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The Maquoketa Community School Board of Education held a regular meeting on Monday, August 8,
2011. President Schwenker called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. at Central Office. Directors Hawks,
Hudrlik, Pape, Tabor and Schwenker were present. Supt. Huckstadt, Board Secretary McKeon, and
Administrators H Snell, P Bollman, J Bollman, Vervaecke, C Snell, Bowman and Wilkins were present.
Also in attendance were Susan Risinger, Mike Wing, Dustin Cogan, Sarah Hogan, Mike Hayward, David
Sybesma, L Clausen, John Daehler, Mindy Orris, Ashley Quinlan, several parents and students. Kelly
Gerlach of Maquoketa Sentinel Press, Sherri Melvold of KMAQ and Kayla Gerardy of Maquoketa
Access Cable represented press.

MOTION #015-11/12:       Motion/Tabor, 2nd/Hawks to approve the following consent agenda items:
                         Agenda –Approved as presented.
                         Minutes – Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held on July 18, 2011
                         as presented.
                         Registrations, Reimbursements and Selected Accounts Payable – Approved as
                         presented totaling $487,446.42.
                         Financial Reports – The following reports for period ending July 31, 2011 were
                         reviewed: Account Balance and Combined Statement of Revenues and
                         Resignations – Approved the resignation of Amanda Phanor as a Cardinal
                         Teacher Associate effective immediately.
                         Recommendations to Hire – Approve the hiring or contract amendment of the
                         following: Hiring of Megan Machovec as the 3rd Grade Instructor for the
                         2011-12 school year at BA Step 1 of Schedule C of the Master Contract at a
                         salary of $30,706.61; hiring of Rachael Griebel as the Special Needs Multi
                         Categorical Behavior Disorder Teacher Associate for the 2011-12 school year
                         at $8.64 per hour plus $.15 per hour BD stipend for a total of $8.79 per hour;
                         contract amendment of Teri Hicks to reflect 5.5 hours per day (from 3.0 hours
                         per day) as a Part-Time Food Service Worker for the 2011-12 school year,
                         hourly rate will remain at $8.30 per hour; and the hiring of Kathy Duffy as a
                         Part-Time Food Service Worker for the 2011-12 school year for $8.30 per hour.
                         Under other, Supt. Huckstadt reported the High School Guidance Counselor
                         has verbally informed him that she is resigning and has requested she submit a
                         signed letter of resignation. The position has been advertised as an anticipated
                         opening and interviewing has begun.
                         Substitute Bus Drivers – The following individuals will be extended substitute
                         bus driver contracts for the 2011-12 school year for $16.10 per hour: Dalena
                         Acton (pending the outcome of criminal background check), Paul Brady, Bruce
                         Current, Paul Eads, Richard Conklen, Skott Gent, Jim Manderscheid, Al
                         Muhlhausen, Craig Muhlhausen, Dennis Scott, and Larry Zickel.
                         Substitute Car/Suburban Driver – A contract will be issued to Melissa Dostal
                         for $10.70 per hour.
                         5 ayes, motion carried.

Under Good News, Mindy Orris, Ashley Quinlan and students Payton Mangler and Kayden Waack
invited the Board and the community to the upcoming Pack the Playground fundraiser for the Cardinal
Playground to be held on Friday, August 19, 2011 at Cardinal Elementary School.

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The following gave Administrative Reports: Briggs Elementary Principal P Bollman; High School
Activities Director Wilkins; Director of School Improvement H Snell; Cardinal Elementary Principal J
Bollman; Transportation Director/Manager of Support Operations M Wing; Middle School Principal C
Snell; and Technology Coordinator D Cogan.

MOTION #016-11/12:       Motion/Tabor, 2nd/Pape to appoint School Improvement Coordinator Helen
                         Snell, Briggs Principal Pat Bollman, Middle School Principal Christine Snell
                         and Supt. Huckstadt to serve as district representatives on the 2011-12 Teacher
                         Quality Committee. 5 ayes, motion carried.

MOTION #017-11/12:       Motion/Hawks, 2nd/Hudrlik to approve the initiation of Bowling Teams for the
                         2011-12 school year with the understanding that all costs (travel, equipment,
                         lane rental, entry fees) beyond the $600 coaches’ stipend be covered through
                         donations. Louie Clausen of Timber Lanes expressed he would like to work
                         with the District in supporting the bowling program at the High School. 5 ayes,
                         motion carried.

School Improvement Coordinator Helen Snell provided a summary of the district’s Adequate Yearly
Progress (AYP) Report for the 2010-11 academic year for each building and the district. Briggs
Elementary met AYP in 2010-11, however, will continue as a School in Need of Assistance (SINA)
building as a “Delay Status”. The building must meet AYP for two consecutive years. It is a federal
requirement that 20% of Title 1 funds be reserved for Supplemental Education Services and that 10% be
used for professional development. The amount will be in excess of $90,000. Briggs Principal Bollman
commended staff and students on their hard work and explained how EduCare, Trailblazers, Read 180
and System 44 impacted the student achievement. All buildings met AYP and nearly 100% of students
are taking assessments. Director Snell and Supt. Huckstadt commended all staff and students.

MOTION #018-11/12:       Motion/Tabor, 2nd/Hawks to approve the proposed revisions to Board Policy
                         503.3 as presented. 5 ayes, motion carried.

MOTION #019-11/12:       Motion/Hawks, 2nd/Tabor to approve the Purchase Service Agreement with
                         Edu-Care, Inc. to provide supplemental education services as required by
                         Section H-1 (p.33) of the document No Child Left Behind Supplemental
                         Services Non-regulatory Guidance – January 14, 2009. 5 ayes, motion carried.

MOTION #020-11/12:       Motion/Tabor, 2nd/Pape to authorize High School Activity Director Wilkins and
                         Middle School Activity Director Bowman to process and provide preliminary
                         approval for contractual agreements with athletic officials for the 2011-12
                         school year as required. 5 ayes, motion carried.

MOTION #021-11/12:       Motion/Hawks, 2nd/Hudrlik to approve four sections of Kindergarten and
                         authorize Supt. Huckstadt to monitor the number of Kindergarten students that
                         may register between now and the start of the school year. Should the need
                         arise Supt. Huckstadt is authorized to reestablish five kindergarten sections and
                         advertise for a Reading Interventionist. 5 ayes, motion carried.

Director Pape had nothing to report under Legislative Update.

Under Superintendent’s report: Key dates for school board election was provided. Candidates have until
August 9, 2011 to withdraw. Election will be held on Sept. 13, 2011. Maquoketa Patrons filing
nomination papers are: Director District #2 – Todd Green; Director District #3 – Michael Hayward; and
Director District #4 – Susan Risinger and David Sybesma; IASB Convention is November 16 & 17,
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2011; the following positions are vacant: High School Guidance (Anticipated); Assistant Varsity
Wrestling Coach; Assistant Boys Soccer Coach; and Freshman Softball Coach; provided a summary of
Senate File 289 that includes numerous changes related to Open Meetings and Public Records; and
ASCD key talking points from various speakers at the Iowa Education Summit held on July 20-26, 2011.

Pres. Schwenker wished everyone good luck with the upcoming school year and announced the next
regular meeting of the Board of Education would be held on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 6 p.m. at
Central Office.

Pres. Schwenker adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.

Bill Schwenker, President

Barbara A. McKeon, Secretary

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