Abstract This study was conducted to study the therapeutic benefit of

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Abstract This study was conducted to study the therapeutic benefit of Powered By Docstoc
					        The Role of Metformin in Women with Polycystic Ovarian
                 Syndrome as a Treatment of Infertility
                           Hanan Abdul Al Jabar Altaee
  College of Medicine, University of Babylon, Hilla, Iraq.

                                            MJ B

This study was conducted to study the therapeutic benefit of metformin in achieving ovulation in
women with ploy cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Twenty eight women received metformin,
ovulation rate was (60.2%). While it was (100%) when we add clomiphene citrate to it. So over all
ovulation rate was (100%) and overall pregnancy rate was (10.8%) which was with metformin alone.
‫اجريت هذه الدراسة لتحديد مدى كفاءة دواء الميتفورمين في تحريض االباضة في مريضات العقم الومواتي‬
‫يعانين من عد حدوث االباضة بسبب متالزمة المبيض المتعدد التكيسات0 ت بحث 28 مريضة ث اعطماهم‬
‫هذا الدواء و كانت نسبة حدوث تحريض االباضة (%2.06) و كانت النسمبة (%001)عنمد اضمافة دواء‬
‫الكوومفين ستريت لوبرنامج العالجي. اما نسبة الحمل كانت (% 8.01) في همذه الدراسمة عنمد اسمت دا‬
                                                                                .‫الميتفورمين وحده‬
Introduction                             insulin       sensitizing     biguanide

P    oly cystic ovarian syndrome
     (PCOS), also known as stein-
leventhal syndrome or functional
                                         commonly used for treatment of type II
                                         diabetes mellitus (D.M) [6]. Metformin
                                         decreases      hyperandrogenism      and
ovarian       hyperandrogenism,       is insulin resistance, also it improves
characterized      by an      ovulation, ovulation rate, cervical score and
infertility and hyperandrogenism, with   pregnancy rate [7]. This study shows
clinical manifestation of irregular      the therapeutic benefit of metformin in
menstrual cycles, hirsutism and acne     achieving ovulation in PCOS women.
[1]. This condition affects about 5-10%
of women with reproductive age [2];      Materials and Method
although this varies depending on the    Twenty eight women were studied in
diagnostic criteria used [3]. These      Al-amal      center     for   infertility
women have increased prevalence of       management from March 2007 until
cardiovascular risk factors and insulin  May 2009. These women were
resistance [4, 5].                       diagnosed as having PCOS according
The use of metformin for women with      to ESHRE/ASRM criteria [8]. Clinical
PCOS has aroused a tremendous            criteria of women involved are listed in
amount of interest. Metformin is an      table (1).
Table 1 clinical data of women involved in the study:
Mean age                                    27.6 years

Mean duration of infertility                 2.4 years

Number with primary infertility              26

Number with secondary infertility            2

Percentage with acne                         35

Percentage with hirsutism                    56

Percentage with irregular menses             65

Mean body weight\kilogram(mean)              78

Tubal patency was proved by                       evaluate her by measurement of the
HysteroSalpinigioGraphy (HSG), base               laboratory tests that were abnormal at
line Follicular Stimulating Hormone               the initial evaluation. If after 9 months
(FSH), Luteizing Hormone (LH)                     no ovulation or pregnancy achieved we
DiHydroEpinadrosteron, (DHEA) or                  add clomiphen citrate (C.C) to the
testosterone and serum prolactin was              protocol in a dose of 50 mg tablet
assesed by cycle day 2. Male partner              twice daily from CD2-CD5, and we
have normal sremiogram according to               follow the patients for ovulation, and
WHO criteria [9]. Diet management,                we check B-subunit of human chronic
exercise and life style readjustment              gonado tropin (B-HCC) for pregnancy.
were discussed with these patients.
Treatment protocol:                               Results
All patients under went base line                 Seventeen women of the twenty eight
ultrasound (u\s) for ovarian volume,              (17/28) achieved ovulation within a
follicular     size,    numbers        and        period from 3-9 months (60.2%) with
endometrial thickness. Five hundred               metformin alone. Three of them (3/28)
milligrams (mg) tablet of metformin               have conceived and have live birth
with meal was started for 1 week, then            baby within the span of treatment.
2 tablets of 500 mg metformin twice               Pregnancy rate (10.8%) the other 11
daily for another week. Then after we             patients succeeded to have ovulation
started the full dose of 1 tablets 3 times        when we add C.C to the protocol and
daily, by this regimen the women will             ovulation rate was 100% within a
have less side effects.                           period of 12 months; but no pregnancy
How did we monitor the therapy?                   achieved in this group (0%).
Patients will be asked to return 2
months after initial therapy. If she              Discussion
resumes her cycle we monitor her                  although PCOS is heterogeneous
ovulation at cycle day 11 (CD 11) by              syndrome, the final common pathway
u\s or cervical score assessment [10]. If         seems to involve a dysregulation of
the patient ovulated we ask her to have           enzyme responsible for androgen
regular intercourse, and to continue              biosynthesis, possibly influenced by
therapy for another 3 months to see if            insulin growth factor and L.H. A single
she can conceived; if not; we re-                 gene defect, inherited as an autosomal
dominant pattern has been proposed            manse [16]. Metformin is a bigunide
[11]. Since 1999 national institute of        insulin sensitizer which is not used
health sponsored a conference on              only for the treatment of all PCOS
PCOS, it has been appreciated that the        related disturbances, but also for the
syndrome        encompasses        abrader    prevention of the syndromes [16, 17].
spectrum of signs and symptoms of             This study conclusively points out the
ovarian dysfunction than those defined        beneficial effect of metformin in case
by the original diagnostic criteria. The      of PCOS. Seventeen of 28 patients
2003 Rotterdam Consensus Workshop             (60.2%) achieved ovulation with
concluded that PCOS is a syndrome of          meformin alone with a period of 3-9
ovarian dysfunction along the cardinal        months, this result is better than those
features of hyperandrogenism and              of Hague, etal; who achieved 46%
PCOS morphology [8]. PCOS remains             ovulation rate with metformin in a
a syndrome and as such no single              period of 6 months [18]. This
diagnostic criteria is sufficient for         difference in the result may be due to
clinical     diagnosis.      Its   clinical   the longer duration of the study of our
manifestation may include menstrual           patients and the mean weight which
irregularities, a sign of androgen            was lower than those of Hague, etal;
excess and obesity. Insulin resistance        (78 kg vs. 90 kg); since non obese
which is thought to be a key factor in        patients respond better than obese ones
the development of the metabolic              to metformin [19]. The 100%
syndrome [12]; elevated LH levels are         ovulation rate gained by combination
also a common feature in PCOS.                of metformin and clomiphen citrate
PCOS is associated with increased risk        was surprising result accomplished
of type II DM and cardiovascular              within 12 months of the treatment,
events [13], and it may represent a           since no previous research had such
major risk factor for psychological           result. Hague, etal; [18]; found that
problems [14]. Endometrial and breast         ovulation rate was 76% when they use
cancer are also common in these               metformin and C.C, but the duration of
patients so seeking treatment is critical     the treatment was shorter than those of
[13]. Treatment of PCOS depends on            our study group (4 months vs. 12
symptoms, age, whether or not patients        months), while castello et al;[20];
want to get pregnant, and the degree of       achieved 57% ovulation rate with
ovarian-adrenal excess. First line            metformin and C.C when they used
management           includes          diet   this protocol but for shorter duration,
modification, weight loss and stress          and their study group was larger. Other
reduction, since obesity and stress can       researcher achieved ovulation rate of
contribute to androgen excess [15].           75% [21]. The 100% ovulation rate we
Other management and treatment are            have was the outcome (harvest) of the
directed at        addressing specific        complete corporation between the
symptoms.        Infertility     treatment    patients and our staff, since they were
includes in addition to ovarian               sincere in losing weight by diet
stimulation medication, an ongoing            restriction, and taking the medication
increasing evidence that endocrine            as it was prescribed and they were
abnormalities can be reversed by the          aware that metformin is not "weight
widely available standard medication          losing drug" [16]. Other reviewrs have
used for treatment of adult onset DM.         described ovulation rate of 40-85%
"Metformin" and results can be seen           with C.C alone [22]. Although
within 2 months. By six months over           resistance to C.C is more in women
90% women will resume regular                 who are overweight, which common
situation with PCOS [23, 24]. The           5. Reavan,G.;Syndromx;(1999):10
pregnancy      rate     achieved    with    years after drugs. Lancet 58:519-82.
metformin alone in a period of three        6. Kirpichinkrof,D.;Farlane,S.I.;Sowe
months (10.8%) was achieved in 3
                                            rs,J.R.(2002) :Metformin an update.
women who weren't obese but they
have PAO by u/s so the response to (1):25-33.
metformin treatment was dramatic. In        7. Kokan,M.; Calsikan E.;Simsir
conclusion metformin is an effective        C.;Hubral       A.(2002):     Metformin
treatment for ovulation induction in        therapy improves ovulation, cervical
women with PCOS and can be the              score and pregnancy rate in women
choice as first line agent seems            with PCOS. Fert.Ster.77:101-6.
justified, and there's some evidence of
                                            8. The Roterdam ESHERE\ASRM-
benefit     on     variable    metabolic
syndrome [7, 25] and there's no report      sponsored PCOS consensus workshop
of abnormal babies in women who             group(2004):Revised(2003).Consensus
conceived using metformin and all           on diagnostic criteria and long term
resulting babies were normal. It should     health risk related pcos. fERT.STERL
be used as adjuvant treatment and not a     81:19-25.
replacement for exercise and improved       9. World Health Organization (1992):
diet. The additional benefits are
                                            W.H.O Laboratory manual for
relatively low cost of therapy and
diminished hazard associated with           examination of human semen and
surgical interventions such as ovarian      sperm mucus interaction,Cambridge
drilling and InVitro Fertilization (IVF)    university perss.Cambridge.
[26].                                       10. AL-taee,H.A.J.(2008):The value
                                            of cervical score in predicting
References                                  ovulation in natural and stimulated
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