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									  1. Early life (Childhood & Teenage)

Suzan Bushnaq has the ideal background from an artist-/a
father who was a sculptor and an artist of a traditional
presentation. He was famous for many years and he has a lot
of galleries and pieces of art that were sold immediately,
Mohammed Bushanq was hoping the coming generations of
artists would develop their own approach to art, but he
wasn’t sure how this would be applied to his daughter.

 Suzan, as a toddler, the father noticed his daughter seemed
to be more interested in the images and graphical
illustrations rather than the narrative. She was interested in
the characters colors, thus as any normal kid, she started to
buy the characters coloring books and coloring them in
different colors to see how they can affect...imitating her
father's work...Her ideas seemed very advanced for her age.
She had the mind of an artist. "My childhood and teenage
life was translated into colors and paintings" Suzan said. The
parents were always supporting Suzan’s passion for art. They
encouraged and helped her, to develop it throughout her
childhood and teenage years.

  2. Academic Career in Russia

When it was time for college, she sent off applications to two
Colleges. The Russia College of Arts, the Croydon College in
London, her father was a former student in London. However,
she was approved at the Russia College of Arts where she
eventually studied for 7 years.

She spent her first year learning Russian language. Then she
was introduced to learn different schools of arts such as
Realism, Cubism and that were clear on her first sketches
and painting. She learned also Picasso's paintings, where she
could adapt his style and made her own by adding some
softness to the straight lines of the shapes. Also she learned

from Robin the Russian artist who gave her a great push on
her work.

2.a Elements & Techniques:

When Suzan started to draw in 1982 she used in her first
sketches a variety of techniques such as Charcoal, pencil
and Seneca. The different drawings were taken from a live
view in front of her because it was an academic study that
she was taught, the students have to practice their eyes on
the different types of lines and to study the different figures.
She was fascinated on how the Russian women work besides
their husband for survival as wives, mothers, models,
workers... etc.

Actually that was the moment where Suzan discovered that
there is a very strong emotion and relation between her and
the women. So it was the time to concentrate on women
figure and starting to develop her signature.

2.b First exhibition

While studying, Suzan decided to participate in an art
exhibition in 1988. It was the Children International Art
Exhibition where she exhibit 8 paintings. The responses of the
viewers were enthusiastic, amazed and surprised that a
young Kuwaiti artist (Suzan), could develop a new technique
and could classified her style as a new school of art in its own

   3. Back to Kuwait

When she returned back to Kuwait after 7 years of studying
and practicing art she started to attend many Conferences,
galleries and exhibitions done by different Kuwaiti artists. She
was amazed by the different styles that been used and
followed. She was also surprised by the visitors of the
Exhibitions of different ages and nationalities. Suzan was

happy because finally art and its concept were appreciated
by the Public.

3.a Developing Concept

Suzan has worked hard on her own approach and style. She
has used variety of colors, tools and different size of canvas
boards. She has developed her own individual style of
paintings, colors and figures. She always says "I treat colors as
human beings. When they are together, they create
harmony if they are in the right time and place".

The use of Color in Suzan's paintings is not restricted she loves
spreading colors all around the painting and mixing them up,
because she believes that colors are always placed
intuitively in the perfect place. As Suzan has a very strong
relationship with them, she loves to change the type of colors
she uses every 4 or 5 years because she thinks that changing
the colors will never change the mood of the work, but it will
change the way in which it's displayed on the canvas, Like
she always says " what I believe is that I can use all the colors
or some of them but the most important thing is how to make
balance and rhythm. As colors are the most powerful thing in
the painting, with which you can built a concept and a story.
It's hard to do a painting for this generation in a black or
white as this generation loves colors and the colors loves
them "Suzan says.

3.b Elements & Techniques:

 " There are no limits or barriers that may keep me away from
my painting that I always want to do something in them to
make them more recognizable and unforgettable " Suzan

When she started using colors in her paintings she prefers not
to put any pencil lines on the canvas but leaving the colors
to take its way on it. She thought that it's her way of

expressing herself. Suzan always creates something with the
colors that matches the story, she's not afraid of using any
colors because nothing can limits her thoughts or dreams,
she says: " the use of colors doesn't stop me to do my work or
even the emotions that I want to send but what I always
focus on is that there should be beyond those colors
something that will link them together ".

So you can feel that in Suzan's work the colors have a strong
harmony with the figures used in the painting. You can feel
that these two were placed in the canvas in their right place.
The elements really can interact with each other. It's easy to
sense the emotions even if they are hidden or unseen.

Suzan always represents her paintings in a mysterious way.
Her paintings don't have a dead end .Every time you look at
it you always imagine and have a new story in your mind.
What makes it so special; it will last for centuries because of
her creativity.

3.c Personal Exhibition

Besides local and international exhibitions she could set up 3
special exhibitions in the lounge room Boushahri in 1999-2001-
2003, and also one special exhibition at AL Fnoon Gallery in
2006, Latoush exhibition 2009.

  4. Why Women?

  4.a "I draw for women and women only ". Suzan's Quote

"As artists we must give the woman the priority in our
paintings. Women right's is the message that will be shown to
the whole world. Every age, gender and generation will
understand it more. For this I'm doing all my best to represent
my women in a way that she deserved."Suzan's saying.

From these lovely words, you can really sense and
understand that women have a large space and huge
thoughts in Suzan's mind. She doesn’t want to hide any
emotions which will make women to interact with the social
activates in society. So, the more emotions she add the more
satisfied women in the world could be.

"I draw women because I understand them more. Since the
ancient years the woman was very important person, she
was inspiring men in many fields. So even if I'm not thinking of
any subject of her I suddenly paint her patience, emotions
and honesty. That’s what really inspires me to draw my
women" Suzan said.

4.b Non - Emotional figures:

"My aim is to let my viewers to interact with my semi abstract
figures .Leaving them to dream for a subject or story to
reveal. I prefer keeping my figures without any emotions
because I'm not a photographer I'm an artist , therefore , my
pictures always has the abstract rhythm in it , I use this
technique in order to express the women's body regarding
the reflected emotions that she has for me to start painting "
Suzan said .

For this she represents her women not only with a covered
faces or uncompleted bodies but also no realistic face
emotions. That was her signatures.

4.c Non-Differentiating genders:

"Once a journalist asked me why don’t we see men in your
paintings? I asked him to go around in the gallery and find
the answer. After a while, he came back and told me even if
I didn’t see men but I could feel men emotions (courage –
power – strength) on your women's figures. "Suzan said.

So it's not almost about the genders but it's about how they
interact with the story itself , many artists used the both
genders but it was a very huge mistake of using them in the
place that they shouldn’t be , so figuring out the priorities
are more important even if it's on a piece of paper ,
because those things can be done in a huge boards or may
be carved in pieces of furniture so it is a very huge
responsibility to place all of that in the right place with the
right concept .

" look at Oprah she is the women that really builds and did
many things to be what's she's now , Oprah is the most
famous person that many people in the world and specially
women inspired by her , even she was and still the most
precious model that everyone wants to follow from the
different genders "Suzan said.

Women are able to accomplish and fulfill their dreams
without any pressure and that what you can sense and feel

4.d The Story behind her paintings:

Each of her amazing paintings has a story, and each one
has something that will make the world knows , that women
are not always quiet and have nothing to say ; women are
so special and they are very important part in the society .
They interact with many activities in the community or in the
world that deals with different fields. Behind every figure a

In conclusion

Suzan said "if you need to know someone you will know
him/her from the way that he/she presents their own work".

It's an honor for me to do this project about Mrs. Suzan
Bushnaq. Since I'm an interior design student I really learned

a lot from her. Her use of colors, which would help planning
the space. However inspires me to come across the different
design styles. She helped me to solve the secrets behind the
every paintings and she made the Semi abstract style easier
to follow.

Finally I want to thank Dr. Thomas Modeen for giving me the
chance to meet such a talented artist.

Suzan's Actual Work

   5. Works & statements:
I believe that in every painting has its own emotions, I don't think that
feeling that I felt when I'm drawing one painting it can be repeated
even if I want to..i am sure that every artist who make a small sketch in
order to paint it bigger later the first emotions are more true I mean that
the sketch will be full of feelings , sometimes if I feel that I need to paint
..I started to color in a different directions immediately on my canvas to
express myself towards the life and humanity , If I am happy I like to
paint if i am sad or angry i like to paint too, I express feels not solving
problems..i know that art must have a message for people and my
message is to let the people share with me their thoughts about life
and to make them feel happy or sad affecting their emotions, and that
what I really find and actually it depends on their culture and believes
and their level of art conscious..

                                                This was about a woman combing
                                                her hair or maybe talking and in the
                                                same time playing with her hair
                                                around her other images of women
                                                who were her friends or enemies but
                                                she had a self confidence and her
                                                life was full of secrets because of that
                                                we don't see her face ,or maybe she
                                                is shy.

                                               Figure one: "The mysterious women", done
                                               in 2003, oil colors on Caves, the size is
                                               200x170cm, and it was sold in my second

  I wanted to express some happy
  moments in life, so I made it indeed
  after a horrible car accident that
  made me stay at home for about a
  month , I drawed this painting as the
  dancing emotions because I
  wanted to feel the movements of
  the emotions regarding what
  happened to me.

 Figure Two: "Dancing emotions ", it was in
 my fifth exhibition and it was sold, the size
 of it was 120x120 cm.

The mirror which reflects our images we
use it to see our beauty, and the real
beauty is in our soul, in this work I tried to
use colors which I felt towards the
beauty of our souls and that by using
soft movements in the brush strokes
which means the kindness conversation.

Figure three: the Soul mirror, it was
made in 2008, Acrylic colors on canvas

 Some shapes are obvious some are
 not its like the snow when it begins to
 become water..

 That’s why I could it “The Snow
 Tears” and actually those are sad
 feelings for me that they’re going to
 distinguish by time.

 Women here were frozen they have
 nothing to say as if they are waiting
 for a better day to come.

Figure Four: Snow Tears, it was made in 2007,
Acrylic colors on canvas, the size of it

 Even flowers have feelings they are
 in different shapes with different
 characters just like human beings ,
 flowers have their own lives and
 movements its very similar to the
 woman’s soul.

 These flowers maybe does not exists
 but I imagined them as they do

 Figure five: the Flower Statement, it was
 made in 2008, Acrylic colors on canvas.

     6. Press:
     6.a Local and International magazines:
     Suzan was a huge representative for art that speaks for the women's
     voice , mind and emotions so she was attracting all the media to her
     locally and internally , and for that I would like to put here interviews to
     make you see how the ART OF SUZAN really wake up the world.

      The first interview I'm posting is the German magazine that had an
       interview with Suzan and for that I translated to English :

     1. Dubai magazine in German language ; pages number 16-19,year
        2008, also this article was published in the German magazine it's the
        Orient Magazine (Deutch Art ) , in the July-Oct of 2008

Suzan's article

The translation:
The "eternally feminine": Artist: Suzan Bushnaq

Women were her subject. Already at four years of age she drew the
native Kuwaiti girls. Since 1988 she has had numerous large single
displays in Kuwait and took part at many group displays in: the United
Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, USA,
England and Russia. The Kuwaiti advice for culture, art and literature
selected her to participate in this Council and also she was a
representative of Kuwait for that in the Sharjah biennial. The media
report regularly over Suzan and her work and what she says is that: "if
I'm not even thinking, I feel that I'm not probably normal, As an artist, I
feel free to express my emotions throw my paintings and as for that In
every painting, I always find and meet myself, I always think about
people's emotions because am like however very happy about the
fact that so many people are been represented by their surrounding
emotions in my pictures".

So the Kuwaiti artist at home she has an elegant residential area in
Kuwait city that functions simultaneously as a studio. The ground floor
looks like an art gallery, women out of the frames of the paintings at
the walls. She paints her paintings by using an oil or Acrylic colors on
canvas. We asked about her talent and she told us that: "originally I
came out of the world of the realism, but I am artist, not a
photographer, therefore my pictures gradually always has the abstract
rhythm in it, I use this technology in order to express the women's body
regarding the reflected emotions that she has for Suzan to start to paint
". That's been succeeded she has print out the women's emotions very
strongly by using a strong brush strokes in a clear colors. "Sometimes
when I look at the several pictures I did simultaneously, I would like it to
be completed and everybody could see it and it must be in a place
that everybody of every age can reach it" she said.

I also produce a large numbers of paintings when I'm under a pressure.
Everybody asked me this question: " why your paintings contain almost
women in different expression manners, and I have and still had the
same answer that’s of course it's my concept, and I says that: "I draw a
women because I understand her more, since the ancient years the
women was a very important person, she was inspiring men in many
fields. So even if I'm not doing any subject about her I suddenly paint
her and that’s because her Patience, emotions and honesty. That’s
what really inspires me to draw my women".

I always had a good life, but I am very sensitive and always see how
the people around me suffer so much and that’s because of the misery
of the life, from that I figure out that women is the person that always
had an emotions, she keeps it in her heart and that’s why it's my job to
present her suffreness and to show all the world that the women really
suffers even if she's happy. In my art, I made the experience that I am
myself like to show the honestly and these feelings express want I really
want to show in my paintings, I'm now more often changed from the
past in my opinion and my style, am however now I'm happily about
that, to finally find after many experiments my own style".

Suzan is married since 1991. "I have once met a man who paints, his
name was Ali and after a week we got married; now we have four
children. My husband is also an artist, he sings and plays in a music
band, we understand ourselves very good, and he supports my work
very much. I came from an artistic family. . My father is an artist, he
worked as a painter and designer for museums and my mother was
active in the administration of a High School, also she loved the art and
she always helped me. My children paint too – they also have to
comment on my work.

My occupation as a High School teacher in the specialty art and as a
leader of the art department. In other gulf countries, it always

important to considers just to introduce the specialty art in the schools.
Especially what really pleases me that when I contact with my students,
that gladly when I get their advices and give them too it's really has a
strong effect by itself to me, I encourage dedicating myself in art.
Kuwaitis are interested in the majority mainly in home decorations, cars,
clothes & EST. but They don’t have the courage to like something
suddenly appears and to make it something huge because its new but
in Europe its very different from here , what I discovered when I
returned back from Russia that i sow a lot of changes in the Kuwaiti
culture and that’s a great news. Finally I would really like to present my
paintings in Germany, but my dream is however a single display in
Dubai ."

2. The other magazines and news papers that had published and
   interviewed Susan were the Kuwaiti press , Susan had a lot of
   interviews a written ones and a live interviews on the TV :

 I’m Posting an article from the Kuwaiti Press “ Al Anba’a”
   newspaper, date : 8th of march 2009 , Number 29

The translation:
The work of the artist Susan Bushnaq brought the attention of many
interested people in this art movement, In addition to critics, in more
Station, and took their respective areas in the exhibitions that toured
the Gulf and Arab capitals, It was so successful and unique Became
known to its private Painting in the world of art. Susan's way was to
Highlight the most important emotions in the humanitarian point of
view of the females, This demonstrates the interaction of the undulation
Colors, and movement of elements in the Plates overlapping manner
between Elements, leading to Look to the sense of movement as
Feelings within the feminist painting Vibrant and love to rigid and solid
The colors are not the thing that Bushnaq's could stop at a specified
level, as they are different, the rear and simplicity, to Give the recipient
an opportunity for the adventure in living color with Meanings of art,
many parallel Levels required by any artistic work.
Down with artist Susan Bushnaq on plates Concerns a woman, do not
hesitate In the recruitment of various schools of art Even in a single
plate, Own way of expression On these and other concerns this is the
thinking and concerns of every artist and live with the reality And its
surroundings, and interact with the issues Society, artistic expression
here, Is not a matter of self-innovation and it's not the End in itself, but
must be Loaded with a message and point of view, Derived from the
Bushnaq and heritage Some of the symbols and backgrounds That
enrich their aesthetic, Declares its commitment to communicate
Between the past and present and its was effected by The school of art
in Russia, Where she studied at the universities, Whether its technical
abstract or Realism or est., Bushnaq uses the bright colors and more
brighter ones in a different ways of display, Its sometimes seems that
the aesthetic painting May not be an absolute priority in the painting If
it will not matched with the idea and the objectives of the painting.

Bushnaq says: " painting As life in the theater the roles of different
Women as the subject, Women are not the target, but a symbol, And a
means to express the meaning of And aesthetics, I want the recipient
to feel it with me, I left a Space for the recipients to live with figures and
Suggest of how to complement them with In their imagination and
interact with them to be Visual dialogue between myself and Painting
and the viewer ".
It adds: "Every artist style of expression depends on Plan, or method of
arriving With the objective to be achieved, and explain rhythm in
artistic style and how Up to the required fee, in the opinion of The idea
was first in the imagination, There are solutions to this with imagination
study of these steps granted access to the world the idea The painting.
Susan Bushnaq depends on the Provoke a state of the color and the
arts of different directions, love senses, which reached a this road and
the view that the suffering of The artist reflected on its ability to
treatment of art, and sometimes we do not wish to change the course,
direction, and the line Principal place of business, and this is Meditation
with the implication through their the combination of transparency and
tenderness ,Color on the one hand, and between the nerve Color and
force the other hand, And thus have been brought together
Suzan is the artist that been able to innovation and participation that
exist with a strong Artists, where Won numerous awards as well as the
acquisition of those Official, museums and individuals a lot of work.
Several cases have been designed Books, a member of the Assembly
Kuwait Fine Arts Society, At the International Association of Artists in
Paris, the Association of Crafts Asia. Set up three special exhibitions in
the lounge room Boushahri. Arts, also participated in the week In the
Sudan Cultural Biennale In Bangladesh Chamber Opera Egypt, also
participated in the week Kuwaiti cultural in Algeria, Cultural week Syria
participated in the exhibition Cultural Festival in the technical

Kuwait, Cultural Festival Sharjah in the Gulf, In the Kuwaiti artists Jordan,
and got a lot Of discretion and the award of certificates from Isa Sager
creative and the arbitration award Biennial Khurafi.

6.b External Links :

This is a few lists of her interviews and some articles that the Kuwaiti
press did to that amazing artist which install all the minds and thoughts
of all the people in the world to her paintings:




4. And this is her own channel :

6. C.V. & Art Memberships :

Suzan Bushnaq-born in Kuwait
- Member of International Association of Art -Paris
- Member of World Crafts Council Asia Pacific
- Member of Kuwait Formative Art Society
- Personal Exhibitions at Boushahri Gallery 1999-2001-2003
- Personal Exhibition at al Fnoon Gallery 2006
- Under the care of National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters.
- Exhibitions Alopra in Egypt, Sudan, Bangladish, London, Algeria
Jordan, United Nation in United State of America
- Childs International Art Exhibition-Russia1988
- Culture Exhibition –Kuwait 1988 & 1989
- Kuwait Formative Art Society Exhibition-Kuwait-al fnoon Gallery 1989
- Al-Wafaa Exhibition1995
- P.O.Ws Exhibition-Kuwait1996-London1996
- Charity Exhibition-Kuwait1999
- Charity Exhibition for Muslims in Cosova1999
- Women Freedom in Art Expression by U.N 1999
- Exhibition for Culture &Formative Art (Arabic Oil company) 1999
- Pottery Formative Art for Kuwait Artist Feb.2000
- National Giving feb2000
- The15th Exhibition on25 Feb.
- The10th Liberation Exhibition2001
- Exhibition 25 Feb.2002, 2003
- Liberation Exhibition 2002
- The18th Exhibition on25 Feb2003
- Liberation Exhibition2003
- Al-qurain Fabition2003
- Art and Culture Festival Exhibition in Love Kuwait 2003
2004,2005,2006 all the Exhibions that the National Council arrange ,and
the Kuwait Society for formative Art

7.   References:
- Personal Interview at her private resident at AL Qyrawan on May
  12, 09.
- YouTube channel, artsuzbush.
- Suzan Bushnaq Résumé by artist/ Ali AL Awad on CD format.

Author Curriculum Vita

Name: Danah Barrak AL Rubabah

Birth: Kuwait, in 2/1/1988

Marital Status : Single

Education: - High school degree 2005 / Kuwait

              - Undergraduate in College For Women

                Interior Design / Kuwait


- Fine Art Studies (Jabriyah) , 1997-1998

- Community Service Programme “Service is my job"

 Loyac , 2007.

- AL Khurafi Activities for disabled Children, 2007.

Behind Women's Face

         Written By : Danah B. AL Rubabah


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