hotel-set-up-guide by changcheng2


									Hotel Set up guide - Quick reference card
                   Product                                               order info                           Commercial type number                                    min. order

Room set up        carton remote control display                        order at Philips by dealer            HSC0001/10                                                MOQ=50
                   Labels for printing the Channel map                            typeno: 9993200
                   Download add-in for word to print etiketten
                   Guest instruction sheet                              order at Philips by dealer            HSC110x/10          x=(UK=1,FR-2,IT=3,NO=4,PL=5,ES=6,DE=7) MOQ=1000
Reception set up   Transparant Plastic A4 stand                         To besourced locally                  standard transparant display
                   A4 flyers (reception stand)                          download artwork from sharepoint

                   Add TV Channel list to it (with labels provided)     locally by (Hotel or dealer)
Scratch cards      Scratch cards 1 day                                  order at Philips by dealer            HSC0101/10                                                MOQ=500
                   Scratch cards 3 day                                  order at Philips by dealer            HSC0301/10                                                MOQ=500
                   Scratch cards 7 day                                  order at Philips by dealer            HSC0701/10                                                MOQ=500

Head-end set up    Install info channel with MyChoice Movie
                   Prepare the INFO channel and default install the info channel with long version of MyChoice movie (with activation methodes and higest resolution)
TV installation:   When not familiar with MyChoice set up : Do a preinstallation in the office . (Once up and running, make a USB clone of it)
                   Use the "MYCHOICE-SET-UP-GUIDE                       see digital files attached (xxHFL3232 and xxHFL 4372
                   Optional : For xxHFL4372 sets you install ThemeTV and modify one button to MyChoice. On selection show the info channel and the mychoice channel when activated

reception set up   Put the transparant A4 display on the counter (and add MyChoice reception A4 with the major channels displayed
                   Put My-choice.t as start up URL or in favourites in the internet browsor
                   Train the reception staff on How to help a guest with activation and how to sell cards and how to oder cards

Room set up        Put the MyChoice carton display stand in every room together with the activation guides for guests (language: UK allways + local language on request of hotel)
                   Glue the label with channel map (printed by the dealer of Hotel) to the display

MyChoice movie     Attached the Your tube links to the movie..    get the High resolution from sharepoint
          (low res)
          (short version without PIN activation typical for use in initial sales contact.

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