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									                                                    N G SRIJITH
                                             P.O Box 15317, Doha, Qatar
                                 Mobile: 00974 77038268; Email:
                    Passport no:J0904420: Date of Issue: 22:11:2010: Place of Issue:Cochin, Kerala,India

    Career Objective: Offering 8 years of experience in Account Receivables,payables and Customer service & seeking a
                               suitable role in Telecom/ Banking or any MNC Industry

    Dynamic, High Energy result oriented Account Receivable, Payable & Customer Service Management
     Professional and processes expert with rich experience of 8 years.
    Ability to deliver high productivity with quality adherence and least time involved.
    Expertise in managing Billing & collection operations across large customer bases along with demonstrated team
     leadership and management skills, operational innovation capabilities, and domain knowledge in credit policy
    Expertise in Design and Implementation of MIS with respect to requirement of the Portfolio being Handled
    A consummate professional with planning, execution, monitoring and resource-balancing skills, as well as the ability to
     handle multiple tasks in high pressure environments and under tight deadlines.
    Excellent communicator with exceptional analytical, people management, relationship management and co-ordination
    Appreciated with several awards and recognitions for outstanding performances in diverse job assignments from
     time to time.

Core Competencies
Account receivables, payables and Credits        MIS Design and Implementation  Accounts Reconciliation 
Personnel/Team/ Relationship Management  Training & Development  Strategic Planning  Customer/Client
Relationship Management  Strong Interpersonal Skills  Cross-functional Coordination  Quality Management  TAT &
SLA Management  Cash Management  Receipt Book Management  Executive Appointment Training and Retention

Career Highlights
  Achieved Billing versus Collection and Overdue Collection Targets being the Top in the Hub ( Two States in India)
  Successfully Implemented Three account receivable models from Scratch in a Short span of time to get the best
   model Implemented in Terms of performance and cost
  Designed MIS which gave clear Indication of Health of portfolio and this resulted in Exceptional performance in
   Reducing Bucket flows, Involuntary Churn and Bad debts by a reasonable percentage and increased revenues for
   the cluster with respect to the Telecom Company
    Exceptionally reduced flow into buckets by over 100% within a period of Six months.
    Adroitly maintained Delinquency at the lowest level Pan India with respect to the personal loan portfolio and
     achieved the same consistently.
    Decreased NPA by 20% with the help of pacification, legal follow up, appointment and driving of new recovery
    Adeptly reduced the cost with respect to agency payouts.
    Maintained a clear Process involved with Account receivables with zero Delay in Deposit of Cash Collected and
     reconciliation of Pay in slip, Entries in Software and Banked amount on a daily basis.
    Received “Star Award” and other Performance awards for stupendous and Turn around performance in Account
     Receivables portfolio in all the Companies (Telecom and Banking) associated to date.
    Process and delivery of Payables with respect to Franchisee and Vendors as per Company Guidelines.
                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & DEVELOPMENT

RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., Kerala, India.                                                  From     Dec’2008
Designation: Cluster Billing & Receivables Lead

HDFC BANK LTD., Kerala, India                                                                 Aug 2006 till Dec’2008
Designation: Receivables Manager (Personal Loans)

BHARTI AIRTEL LTD., Kerala, India                                                             Jun’2005 till Aug’2006
Designation: Customer Relations Manager (Corporates)

RELIANCE INFOCOMM LTD., Kerala, India                                                         Jan’2003 till May’2005
Designation: Zonal Commercial Executive

Key Accountabilities
  Responsible for Targets with respect to Account Receivables: Billing Versus Collection, Overdue Collection, Bad debts,
   Involuntary Churn and Time based Dunning for the cluster
  Design and Implementation of MIS indicating performance of Receivables portfolio.
  Ensure that the Payables to Franchisee and Agencies are accurately calculated are Delivered in time.
  Responsible for maintaining delinquency levels to the minimum to preserve the health of the portfolio.
  Accountable for managing all the activities dealt with appointment and management of collection agencies.
  Act as an in charge for achieving flow and recovery targets to reduce NPA with respect to personal loan portfolio.
  Monitor all the responsibilities dealt with maintaining of audit-correlated activities, writing receipt books, agency
   agreements, and agency newsletters.
  Control all the operations associated with sending Dunning and Legal letters to Delinquent Customers.
  Accountable for handling relationship management activities with priority accounts in the corporate segment.
  Instrumental in developing the team with clearly spelt out responsibilities for handling delinquency cases and ensuring
   speedy recovery of overdue payments.
  Lead, motivate and mentor the team to enhance productivity and to realize set collection objectives and launched
   incentive schemes and resolve delinquent accounts.
  Training of Field collection / Telecalling team with respect to company requirements
  Maintaining Cost of Collection within targets
  Implement quality standards and ensured adherence to service quality norms & standards.

Key Accountabilities Executed
   Managed a Team for achieving Targets with Respect to Billing Vs collection( Billing INR 2crore),Overdue collection ,
    Bad debts, Time based dunning and Involuntary Churn with respect to the cluster( Three districts of the State)
   Designed and Implemented MIS that Indicates Health of Portfolio with respect to Both Telecom and Banking Segments.
   Controlled all the functions linked with collection agencies to drive collections from unsettled customers and Maintained
    processes which involved Receipt book Audit, Executive and telecaller Training, Agency performance and renewal
   Oversaw all the operations allied with churn control, supervision of ultra base and Service parameters with respect to
    Corporate accounts
   Systematized all the activities that included collection camps for spot resolution of Complaints and enhancing
   Oversaw all the operations associated with relationship management that involved meeting High ARPU customers for
    rapport building.
   Address / credit confirmation to meet the company needs and SLA through Management of Address verification Agency


            MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Specialized in Marketing & Finance) - 1998
                                        C M S College Bharthiar University
                        BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Specialized in Mathematics) - 1996
                                           S B College, M G University
           Computer Skills: FoxPro for Windows, Visual Basic 5.0, Office 2000 (Word, Excel & Power Point)

 On “Personality Development Trainings”
 On “Communication Skill Trainings”

       Date of Birth: 20th August 1976; Language Proficiency: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada & Tamil
                                        Reference: Available on request

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