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									College Writing                                                                    NAME:
Mrs. Jugan                                                                         PERIOD:
Active / Passive Voice                                                             DATE:

Active Voice: When the subject of the sentence performs the action.
Passive Voice: When the subject of the sentence is acted upon.

**The “to be” verb is bland when it is used by itself and should be replaced by a more vivid verb when
possible. In addition, passive voice is usually wordy and weak; therefore, you should strive for clarity and
directness by avoiding use of the “to be” verb, and use active voice as often as you can.


Passive Voice: The wedding date was announced by the young couple.
Active Voice: The young couple announced their wedding date.

Passive Voice: His letter of resignation was accepted by the Board of Trustees.
Active Voice: The Board of Trustees accepted his letter of resignation.

Passive Voice: The National Science Bowl was won by the Hempfield team under the supervision of Mr.
Active Voice: Hempfield’s team, under the supervision of Mr. Smith, won the National Science Bowl.

**Exceptions: Occasionally, you may wish to stress the person or thing that receives the action rather than the
performer of the action.
       The baby was born September 30, 1990.
       The elderly man was struck and killed by an unidentified drunk driver.

                                                PRACTICE #1

DIRECTIONS: Rewrite each of the following sentences, changing all passive verbs
     to active verbs.

   1. The coconut cream pie was gobbled down by the starving Scouts.

   2. The little village was drenched by a blinding downpour.

   3. The budget was slashed by the angry city council.

   4. The football goal posts were toppled by the swarming fans.

   5. The pale rose petals were caressed by silver moonbeams.

   6. A stern warning to striking workers was issued by the governor.

   7. The field was pranced upon by the playful ponies.

   8. The air was filled by the steady beat of drums.

   9. Through the fog and mist, a beacon of assurance was sent out by the old lighthouse.

   10. Stories of hardship and suffering were told by old Mrs. Hawkins.

   11. Somehow, mud, mosquitoes, and wind were survived by the campers.

   12. A score of 78 was posted by the winning team.

   13. Sub-zero temperatures were braved by fans lined up for tickets.

   14. The inky darkness was penetrated by the brilliant searchlights.

   15. A fabulous 21 days of sightseeing and thrills were enjoyed by me.

   16. The deep snowfall was melted quickly by the warm spring sunshine.

   17. The customer was convinced by the state-of-the-art sound system to buy the luxury sports car.

   18. The long, sunny days and cool, clear nights were loved by us.

   19. That you have a happy birthday is hoped by us.

   20. Dancing figures from the past swirling before my eyes could be seen by me.

                                                    PRACTICE #2

DIRECTIONS: On a separate sheet of paper, rewrite the following two paragraphs, changing passive voice to
                active voice.

                                                PARAGRAPH #1
       We were invited by Dr. Rowland to see his famous collection of precious stones. A large table had been
placed in the center of his study. The green cloth by which the table was covered was removed by Dr.
Rowland, and a glittering collection of exquisite jewels was revealed beneath the glass top of the table.
Although we were delighted by the display, there were so many precious stones that they could not be fully
appreciated by us. It was concluded by all of us that we would be more impressed by one beautiful ruby than
by a dozen.
                                             PARAGRAPH #2
       As he glanced out the window, the sky was studied by Craig. “Severe thunderstorms and a chance of
tornadoes” had been predicted by the Weather Bureau. Now the gray sky was examined thoughtfully by Craig.
The post office flag alternately billowed and sagged as it was attacked by gusts of wind. Then the front door
was pushed open by Craig. He was almost caught off balance by a blast of chilled air. The collar of his jacket
was turned up by Craig as he headed into the wind. As he hurried through the nearly deserted streets, his face
was spattered by drops of rain. The town was filled with an uneasy calm. In the southwest, a boiling black
cloud with a tapering tail was seen by Craig. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the mounting scream of a
siren. When the ground was touched by the cloud, the tornado roared toward the town. Shelter was sought by
Craig in the police station.

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