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					Fully automatic air condition-
ing service! Bosch ACS 600, 601
and 650 for the workshop
ACS 600, 601, 650
Air conditioning service units from Bosch

    NEW! Ñ ACS 600 – even the entry model is fully automatic
    NEW! Ñ ACS 601 – with printer for documenting your service
    NEW! Ñ ACS 650 – the comfort solution for the highest workshop demands

Let the summer come. Bosch prepares the
workshop for air conditioning service.

                                                                                                             Be	cool	in	air	conditioning	
                                                                                                             The new ACS devices from Bosch
                                                                                                             allow you to benefit from the
                                                                                                             comfort, precision and fully auto-
                                                                                                             matic work procedures.

Air conditioning service from Bosch

Air conditioning service benefits mainly workshops             Calculation	example	for	turnover	with	air	conditioning	service
with special knowledge and correct devices. Air                Vehicle throughput per year                   600      Total number
conditioners in the vehicle require regular mainte-            Air conditioner fitting rate                  70       %
nance. Therefore, there is a fast growing potential            Potential annual air conditioning service     378      Vehicles with A/C
for competent air conditioning service.                        Air conditioning service every 2 years 189             Servicing
                                                               Assumed invoice value
Driving	comfort	and	safety	through	air	conditioners	           for air conditioning service                  65.00    €
                                                               Turnover per year                             12,285 €
Air conditioners are standard vehicle equipment: Nowa-
                                                               Assumed investment                            4,200    Air conditioning service
days over 60 percent of small cars and over 90 percent
                                                                                                                      equipment *
of middle class and premium range models are fitted
                                                               Turnover	–	investment		                       8,085	
with air conditioners. And the share increases every day.
                                                               ACS	amortized	after…		                        65		     Servicing
u For most small cars, an air conditioner can at least be
                                                             * Air conditioning unit, special accessories,
   retrofitted as an option.                                   UV additive, oil

u The trend is increasing, both for passenger cars as
   well as commercial vehicles.
u Sooner or later there will be no more vehicles without
   an air conditioner.

High	turnover,	very	low	manpower	requirements:	
Air	conditioning	service	with	Bosch	ACS	
The calculation at the side shows: If a workshop uses all
options in a professional manner, it can make a turnover
of up to 12,000 euros during the 4-month season of air
conditioning service. The device therefore pays for itself
even during the first season. The air conditioning service
workshop equipment makes comfortable and fully auto-
matic work possible. Bosch has more know-how in this
area than any others.

Air conditioning service
Devices for the professional

Well-thought-out user concept: The ACS series

    The	advantages	of	the	ACS	600,	601	and	650                  ACS	600,	601	and	650:	Safe	and	efficient	for	professional	
                                                                and	cost-effective	air	conditioning	service
    More	value	addition,	thanks	to	fully	automatic	air	         High standards of reliability, precision and environmental
    conditioning	service	                                       compatibility must be met whenever work is done on
    u Fully automatic without manual shut-off valves:           automotive air conditioning systems. Bosch has developed
      Device works completely autonomously                      and produced new A/C service units for this purpose, the
                                                                ACS 600 and the ACS 650, both of which operate fully
    Well-thought-out	user	concept	                              automatically and therefore without manual shutoff valves.
    u Innovative trolley operable from one side                 The units feature a maximum degree of automation, excel-
    u Color display and self-explanatory menu navigation        lent ease of use and good value for money.
    u Good visibility of status indicators, also recognizable
      from a distance (360° view of service status)             ACS	600,	ACS	601*
    u Utility space for tools and workshop documents            The ACS 600 is suitable for fully automatic maintenance
                                                                and repair work of automotive air conditioning systems in
    Manually	configurable	service
    u Each service process can be carried out
      individually as required
                                                                Order	number	
                                                                ACS 600                                   F002 DG2 4A0
                                                                ACS 601                                   F002 DG2 465

                                                                * ACS 601 (same design as ACS 600) with printer in equipment supply

   ACS 600, 601, 650
   Air conditioning service for all requirements

                                                              Color display provides a clear view

Fully	automatic	performance	of	all	work	steps                    Clear	and	precise!	
The units perform a wide range of functions fully auto-
matically: refrigerant extraction and recycling, used oil        Navigation	made	easy	
drainage, evacuation and leak testing, fresh oil and UV          u 3.5" color display
additive feeding as well as precise refrigerant feeding.         u Coherent menu structure and intuitive operation
Air conditioning service units from Bosch recognize auto-
                                                                 Speaks	your	language	
matically if sensors for pressure or load cells are missing
                                                                 u Menu navigation in 29 languages
or defective. They then interrupt the current operation
immediately – before further damage is caused.                   A	reliable	vehicle	database
                                                                 u Completely integrated vehicle database
ACS	650                                                          u Regular updates for new models possible
The equipment in the top range, ACS 650 is suitable for          u Quick selection for the last 10 vehicles serviced
fully automatic maintenance and repair work on cars and          u Own vehicle database (e.g. regular customers)
trucks:                                                          u Quick-start function
u Standard series integrated protocol printer
u Large internal refrigerant tank
u Additional pressure gauge for monitoring internal bottle
u More powerful vacuum pump

Order	number	
ACS 650                                 F002 DG2 400

Check and adjust
fully automatically or individually

With fully automatically program execution, maintenance is carried out completely autonomously

    Fully	automatic	servicing	of	the	air	conditioning	system                Individually	configurable	servicing	of	the	air	conditioning	system

    Step	1:	    V
                	 ehicle identification via database                        Step	1:	     T
                                                                                         	 he refrigerant is sucked out of the vehicle
    Step	2:	    T
                	 he refrigerant is sucked out of the vehicle                            air conditioning system. Service parts can
                air conditioning system                                                  now be replaced
    Step	3:	    V
                	 acuumizing of the system with automatic                                (e.g. filters, dryers, valves)
                leak check                                                  Step	2:	     V
                                                                                         	 acuumizing of the system with automatic
    Step	4:	    F
                	 illing of the system with refrigerant,                                 leak check
                oil and UV contrast agent                                   Step	3:	     F
                                                                                         	 illing of the system with refrigerant,
    Step	5:     Service documentation by means of                                        oil and UV contrast agent
                printout                                                    Step	4:      Service documentation by means of printout

    With	full	automatic	process,	no	further	inspection	                     Individual	service	process	can	be	selected	as	
    is	required.                                                            required	and	worked	individually.

How the air conditioner works
Functions for comfort and safety

                                                                                                         The	compressor
                                              Air into the ve-                                           sucks cold, gaseous refrigerant
                                              hicle interior     Expansion valve                         from the evaporator and forces it
                                                                                                         into the condenser.
                                                                                                         In	the	condenser
                                                                                                         the gas is cooled under pressure
                                                                                            Service      by the head wind and is thus
                         Low pressure

                                                                                            connection   liquefied (condensed).

                                                                                                         In	the	dryer	and	collector
                                                                                                         cleaning and drying of the
                                             Fresh air blower                                            refrigerant takes place

                                                                                                         The	expansion	valve
                                                                                                         injects the cleaned refrigerant

                                                                            High pressure
                                                                                                         into the evaporator.

       Compressor                                                                                        The	evaporator
                                              Condenser                                                  removes the necessary evapora-
                                                                                                         tion heat from the circulating air.
                                                                                                         As it flows through, the air cools
                                                                                                         down and is directed into the
                                                                                                         vehicle interior.
       Refrigerant                             Head wind
       pressure sensor

The air conditioner in the vehicle and its components

The	air	conditioner:	The	working	principle                           The refrigerant flows through the dryer, where any
If the air conditioner is switched on with the engine run-           existing moisture and contaminants are filtered out.
ning, the compressor draws cold, gaseous refrigerant
out of the evaporator and forces it into the condenser.              From the fluid tank, the refrigerant flows on to the ex-
When compressed, the refrigerant heats up to approx.                 pansion valve. Here, the highly pressurized, liquefied
60 - 100 °C. The hot gas, which is now highly compres-               refrigerant is injected into the evaporator. In the evapo-
sed, is cooled down in the condenser by the external air             rator, the liquefied refrigerant pressure drops and it
(head wind or additional blower) that flows past. When               evaporates. The necessary evaporation heat is drawn
the pressure-dependent dew point is reached, the refri-              from the air flowing past via the evaporator fins, caus-
gerant condenses and is liquefied.                                   ing it to cool. The refrigerant, which is now completely
                                                                     gaseous again, is drawn by the compressor again and
Coming from the condenser, the completely liquefied                  compressed.
refrigerant enters the fluid tank where it is collected.

                                                                     Of	interest	to	your	customers:	
                                                                     3	good	arguments	for	regular	air	conditioning	service
                                                                     1. Driving comfort and safety: A good climate in the vehicle
                                                                        interior allows you to concentrate fully on driving.
                                                                     2. Environmental protection: Detection of defective air condi-
                                                                        tioners prevents loss of refrigerant.
                                                                     3. Cost savings: Scheduled maintenance prevent complex

For every need -
the right equipment
                 Designation	           Order	number		   Description
                 UV leak detector kit   1 687 001 591    Professional tool set for injection of an
                                                         UV contrast agent and identification of
                                                         leakage in the refrigerant circuit.

                                                         Equipment	supply: injector gun,
                                                         1 x UV cartridge, UV leak detection lamp,
                                                         service hose, rapid coupling	

                 Electronic             1 687 234 012    The electronic leak detector indicates
                 leak detector                           refrigerant concentration by means of a
                                                         loud acoustic signal. The brightness of the
                                                         LED also visualizes the size of the leak.
                                                         Its features include simple handling and
                                                         two sensitivity levels.

                 UV lamp                1 687 550 014    Powerful 1-Watt leak detection lamp
                 (internal battery)                      with 3 integrated (AA) batteries.

                 Flex scope             F 002 DG1 438    The Flex scope makes leak detection in
                                                         concealed areas possible. Leakages in
                                                         the air conditioner are made visible by
                                                         a flexible endoscope.
                                                         For this purpose, a UV lamp can be adapted
                                                         directly on the ocular.

                 Flushing adapter kit   F 002 DG1 451    Special accessories kit for bypassing the
                 system (bypass)                         AC dryer and expansion valve during the
                                                         flushing process. Developed mostly for
                                                         Audi and VW.

                 Air conditioner        F 002 DG1 427    Specifically tuned accessory for flushing
                 flushing connection                     individual components such as condenser
                                                         or evaporator. Also suitable for bypassing
                                                         expansion valve and dryer.

ACS 600, 601, 650
Special accessories
                Designation	          Order	number		   Description
                Protocol printer      F 002 DG1 449    Printer for retrofitting of ACS 600.
                                                       Characterized by very simple installation.
                                                       The printer is simply screwed in and the
                                                       cables are connected.

                Service hoses         F 002 DG1 458    Mostly suitable for large commercial
                6m                                     vehicles. The equipment supply includes
                                                       red and blue service hoses with a length
                                                       of 6 m.

                Cylinder adapter      1 687 010 148    Necessary for filling the internal refrigerant
                                                       bottle. Adaptable to all conventional
                                                       refrigerant refilling containers.

                Service connections   F 002 DG1 433    Special service coupling for connection
                Renault                                to Renault vehicles

                Service connections   F 002 DG1 432    Special service coupling for connection
                for BMW E60, Ford,                     in difficult-to-access area in certain BMW,
                Volvo                                  Ford, Volvo

                Digital thermometer   1 687 230 062    For recording temperature directly at the
                                                       ventilation shaft – before and after air
                                                       conditioning service.
                                                       Temperature range from -50 °C to 150 °C

Well equipped for service
with special accessories for ACS 600, 601 and 650
                       Designation	        Order	number		   Description
                       Dust protective     F 002 DG 7402    Protects your air conditioning unit
                       guard                                against dust and workshop contamination.
                                                            The protective guard is suitable for use
                                                            with the devices ACS 600/601 and 650.

                       UV contrast agent   1 689 916 000    UV contrast agent for leakage detection;
                                                            suitable for the refrigerant R134a.

                       UV contrast agent   1 689 916 001    10 x 7.5 ml replacement cartridges for
                                                            refill (10 x 7.5 ml) UV leak detection

                       UV contrast agent   F 002 DG1 426    4 x 30 ml replacement cartridges for
                                                            refill (4 x 30 ml) UV leak detection

                       Compressor oil      F 002 DG1 440    The oil in air conditioners fulfills
                       (ISO 46)                             several tasks. This includes, primarily,
                                                            the lubrication of movable components.
                                                            Suitable oils have high miscibility with
                                                            the refrigerant. To prevent unnecessary
                       Compressor oil      F 002 DG1 452    damage to the air conditioner, it is
                       (ISO 100)                            important to use only high-grade oils
                                                            with good miscibility.
                       Compressor oil      F 002 DG1 453    The oils offered here meet these
                       (ISO 150)                            requirements.

Further	accessories	
 Designation	          Order	number		                       Description	
 UV lamp               F 002 DG1 430                        Powerful leak detection lamp with
                                                            current supply via a 12 V socket

                                                            Equipment	supply: UV lamp, UV safety
                                                            goggles, connection adapter

 Universal flushing    F 002 DG1 445                        Special accessories kit for bypassing the
 adapter set for                                            dryer and the expansion valve. This kit is
 flushing                                                   developed for universal application.

ACS 600, 601, 650
Technical data
Service	processes	                                 ACS	600	                 ACS	601	                ACS	650
Refrigerant extraction and recycling               automatic                automatic               automatic
Draining old oil                                   automatic                automatic               automatic
Evacuation / creating vacuum                       automatic                automatic               automatic
Vacuum check / Leak check                          automatic                automatic               automatic
Fresh oil and UV additive filling                  automatic                automatic               automatic
Refrigerant filling                                automatic                automatic               automatic
Flushing function	                                     ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Operation	and	display	                             ACS	600	                 ACS	601	                ACS	650
Process control                                   via display              via display             via display
Display                                        3.5˝ color display       3.5˝ color display      3.5" color display
Pressure gauge for HP	/	LP (100 mm)	                   ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Pressure gauge for internal bottle pressure                                     ✔                       ✔
Manual evacuation time adjustment	                     ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Protocol printout on printer	                      optional	                    ✔	                      ✔
Status display                                optical and acoustic     optical and acoustic    optical and acoustic
Maintenance tasks display	                             ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Integrated vehicle database	                           ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Recovery	/	Recycling	/	Filling	                    ACS	600	                 ACS	601	                ACS	650
Refrigerant                                         R134a                    R134a                   R134a
Internal reservoir (refrigerant bottle)               12 l                     12 l                   21.5 l
Suction capacity (refrigerant)                     18 kg / h                18 kg / h               18 kg / h
Vacuum pump power                                   4 m3 / h                 4 m3 / h                8 m3 / h
Filter drier capacity                               150 kg                   150 kg                  150 kg
Refrigerant filling accuracy                        +/- 10 g                 +/- 10 g                +/- 10 g
General	device	data	                               ACS	600	                 ACS	601	                ACS	650
Weight                                          approx. 105 kg           approx. 105 kg          approx. 110 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm                   585 x 1170 x 730         585 x 1170 x 730        585 x 1170 x 730
Mains voltage                                        230 V                    230 V                   230 V
Service temperature                                5 - 50 °C                5 - 50 °C               5 - 50 °C
Equipment	supply	                                  ACS	600	                 ACS	601	                ACS	650
Service hoses HP	/	LP (3 m)	                           ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Rapid couplings HP	/	LP	                               ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Oil and UV additive bottles (3 pieces)	                ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Fresh oil bottle for second oil type	              optional	                optional	                   ✔
Operating instructions in 13 languages	                ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Dust protective guard	                             optional	                optional	                   ✔
Protection set (gloves, goggles, cap)	                 ✔                        ✔                       ✔
Order	number                                    F 002 DG2 4A0            F 002 DG2 465           F 002 DG2 400

                                                Complete	solutions	from	Bosch	for	air	conditioning	service
                                                Modern air conditioners are frequently equipped with a control unit.
                                                Apart from mechanical tasks at the air conditioner, fault memories
                                                and control unit data must also be read out. Bosch offers the ECU
                                                diagnostics devices from the KTS series for this purpose. Specified
                                                data and maintenance schedules are provided by the workshop
                                                software ESI[tronic].

                                                                                              Bosch: Skilled partner
The right to make changes of a technical nature and to alter the range on offer is reserved

                                                                                                                                                                       ECU Diagnostics KTS

                                                                                              for workshop business
                                                                                              Developments	from	Bosch	stand	for	innovative	progress	in	automo-         Engine System Testing FSA
                                                                                              bile	manufacturing	
                                                                                              Geared to the growing proportion of electronics in the vehicle, Bosch
                                                                                              offers workshops the suitable test equipment for all sizes of company
                                                                                              and service concepts. Sturdy, innovative, state-of-the-art automobile
                                                                                              technology: Computer-assisted diagnosis systems help in finding any      Emission Analysis BEA
                                                                                              fault more quickly and more reliably. The modular layout using future-
                                                                                              oriented technologies enables broad networking and efficient use of
                                                                                              comprehensive information from the ESI[tronic] software. Mobility and
                                                                                              user-friendly user guidance support the workshop in reliable and time-
                                                                                              saving diagnostics.                                                      Diesel System Testing EPS

                                                                                                                                                                       Battery Service BAT
WAW 4300 EN 04.2009

                                                                                                                                                                       Air Conditioning Service ACS

                                                                                                                                                                       Wheel Alignment FWA

                                                                                                                                                                       Tire service TSE

                                                                                                 Where to find Original Bosch Quality:

                                                                                                                                                                       Brake Testing BSA

                                                                                                 Robert Bosch GmbH
                                                                                                 Automotive Aftermarket
                                                                                                 Business Unit Diagnostics
                                                                                                 73201 Plochingen


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