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					                    2005-2010 Space Grant Project Listing
                    Sorted by Mentor

     Student Name        Mentor Name      Year                                                             Project
Jason Brown              Amy Whipple      2008                                   Hybrid pinyon drought tolerance and mycorrhizae
Colleen Watling         Barlow/Tanaka     2009                                               The Geologic History of Mars
Michael Freed              Barry Lutz     2006                                      Public Awareness of Science via University Media
Marilla Lamb              Bill Auberle    2010                 Establishing a Sustainable Energy Tech Ctr. At NAU to House the Wind for Schools Program
Denise Stoner           Charles Drost     2010                                 Forecasting Climate Impacts on wildlife of the aris Southwest
Michael Dacey             Chris Baldi     2010                                      Pulmonary Diffusion Following Inspiratory Fatigue
Alan Crisp             Dave Cornelison    2006                                                IR Spectra for Methane-Rich Ices
Heidi Larson            Dave Koerner      2007                                           Spitzer Observations of Debris Disk
Catherine Juranek         David Best      2007                                 A Paleogrographic Reconstruction of Impact Craters
Zachary Thompson       David Cornelison   2009                                       Visible & IR Spectra of Astrophysical Ices
Michael Lafky           David Koerner     2005                                                    Searching for New Worlds
Erin Monk               David Koerner     2010                                             Determinint the Ages of Nearby Stars
Allison Clark           David Portree     2008         Saving Space Preserving & Promoting Historic NASA Documents, Images and Maps @ USGS
Tasha Riddels           David Portree     2009         Saving Space Preserving & Promoting Historic NASA Documents, Images and Maps @ USGS
Laura Emrick            David Portree     2010        Researching Images in the USGS/NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility Apollo Testing & Training Collection
Arron Shiffer          Donna Weistrop     2007            Stellar Populations in the Merged Galaxy NGC4194 244-Pu in Northern Hemisphere Soils
Shannon Callahan         Earle Duque      2005        Computational Fluid Dynamics Study Vs. Experimental Results Cycloidal Rotor for Hovering Micro Air Vehicles
John Zanazzi             Ed Anderson      2009                                   Studying the Transiting Extrasolar Planet GJ 436
Michael Thomson        Elizabeth Brauer   2007                            Hardware Accelerator for Experimental Encoding Algorithms
Christine Kuhlman      Elizabeth Brauer   2009                         Hardware Accelerator for Efficient Error-Correcting Code Testing
Isaac Shaffer           Gary Bowman       2007                    Cosmic-ray flux and radiation dose rates for manned interplanetary travel
Michael Barber           George Koch      2005                           Remote Sensing to Understand Drought Impacts to Forest Productivity
Isaac Bickford           George Koch      2007             Using the MODIS Albedo Product to Understand Energy Balance Effects of Forest Fire
Eric MacLennan          Glen Cushing      2010                                             Martian Anomalous Pit Crater Study
Charlie Katerba           Jeff Rushall    2009                                       Hadamard matrices and their applications
John Yatsko               Jeff Rushall    2009                                        Hadamard matrices and their application
Vincent Pinedo           Jerry Hatfield   2005                                  Robotics Controller Augmentation & Sensor Development
Richard Nava              Jim Skinner     2008       GIS-based Stratigraphic Assessments of Crater Clusters and Chains in the Northern Plains of Mars
Kirsten Davis          John Neuberger     2009                             Newton's Method for Radial & Non-Radial solutions of PDE
Ryan McPeck            John Neuberger     2009                             Newton's Method for Radial & Non-Radial solutions of PDE
Danielle Anderson         John Tester     2005                                                 UAV Refueling Demonstration
Lynette Lopez             John Tester     2005                               Wind Turbine simulation with improved aerodynamic capability
Jillian Urban             John Tester        2008                        Biomedical 3D data conversion to physical prototypes
Bryan LaBore         Karen VanWinkle-Swift   2009          Genetic & Cellular Basis of Ultraviolet Radiation Resistance in Chlamydomonas
Jarret Childers           Kitty Gehring      2008   Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Microarthropod Abundance and Community Structure
Luke Hanna                Kitty Gehring      2008                       The Effect of Tree Genetics on Decomposer Food Webs
Allison Baker             Kitty Gehring      2010                      The Effects of Carbon Dioxide Enrichment on Mutualistic Soil Fungi
Linda Henneberg          Kris Andersen       2008                                  First-principles study of methane ices
Susan Klem                Lisa Gaddis        2010                          Characterization and Modeling of Lunar Volcanic Eruptions
Gregory Mace               Lisa Prato        2005                           Young Star Disk Evolution in the Planet Formation Epoch
Greg Mace                  Lisa Prato        2007                       Dynamical Mass Ratios of the Youngest Low-Mass Stars
Mallory Vale               Lisa Prato        2008                         Planet Forming Disks in Young Binary Star Systems
Kendra Kellogg             Lisa Prato        2009                                   A Census of Young Binary Stars and
Nickole Milo               Mary Lara         2006         Creating Supplemental Astronomy Materials for Elementary Teachers to increase confidence
Christin Bibby            Michael Falk       2008                             Qualitative Properties of Aranngement Groups
Ian Williams              Michael Falk       2008                             Qualitative Properties of Arrangement Groups
Joshua Robinson         Michael Ketterer     2006                             Determination of radium-226 in sediments by ICPMS
Ingrid Holmberg          Nadine Barlow       2006                                   Does the Moon have Subsurface Ice Caps?
Jesse Burrows            Nadine Barlow       2007                            Analysis of Martian Impact Crater Ejecta Blanket
Rebekah DeVries          Nadine Barlow       2008                                         Martian Central Pit Craters
Chris Christiansen       Nadine Barlow       2010                               Impact Crater Modification in Arabia Terra, Mars
Beth Schreck              Nancy Riggs        2009            Complex cinder cone eruptive styles, processes, and resulting morphology
Michelle McMillan        Paul Geissler       2005                                              Dust In Io's Plumes
Marie-Therese Bruhns     Paul Geissler       2006                                           Surface Changes on Mars
Tenielle Martin           Paul Morgan        2006                   Earth Analogues for the Mars Rover Athena Microscopic Imager Studies
Amy Cook                  Perry Wood         2010             Rapid Prototyping of the Frog Skeleton for Surgery Planning and Movement Studies
William Blackmore      Randy Dillingham      2006                            Gas Adsorption & Reactions Insided Carbon Nanotubes
Austin Davis           Randy Dillingham      2007               Carbon Nanotubes - A Study of Chemical Etching and Gas Adsorption
Greg Strang            Randy Dillingham      2009    Development of a Portable Mass Spectrometer Visible Near Infrared Spectrometer Instrument for Enviro Sensing
Michael Thiel            Randy Wilson        2008                                    AZ Daily Sun Science Writing Intern
Eric Betz                Randy Wilson        2009                                    AZ Daily Sun Science Writing Intern
Barry Roberts            Richard Shand       2005                  Extremely Halophilic Terrestrial Environment as an Analog for Martian Life
Barry Roberts            Richard Shand       2006                  Extremely Halophilic Terrestrial Environment as an Analog for Martian Life
Lukas Dillingham         Robert Young        2006                              Biomolecular Fluctuations from Neutron Scattering
Sam Coleman            Rosalyn Hayward       2009                Comparison of Dune Morphology in North Polar and Equatorial Mars
Seg Jaucian                  Saeid Z         2008                             Modular Design of the User Interface for LOIS
Ryan Sharp                Shafiu Jibrin      2006               Finding multivariate extreme outliers with applications to data mining in NASA
Arron Shiffer           Stephen Tegler       2008         Technical and Scientific Commissioning of the Northern Arizona University 20-inch Telescope
Kimberly Ward Duong   Stephen Tegler   2009      Planetary Astronomy with the New NAU Campus Telescope
Alex McCanna           Steve Tegler    2010                             NAU's Exoplanet Survey
David Tollefsen        Steve Tegler    2010                             NAU's Exoplanet Survey
Timothy Calver        Sydney Barnes    2005     Rotation periods for solar and late-type stars in the open cluster M34
Heather Morrison      Sydney Barnes    2006   Rotation periods for solar- and late-type stars in the open cluster NGC 6494
Jason Sanborn           Ted Bowell     2007                    Photometry of Near-Earth Asteroids
Eric Beitia              Tim Titus     2007      Do Martian Winter Dry Ice Storms Affect Springtime Albedo?
Eric Betz                Tim Titus     2008    Mapping CO2 Ice Depths on the Mars South Polar Residual Cap
Chris Mount              Tim Titus     2010                          Mars Seasonal C02 Ice Density
Carin Cornwall         Timothy Titus   2006                           Mars Polar Night Cold Spots
Kimberley-Ann Brand    Timothy Vail    2005    Coating Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Transition Metal Sulfidese
Matthew Bovyn           Will Grundy    2010                  Spectral Behavior of Outer Solar System Ices

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