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					Primary Focus of Lesson (Theme): The Lusitania Sinking Grade Level: 5th. Length of Lesson: 4 days Georgia Performance Standards: SS5H4; a Lesson Objective(s): Students knowledge of the material, participation, speaking ability, and cooperation Essential Question: Why do you think the Lusitania Sinking was one of the reasons the US joined the war?

Introduction (Opening Activator, Set Induction, Attention Getter): Teacher will explain how the German attacks on the US shipping led the United States to join the war. Teaching Procedures/Guided Practice/Closing Strategy: 1. The teacher will show students the movie Lost Liners 2. After watching the video on teacher will lead a discussion about WWI 3. Following the discussion, teacher will explain the purpose of a “Court of Inquiry” 4. The teacher will ask each student to decide who they think was at fault (Germans/British) 5. She will then divide the class up based on the student’s responses to set up a debate format. 6. Teacher will select a judge, bailiff, timekeeper, and jury. 7. Once all roles have been assigned students will be able to research their roles. 8. LET THE DEBATE BEGIN Materials and Resources: Lost Liners Video TV/VCR Internet Credits:

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