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					                                     GCC Board Meeting Minutes
                                       Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Present: Cornelia Odom, Janet Cornelius, Grace Thomson, Elaine Jacobson, Laurie Bell, Andy Olivenbaum, Bob
Harris, Peter Bushnell, Will Kesling, Adam Towers, Susan Gillespie, Tom Burrows, Hannah Norton, Amy
Selwach, Colin Yokomi

   I.     Call To Order: 7:07pm

   II.    President’s Report
          a. Adam Towers
                  i. Adam Towers has been appointed to the board as the 2nd community representative.
          b. Outside Agency Grant
                  i. Cultural Affairs committee will give their final funding recommendations to the City
                     Commission on May 26, 2010.
                 ii. The funding decision in will occur in July.
          c. Tourist Product Development (TPD) Grant
                  i. The board approved submission of this grant for the June 30 deadline.
                 ii. Lora Levett is helping write it. Last year’s submission was unsuccessful.
                iii. The request is for $25,000.
          d. Non-Profit Status
                  i. We were planning on re-filing our status after the concert season, however a recent IRS
                     notice indicated that was going to be too late.
                 ii. We re-filed our paperwork electronically on May 16th and were renewed.
          e. City of Gainesville Marketing and Advertising Workshop
                  i. June 4th. Janet will attend with one board member.

   III.   Recording Secretary’s Report
          a. Approval of minutes of April 20 board meeting and the Election Meeting of April 26.
                 i. Amendment – Tom Burrows was meeting with Don Caton for sponsorship opportunity.
                ii. Cornelia moved to accept minutes as amended. Andy seconded. The motion was approved

   IV.    Treasurer’s Report
          a. Approval of financial statement for period 3/17/10 to 5/17/10.
                  i. It looks like we will make our projected goal for start of 35th season which was to have
                     $8000 in our account. We will have $9500.
                 ii. Creation Soloists
                          1. Soprano was overpaid in error. She will keep the overpayment, but, if she sings with
                             us in the future, she may give us a reduced rate.
                iii. Final report of Kanapaha Spring Garden Festival fundraiser.
                          1. Made $404.
                iv. Final report of spaghetti dinner fundraiser.
                          1. Made $4500
                 v. How many members did not pay dues in 2009-10?
                          1. Andy did not have the opportunity to check.
                          2. We know who hasn’t paid, however some of the members who haven’t paid are also
                             not attending.
Minutes – May 18, 2010
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                vi. Peter moved to accept the financial statement as presented; Grace seconded. Approved

   V.     Music Director’s Report
          a. Update on Italy trip
                  i. Will has spoken with the producer. The producer will invest in an official flyer with contact
                     information to address the finer details and make the trip more marketable to our members.
                     However the producer is on tour in Europe, so the flyer will be delayed.
                         1. Will will help with the information for the handout/flyer.
                 ii. The production will include the Budapest Orchestra and the Verona Choral Society, so we
                     wouldn’t be singing alone. Other venues have been announced.
                iii. We will most likely need to be handicapped accessible.
                iv. Initial payment has been delayed. We will have one last big push for participation and then
                     payment will be thereafter (approximately the start of Fall 2010/35th season).
                 v. Will is looking forward to working with the producer directly this summer so that he will
                     have a better feel for the production.
                vi. All experienced singers are welcome, i.e. the production is not limited to the GCC. Non-
                     singing members are allowed to join as well since it will help with the travel cost.
               vii. There might even be opportunities for instrumentalists to go.
              viii. Symphony orchestra MAV
                ix. There will be three big performances of Verdi’s requiem including Milan and Verona.
          b. 2010-11 concert season – see new business

   VI.    Old Business
          a. Creation Concert
                a. Advertisement Survey – How people heard about the concert.
                          i. Total surveyed was 102.
                         ii. Results
                                1. Knew a performer – 60
                                2. Church announcement – 22
                                3. Post card mailing – 6
                                4. Scene ad – 5
                                5. Word of mouth – 3
                                6. TV – 3
                                7. Poster – 2
                                8. Radio – 1
                        iii. We should also survey the Spirit Concert audience.
                        iv. We received $500 in donations in the mail after the Creation concert was over.
          b. Spirit/Patriotic Concert
                a. Advertising - Radio PSAs, marquees, newspaper, etc. – Elaine/Grace
                          i. Grace will get the PSA out.
                         ii. The Sun won’t call Elaine back.
                        iii. We were too late for the Senior Times.
                b. Donations
                          i. The Board decided on having a collection as opposed to having buckets at the door.
                                1. We will have a short intermission.
                                2. We will need two or three more ushers.
                         ii. We will also most likely receive donations after the concert.
Minutes – May 18, 2010
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                c. Collecting Music
                        i. Since this will be the last GCC Master Chorale event of the season, Peter will need to
                           collect music after concert.
          c. Spaghetti Dinner, final report.

   VII.   New Business
          a. Brochure
                  i. Do we want to print a brochure next season?
                        1. The printing and mailing cost last year was $650.
                 ii. The mailing list is approximately 700 people.
                        1. Cornelia will try to contact the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra for their mailing list.
               iii. Colin and Andy believe it to be a staple of the GCC.
                        1. We also get approximately $3000 in seasonal gifts. This seems to serve as the
                            reminder for those gifts.
                iv. The Board agrees to the brochure again, however with a makeover to be more presentable.
                        1. Adam will contact a graphic artist about the redesign. Hopefully we can get a great
          b. CPA Ad
                  i. Do we do a CPA program ad?
                        1. Last year’s cost was $1,500 for ½ page.
                        2. Probably necessary to qualify for the TPD grant.
                 ii. We would be liable for ½ cost by June 1st.
                        1. However, they have not set that cost yet.
                        2. We also would not have our concert dates yet.
               iii. However, this is our target audience. And the distribution is wider than our lists alone.
                iv. Cornelia thinks it is a good advertisement in general.
                 v. Ad due by approximately July 15th. We will try to have season and venues set for that ad.
                vi. Peter moved to have a CPA ad similar to the past; Andy seconded. The motion passed
               vii. The budgetary projection already accounts for it.
          c. Do we want to raise dues in coming year?
                  i. Dues have been at $75 for 6 to 8 years.
                        1. Students pay $20 per term if not registered.
                        2. We prorate for late members. $50 if joining after Christmas. $25 in joining after
                        3. There are always scholarship opportunities available for those who cannot afford the
                 ii. There are approximately 60 paid members. But the roster was as high as 80.
               iii. Discussion
                        1. How would we break the news?
                        2. Could we break up the cost or have payment plan options? Could we offer alternate
                            methods of payment such as equivalent fundraising? Could we package the dues
                            with shirts or other items?
                        3. We need to not sell ourselves short and go for additional dues, approx $100, which
                            should be comparable to other such community choirs. We need to do this to
                            survive. We are quality and it takes money to continue and improve.
                        4. Should we remove the cost of music from dues as an alternative?
Minutes – May 18, 2010
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                iv. Tom moved to raise dues to $100/year and to inform chorus members of the costs of the
                     concerts and running the choir; Colin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
          d. Do we want to set up a Facebook account for the chorus?
                  i. Advantages
                         1. Outreach
                         2. Access to website
                         3. Events listed
                         4. Will allow us to reach a younger audience.
                         5. It is free
                 ii. Amy would like this added to her duties as a board member. However more people can be
                iii. Laurie moved to finalize the Facebook account with Amy as the chief administrator; Andy
                     seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
          e. 35th GCC Season, Potential Concert Schedule
                  i. Fall Concert
                         1. Date
                                 - Should be on a Saturday, but we must work with the Gator Football
                                 - October 23rd and November 6th are bye weekends.
                         2. Venue
                                 - Should we reserve First Presbertyrian or UMA. Ultimately the charges are
                                     very different, but at the end of the day the costs are essentially a wash.
                                 - Other venues are just not acceptable.
                                 - UMA is our home and thus the Board voted to have it there. Will will make
                                     the contact through the SOM.
                         3. Amadeus Revisited would be the theme.
                                 - Concert would need a semi-full orchestra of approximately 20 to 25. The
                                     orchestra cost would be approximately $8000.
                         4. We could also try to honor someone at our concert to bring in larger audience.
                         5. Elaine moved that the Fall concert be held at UMA. We will check on availability
                            for Oct 23rd or Nov 6th.
                 ii. Sounds Of the Season
                         1. Set for December 5th at the Phillips Center. This will be done in conjunction with
                            the School of Music and they will cover the costs.
                iii. Messiah
                         1. Holy Trinity has already confirmed Friday December 10th with Janet. However,
                            Saturday December 11th is preferable. Janet will try to reschedule.
                         2. Philip could rehearse the chorus on the music to better prepare the master chorale.
                         3. John Lowe will accompany (for his standard price).
                         4. We will still most likely cut back on advertising to save money.
                iv. Five Concerts?
                         1. Can we afford to do five concerts this season?
                                 - Fall Concert – Amadeus Revisited
                                 - Sounds of the Season
                                 - Messiah
                                 - Spring Concert – Verdi Requiem
                                 - Spirit Concert
Minutes – May 18, 2010
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                         2. Sounds of the Season is free due to the SOM. The Messiah and Spirit concerts are
                             traditions and are not high cost concerts.
                         3. The Fall Amadeus and the Spring Verdi concerts are the expensive concerts.
                                                 1) The Amadeus concert would require an $8000 orchestra.
                                                 2) The Verdi Requiem requires a $15,000 orchestra.
                                 - We cannot afford both the Amadeus and Verdi concerts.
                                                 1) We have not budgeted for a fifth concert. Fundraising has
                                                     worked for our goals, but this is beyond our goals and it would
                                                     be difficult to raise significantly more.
                                                 2) We won’t have the assistance of First Pres or Holy Trinity for
                                                     this Spring concert like we did this season.
                                                 3) Cornelia is willing to offer assistance for the Verdi orchestra.
                                 - While we could do Amadeus in the Spring, the Verdi concert is more
                                     important for Spring due to the summer Italy trip.
                                 - We would all like to do five concerts, but four is much more feasible.
                         4. Peter moved that the 35th season consist of four concerts: SOS, Messiah, Spring –
                             Verdi and the Spirit concert; Cornelia seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
                v.    Spring Concert – Verdi Requiem
                         1. The concert would have to be performed in the CPA as no other venue would be
                             large enough for the singers and the orchestra.
                                 - UF Choir may join us.
                         2. This would also be the signature concert of the 35th season and we would have to
                             advertise it as such.
                         3. The date will be scheduled with the CPA based on their availability. Will will
                             contact them.
                vi.   Additional Concert Ideas
                         1. We would like to perform the Dvorjak Requiem with the Jacksonville Symphony
                             Orchestra, but that concert is still years away in the planning stage.
               vii.   Venues
                         1. In general, there are five potential venues for the GCC to perform.
                                 - CPA
                                 - UMA
                                 - First Presbyterian Church
                                 - Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
                                 - First United Methodist Church
              viii.   Fundraisers
                         1. October is a good target time as it is later in the Fall semester.
                         2. Themes/Opportunities
                                 - Dinner Theatre
                                           a)         Will will do an act from the Plaza Suite play.
                                           b)         Dinner and an auction
                                 - Wine tasting
                                           a)         Wine cellar can donate.
                                           b)         There are professionals that put these on for a fee.
                                 - Spaghetti Dinner
                                           a)         It was successful this year. It could be successful again and
                                                      even become an annual event.
                                 - Kanapaha Spring Festival.
Minutes – May 18, 2010
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                                        a)          We are in favor of doing it again. It did make some money.
                               -   Other Ideas
                                        a)          The GCO has had an event at the Orthopedic Center with a
                                                    silent auction.
                                        b)          Christmas shopping opportunities such as Pampered Chef.

                               -   Cabaret
                                        a)      This has been done in the past and used to be a GCC tradition
                                                at Trinity United Methodist.
                                        b)      The event would have lighter music.
                                        c)      Desserts (from Eastside)
                                        d)      It was stopped because it was not a money maker.
                                             1) But it was very popular.
                         3. Spaghetti Dinner
                               - The revenue breakdown was 40% tickets and 60% auction.
           f. Advertising
                  i. What media to choose?
                 ii. How much can we afford?
                iii. We must make sure deadlines are met.
                iv. Susan and Tom have agreed to share this responsibility.

   VIII.   Other     Next meeting – June 29, 2010

   IX.     Adjourn 9:11 pm

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