Garden of God’s Delight

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					                     Garden of God’s Delight
By Apostle Axel Sippach

Adam and Eve were special creations of God. Adam was created from the dirt of Eden, and then
once created, was placed from Eden into the special “Garden in Eden” (Eden means “delight”).
Eve was then taken out of Adam, an already refined creation who is now in the Garden, which
makes her “twice refined,” and not created in the hostile environment of Eden, but in the
“heavenly environment” of the Garden of Eden. This was the “Garden of God’s Delight” where
the Creator would visit in the cool of the day.

It was the place where the Invisible Realm touched the Visible Realm. It was a place where
heaven was open on earth, and where full access and the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven
were available through obedience to a Dominion Mandate: be fruitful; multiply; fill the earth;
subdue; and have dominion (rule). They were to advance the Garden’s borders into the
surrounding inhospitable territory and take dominion through the authority given them. If they
would be obedient to not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and only eat of the
Tree of Life, then they would be immortal. But, if they disobey, they would die.

Now we all know the story – they disobeyed and sinned. They discovered their “nakedness” and
covered themselves with fig leaves they had sewn together. God comes into the Garden asking
“where are you?” When they reply, He says, “Who told you that you were naked?” Scripture
says then that He covered them with “skins.” Now most theologians have assumed that God
killed an animal – most likely a lamb, and skinned the animal, and covered them with the bloody
animal’s skin. But nowhere does the Bible conclusively say that. It is only an unbiblical or extra-
biblical assumption - just theological speculation.

If He didn't cover them with animal skins, what did He cover them with? Well, let me do a little
bit of theological speculating. The Garden of Eden was a special place where heaven and earth
met – the Invisible and the Visible. We see the same Tree of Life here as we do in the garden-
city of the New Jerusalem at the end of the Bible in the Book of Revelation. Perhaps God had
only created them with a “skin covering” that were conducive to a “higher” heavenly kind of life
in the Garden. Perhaps it was a type of “glorified body” skin that had covered them, that when
they disobeyed, immediately disappeared. Just speculation!

But now, they would have to be clothed with a kind of “humanity” – earthly skin that would
decay and one day take their bodies back to the dust, and their spirits awaiting a resurrection
from Sheol, and one day a glorified body like unto the Last Adam – Jesus Christ. This is another
way of looking at the Genesis story of our ancestors. Yes, its theological speculation, but, I think
it does have merit to it. Let’s not always just take the “party” line without closely examining
Scripture. I am so glad that I have been “born-again” – born of the Spirit, and have passed from
death unto life.

And because I have received the incorruptible seed of the Word of God, I have died to Adam’s
race, and have been born-again a new creation in Christ Jesus. One version says, “a new species
or race of being that had never before existed.” Christ’s DNA is now inside of me. I have
become a “partaker of His Divine nature.” And when I die, I will receive a glorified body in
heaven just like the one He has now. Now that’s an inheritance laid up for me in heaven I am
looking forward to receiving!!!