dishes Sportlife by benbenzhou


Onion soup au gratin                                                  4,00 €

Shrimp soup à la Büsum                                                5,00 €

Chicken soup with royale and sliced vegetable                         4,00 €

Pumpkin/orange soup                                                   4,00 €

Cream of potato/boletus soup                                          4,00 €

Soup of the day                                                       3,00 €

Bits and bobs
Plate of fresh sliced vegetables,                                     6,50 €
cheese, grapes and sour cream

Fresh shrimps à la Büsum,                                             6,50 €
whole-grain bread with sour cream and salad

Club sandwich                                                         5,50 €

Vegetarian rosti                                                      4,50 €

Rosti à la Switzerland                                                6,50 €
with home-made pickled salmon and sour cream or creamed horseradish

Sportlife salad                                                       7,00 €

Bruschetta                                                            5,00 €

Ravioli with cream cheese                                             7,00 €

„Strammer Max“                                                        6,50 €
2 fried eggs with fried potatoes and diced ham

2 weenies                                                             5,50 €
with home-made potato salad and mustard
Main dishes
XL Currywurst                                                                7,00 €
with chips (red/white)

XL Knackwurst                                                                6,50 €
with home-made potato salad and mustard

XL Wiener Schnitzel                                                          9,50 €
with home-made potato salad

Zigeunerschnitzel                                                            9,50 €
with cream of mushrooms sauce and chips

Escalope chasseur                                                            9,50 €
with cream of mushrooms sauce and chips

Knuckle of lamb                                                             14,50 €
with fried potatoes, Coleslaw salad or ratatouille

Meatballs                                                                    8,00 €
in a white sauce with capers and mashed potatoes

Roast beef                                                                  15,00 €
with fried potatoes and salade cream made home-style

Filet mignon*                                                               19,50 €

Rump steak*                                                                 17,50 €

Pork steak*                                                                 15,50 €

Turkey steak*                                                               12,50 €

*all steaks can be optionally ordered with baked potato/sour cream, fried
potatoes or chips, included a mixed seasonal salad.

Asia Chicken à la Thai                                                       9,50 €
with curry sauce, Chinese vegetables and rice

Pannfish (speciality of Hamburg)                                             13,50 €
with Dijon mustard sauce and fried potatoes

Filet of zander                                                             16,50 €
boiled potatoes, cauliflower and melted butter

Filet of matjes                                                              9,00 €
whole-grain bread with honey-mustard-dill sauce, onion rings and salad

Filet of matjes                                                              9,00 €
with fried potatoes and sauce made home-style
(yoghurt, apple, onions and gherkin)
Spaghetti*                                                             6,00 €
Farfalle*                                                              6,00 €
Tagliatelle*                                                           6,00 €

*can be optionally ordered with sauce bolognese, sauce gorgonzola or
pesto (red/green). At your wish we offer you fresh shaved Parmesan cheese.

Noodles à la Asia                                                      7,00 €
with fried chicken breast and bamboo sauce (sweet and sour)

Pancake                                                                4,50 €
with a scoop of ice cream and hot fruits

A fresh fruit salad                                                    4,50 €
with a scoop of ice cream and cream

Red fruit jelly                                                        4,50 €
with vanilla ice cream or custard or cream

A selection of cheese with baguette                                    6,50 €
„Sanfter Engel“                                                        5,50 €
scoop of vanilla ice cream with orange juice and cream

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