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Wandlasur Metallica Meffert AG Farbwerke


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									Technical data sheet

Wandlasur Metallica
Interior dispersion paint with metallic effect
Only ready for use after tinting in mixing system

 Product description

Application area                Interior paint with special metallic pigments for an unusual surface
                                look with metallic appearance. Ideal for the decorative design of
                                prestigious interior wall surfaces in public and commercial areas such
                                as shopping centres, retail shops/boutiques, office buildings, banks,
                                insurance companies etc.
                                Tip: Finely structured, smooth surfaces or spaces with unfavourable
                                lighting conditions cannot be coated streak-free or without clouding.
                                Matt colours are not suitable as an intermediate coat.

Characteristics                 Glossy, water-soluble, fine metallic look, extremely scrub-resistant,

Classification according             Wet scrub resistance: class 1
DIN EN 13 300                        Corresponds to wash resistance according to DIN 53778
                                     Gloss level: medium gloss
                                     Maximum particle size: fine (approx. 100µm)
                                The characteristic values are average values. Due to the use of natural raw materials
                                for our products, minor variances may appear without any impairment to the product

Color                           Basic shade MET 23: silver metallic
                                Can be tinted in 29 other shades

Gloss level                     Medium gloss

Density                         approx. 1.0 g/cm³

Pigment base                    aluminium powder (stabilised)

Binding agent                   Vinyl acetate dispersion

Ingredients                     Polyvinyl acetate resin, spezial effect pigment (aluminium), water,
                                additives, preservatives (Methyl-Benzyl-Isothiazolinon)

Product Code                    M-DF01

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Technical data sheet


Substrate                Suitable for intact, firm, dry and clean substrates that have
                         undergone professional pre-treatment. In this context, please
                         observe the VOB [German Construction Contract Procedures], DIN
                         18 363, Part C, para. 3. Remove coatings that are not suitable for
                         painting. Surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly. Ideal for application
                         to coarse, structured substrates.

                         Please note:
                         In association with moisture, aluminium pigments are sensitive to
                         alkaline or acid influences. This can lead to discolouration of the
                         coating. In this case we recommend an additional coat using an
                         epoxy resin bonding agent.

Structure of coating /   Intermediate coat using düfa Seidenlatex mix M 424, consistent
processing               with a düfa Metallica colour shade tinted according to the mixing
                         1-2 final coats, undiluted, using düfa Metallica.
                         Stir well before use. Use a brush or a medium-pile roller to apply
                         düfa Metallica. Be sure to apply evenly, spread crosswise and roll
                         over again afterwards in one direction.
                         After application with a roller and in order to achieve a very attractive
                         surface on smooth substrates we recommend using an oval brush
                         and crisscross movements to smooth out düfa Metallica.

                         Allocation of Metallica colour shades
                         to colour shades from the FARBE ERLEBEN paint fans

                                              Prime coat                          Prime coat
                             Metallica        with FARBE          Metallica       with FARBE
                              Color            ERLEBEN             Color           ERLEBEN

                           Basic shade
                             MET023                776
                            MET 001                857            MET 016              104
                            MET 002                855            MET 017              115
                            MET 003                806            MET 018              111
                            MET 004                190            MET 019              159
                            MET 005                189            MET 020              770
                            MET 006                605            MET 021              876
                            MET 007                610            MET 022              776
                            MET 008                703            MET 024              753
                            MET 009                722            MET 025              736
                            MET 010                717            MET 026              201
                            MET 011                652            MET 027              194
                            MET 012                663            MET 028              778
                            MET 013                621            MET 029              341
                            MET 014                381            MET 030              794
                            MET 015                313

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Technical data sheet

Consumption           Approx. 100 ml/m² per coating on slightly structured, slightly
                      absorbent substrates. Determine the exact consumption values by
                      means of a test coat.
Dilution              With not more than 5% water.

Tinting               Can be tinted mechanically in 29 selected shades using the effekt
                      design mixing system.

Cleaning of tools     Immediately after use with water.

Drying time                                                                 C
                      Can be painted over after approx. 4-6 hours at +20° and max. 65%
                      relative humidity. Fully useable after 4 days. These times extend in
                      the case of a lower temperature and greater humidity.
Temperature during                C
                      At least +5° for object and environment during processing and
application           drying.

Trading unit size     1l and 2.5 l

Storage               Always keep closed. Store in a cool, dry and frost-free place.


Safety measures       Store away from children. Do not inhale spray mist. During and after
                      processing provide for thorough ventilation. Do not eat, drink or
                      smoke while processing the painture.
                      In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of
                      water. Do not empty into drains, waters or soil. Advice for allergy
                      sufferers from isothiazolinone at tel. 0800 63333782. Labelling shown
                      in the safety data sheet.

VOC safety advice     EU limit value for the product (Kat A/b):
                      100 g/l (2010). This product contains max. 1g/l VOC.

Disposal              Only submit completely empty trading units for recycling. Dried-up
                      material remnants can be disposed of as household waste. Take
                      trading unit with liquid paint remnants to the collection point for old
                      paints. AVV (Abfallverzeichnis-Verordnung = Waste Code according
                      to the European Waste Catalogue) waste code no. 080112.

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Technical data sheet

Structure of paintwork: examination of substrate see VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures) 18 363,
part C, para.3 / interior dispersion

  Pos.                     Substrate                                   Pre-treatment & priming
   1.    Plasters belonging to mortar groups P II, P III   Tiefgrund Acryl-Hydrosol LF D 314, Putzgrund D
         Gypsum plasters belonging to mortar groups        313
         P IV,
         Gypsum building boards, concrete
   2.    Plaster boards                                    Haftgrund LF D 312

   3.    Synthetic resin plasters, lime sand bricks        Haftgrund LF D 312, Putzgrundierfarbe D 329,
                                                           Tiefgrund LF D 314
   4.    Ingrain wallpaper and Anaglypta® uncoated         Without primer

   5.    Dispersion paint, old, suitable for painting      Without primer

   6.    Boards, chipboards, plywood boards and            düfa Allgrund
         hard wood fibre building boards

   A     Areas with mould and fungal infestation           Remove infestation thoroughly using
                                                           Schimmelentferner (mould remover), rinse and dry
                                                           well. Cover with FA Sanierlösung D 113 and leave
                                                           to dry for 24 hours.
   B     Salt efflorescence                                Brush off when dry and prime using Tiefgrund D
                                                           315 primer. We are unable to accept liability for
                                                           coats of paint on substrates contaminated by salt.
   C     Permanently elastic joint compounds and           Do not overcoat.
         profiled joints

   D     Hard burnt brick masonry, brickwork and lime Must have masonry equilibrium moisture content
         sand brick masonry, interior                 before painting. Use düfa Schnellrenovierfarbe LH
                                                      (düfa Rapid Renovating Paint LH) as a finishing
                                                      coat to coat areas that are contaminated with iron
                                                      salts, nicotine and soot .

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Technical data sheet

This technical information has been compiled on the basis of the latest best available technology and our experience in application
technology. However, with regard to the diversity of surfaces and object conditions, the buyer/user is not released from his duty to test
our materials professionally and appropriate to the trade on his own authority for their suitability for the scheduled intended purpose
under the respective object conditions. Legal obligations cannot be derived from the preceding details. This brochure becomes invalid
when a new version is released.
You can obtain further information by calling the following freephone number +49 (0)800/ 63333782.

                                                                                                                   Meffert AG Farbwerke
                                                                                                     Sandweg 15 ⋅ 55543 Bad Kreuznach
                                                                                         Telefon 06 71 / 8 70-0 • Telefax 06 71 / 8 70-397
                                                                                           Anwendungstechnik 06 71 / 8 70-326/327/329
                                                                                               E-Mail: anwendungstechnik@meffert.com
Technische Information, date 07/2011                                                                                       www.duefa.de

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