badly damaged the pitch area
and Bryan has managed to effect repairs.

2. Cricket Matters:
       Players' Meeting
1. Some 27 members had an informal meeting in September (before the arson attacks).
No minutes were kept. Nothing was off the agenda and a lot of ground was covered.
Everyone had opportunities to air views, problems, concerns and opinions on such
varied topics as player commitment, loyalty, availability, selection policy, elitism etc.
2. There was general agreement that the way forward for the club was to progress up
the leagues, with best cricketers playing in the 1st XI, and so on.
3. Doug Shankland was introduced as a candidate, at the AGM, for club chairman.
4. Some members expressed the wish to stand as team captains at the AGM.
5. Suggested entry of a 3rd XI into the league received favourable response.
6. Longer term plans for a new clubhouse, shown to those present, also received
favourable response. (Subsequent events have brought these plans into focus).

       Captains' Final Updates
1. Raj said it was a successful season and 1st XI won League 5.
2. Peter said 2nd XI managed to secure its place in Div.11 for next year.
3. There was no Sunday XI report.

       Memberships Update
Ben had sent a note that there were 41 paid up members. There were some who had
played three games or more but had not paid any subscription. He had recommended
that criteria be set. Full end-of-season match and player stats will be issued soon
(now done). A vote of thanks was expressed for Ben's hard work obtaining
membership forms, facilitating the collection of subs. and recording stats.

       Club Welfare Officer
Neil has agreed to take over the role as soon as possible. Hon.Sec. will obtain dates
for the two courses he will be required to attend to qualify, vis; "Safeguarding &
Protecting Children" (SPC), and "Time to Listen" (T2L), at a cost to the club of £20
and probably taking place in Jan., Feb., March 2011. (It was agreed that in view of
recent developments and planning in progress, a separate post of Club Development
Officer is not now necessary).

SCCC Clubmark advisor Simon Funnell has confirmed to Neil that absence of a club
house will affect our progress towards Clubmark status, but we should still continue
to tick as many boxes as possible and generally prepare, keeping Simon informed of
developments. Neil has a list of what areas need attention, per meeting with hon.sec.

       Club Constitution
A draft document had been sent by hon.sec. to c'tee members for perusal. No queries
were raised, and a final draft, much of which is for Clubmark purposes, has now been
approved by Simon Funnell, Its layout will be tidied up before hon.sec. sends it to the
committee and membership with a view to adopting the new Constitution at the AGM.

       A 3rd XI
Hon.Sec. had applied to the league to enter a 3rd XI in the league next season as
agreed. A dedicated 3rd XI captain is needed. Interest has been shown by a member
of another club who may well be suitable and willing to lead a 3rd XI, in the absence
of any other candidates.
(Since c'tee meeting the League has confirmed our acceptance subject to certain
assurances regarding ground and player availability, to which end hon.sec. will
attend a League C'tee mtg. on 21st October to answer questions)

       League Format 2011
An amendment proposal from Wadhurst CC has been put to the League Committee
which has recommended a new format for promulgation at the League AGM.
Hon.Sec. sent copies of the proposed amendments to all committee members before
this c'tee mtg.. In the absence of any disagreement or objections notified to hon.sec.
by the committee, Mayfield CC will vote in favour of the proposed changes.

       League Dinner
Nine members will be attending the Dinner on 8th October to collect awards.

       Other Competitiions
James Cole advised hon.sec. he has provided Neil with detail confirming our entry to
the National Village KO cup. Neil had no trace and will follow up with James.

       Winter Nets
Three nets have been reserved, starting in Feb.2011, 3-0pm to 4-0pm on Sundays at St
John's as last year, to include U-13 and U-15 colts, under supervision.

1.This is set for Thursday 25th November, 8-0pm at the Carpenters Arms. All c'tee
members stand down at the AGM. All co-opted members are seeking election. Most
existing c'tee members are available for re-election, with the exception of Chairman,
Fixture Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, 2nd XI Captain and
Sunday XI captain.
2. The Club also needs to formally appoint a Groundsman (Bryan Blundell has
agreed), and a Colts Organiser to the Committee, and a "200 Club" organiser (who
does not necessarily have to be on the Committee).
3. The Constitution allows for a total of 15 members on the committee, including
officers of the club. Hon.Sec. was requested to put a note to members calling for

3. Finances:
       Hon. Treasurer's Update
1. Brian produced an Income & Expenditure sheet. Copy is attached to these Minutes.
Voluntary, economy and consolidating measures, taken early in the season meant we
were in credit, until we had to submit an Outline Planning Application in order to
move quickly following the arson attack, and as at 6th October the deficit was
£1079-47. Our financial year ends on 31st October.

2. Brian put forward proposals for next year's fees and subs. After some discussion it
was agreed that the AGM will be asked to agree a full annual subscription of £75,
with concession £35, which must be paid by 31st May, failing which players will not
be deemed to be members, cannot therefore play in league games and will not be
selected for any team. A Social Membership at £25 is also proposed, with match fees
of £8 (concession £5) suggested.
3. Brian expressed concern that the plans are not for a brick-built structure. His
reasons relate, not least of all, to annual insurance premiums which will be payable.
The arson attack will increase premiums considerably more if it is not brick-built.
4. Change of bank to NatWest is in hand.

       "200 Club"
Raj is to ask Carolyn if she will take it on. Chairman has obtained the details and
documentation from Andy Parker that Carolyn required.

4. Colts:
No representative was present. We need a member or parent to take overall control of
the Colts and lead a team of people who are running U-11's, U-13's and U-15's.

5. Social:
1. No social report available. The Awards Dinner Dance arrangements have been
made and the three captains have in hand the allocation of the various awards.
2. It was suggested the website needs to be updated, but maybe it would be advisable
now to wait until after the AGM and consider what should and should not be included
on the website.

6.Club Profile:
In the absence of hon.sec. on holiday, the October Village Newsletter did not include
an item from the Club. An item will be in the November issue.

There was no other business.


                        THE AGM ON 25TH NOVEMBER

                       8-0PM at THE CARPENTERS ARMS


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