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					Lisa Snow Lady Lights Up March Demo                                      Calendar

         eattle artist Lisa Snow Lady
                                                                 14        Board Meeting
         is this month’s featured
                                                                 22        General Meeting
         demo artist. Lisa has a BA
                                                                           Lisa Snowlady
         in Art History and a BFA in
painting from the University of                                  April
Washington and has been a prac-                                  11        Board Meeting
ticing artist for over 25 years.                                 26        General Meeting
     Employment as a graphic de-                                           Bev Jozwiak
signer for 15 of these years contrib-                            May
uted to her proficiency in layout and                            9         Board Meeting
design and her ability to interact                               24        General Meeting
with clients to serve a variety of
                                                                           Ann Breckon
print media needs.
    Lisa's interest in botanical                                      General Meeting Info
forms and recent education in ornamental horticulture inspire
her mixed process paintings. In these works she layers paper
                                                                   Ronald United Methodist Church
and ink to express fleeting beauty and renewal in the growth
                                                                        17839 Aurora Ave. N
                                                                           Shoreline, WA
    Lisa exhibits widely and is represented by Museo in
Langley, Washington and Gallatin River Gallery in Mon-           10:00-11:15       Library Open
tana. Her work in is the collections of Swedish Hospital, the
University of Washington Medical Center, Evergreen Hospital      10:45-11:15       Paintings accepted
and Safeco Corporation. Her art has twice been featured on                         for POM
the cover of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens        11:15-11:30       Vote for POM.
Bulletin and recently was selected for the Artist Series Label
at Woodward Canyon Winery in Walla Walla, Washington.
                                                                 11:30-12:30       Business Meeting

                                                                 12:30-1:00        Clean-up. Prepare
                                                                                   for Demo

                                                                 1:00-2:15         Demonstration

                                                                      Helpers: Nola Allen, Denise Crie

                                                                 Treat Bringers: Jeanie Johnson, Julie
                                                                 Codd, Eunice Smith, Jean Calender,
                                                                   Ruth Handewith, and Joan Poor
                                            Of the
                                           “Sky Study”
                                          Coralynn Jones

 Second Place
“Bear N’ Berries”
  Susan Swapp

                             Third Place
                     “Right Brain Unwrapped”
                            Judith Heim

                    P     ainting of the Month entrants should
                          put their name, the picture title, and the
                    media on the back of the frame so that the
                    paintings can be easily identified. Help make
                    this easy for everyone.
The President’s Message
  By Kathryn Flanagan

 March 14, 2011

 Dear Seattle Co Arts Members,
 Happy Spring to you all!!! The days are longer but the
 rain still continues to dampen my spirit. Spring!! I so long
 for the return of the light. I am grateful that it is right
 around the corner. I see buds on the trees and daffodils
 in the flower beds, with crocuses peeking through the
 earth. My soul is responding. Maybe I will paint today!!
 We had a great Board Meeting and resolved some mi-
 nor issues, which I will share.

 SIGN-IN SHEET: Please remember to check off your name when coming through the door and gather-
 ing your name badge. We had a dickens of a time trying to collect the information this year, as some of
 us forgot to check off names on the sign in sheet. So please keep this in mind when entering the church.
 Just check off your name. No signature is needed. Remember that the July Picnic and December Ban-
 quet qualify for the requirement of 3 meetings to enter into the Annual Juried Show.
 3 MEETINGS REQUIREMENT FOR ANNUAL JURIED SHOW: We did discuss this topic at length and
 feel that this requirement is part of what makes SCA so very extraordinary. We want an organization that
 is active and involved in the process. We believe that the commitment to SCA is stronger when this re-
 quirement is in place. We want to have a social association of members that meets together and enjoys
 that progression of being with a passionate group of artists.
 Jane Becker will be sending out Sunshine cards to the following: Sue Gill Rose, broken pelvis; Helen
 Drummond, broken foot; Joan Poor, ankle surgery; Karen Artz, foot surgery; Colette Laico, whose hus-
 band recently suffered a major stroke; and Ron McCollum, complete ankle replacement, again. Please
 know that we are sending you all our prayers and wish you all a speedy recovery. I thought these were
 our Golden Years!!!
 Thank you to all that have entered into the 2011 Joy of Art Annual Juried Show. Your artwork is beautiful
 and I am so glad you have participated in this event. Huge hugs to Keith Artz for the magnificent job of
 coordinating the core of the show – The Digital Entries!! Thank you Keith.
 I look forward to seeing you all at the next General Meeting on March 22. If you need to contact me,
 please know I am always available at
 Kisses, Kathryn

2011 Yearbooks were available at the January and February meetings. Members who were
not able to attend these meetings were sent their Yearbook via snail mail. If you haven't received
your Yearbook, please contact Audree DeAngeles in Seattle at (206) 784-6744.
  Time Is Running Out To Sign-Up For The Spring Workshop
                      Scheduled for April 18-19, 9:30am - 3:30pm at the
                                   Ronald United Methodist Church

       Watercolor Workshop: Step-by-Step to Extraordinary
                                 Paintings With Anne Olwin

                                                        oin Anne Olwin, author of the Artist Quick Reference Guides,
                                                        to learn the secrets for creating extraordinary paintings, from
                                                        choosing subject matter and composition to working with edg-
                                                 es and color. Fix faults and pour on pizzazz. Work on a painting of
                                                 your choice—any subject matter—with Anne’s help or paint on the
                                                 same subject Anne will be demonstrating throughout the two-day
                                                 Bring your supplies and an object or reference photo to create some-
                                                 thing sensational! We will take time for a 911 session, so bring your
                                                 problem paintings and questions. Anne’s expertise extends to several
                                                 media, so students may paint in other media in this class.
Anne’s mastery of art springs from her dedicated work as an artist for the past 25 years. She has also been a gallery
owner for part of that time, and her art and writing have appeared in Watercolor Magic Magazine and several other
publications. You may view more samples of her work at:

Sign-ups end on March 22nd. The fee is $100 for members, $120 for non-members and a $50 non-refundable
deposit reserves your spot for this great workshop. You can pay Delorse Lovelady, Workshop Chair, at the
March meeting or mail a check to her at her snail mail address or contact her by email at:

Become an Active Member and Enjoy the Benefits
By Laurie Ness

       here is one more month until our April screening for "Active Member" status. If you are currently an
       "Associate Member" this is your opportunity to take your membership to the next level. Active Mem-
       bers may enter next year's Annual Juried Exhibit if at least three meetings are attended from May,
2010 to April, 2012. There are other benefits as well. (These could even include the chance to be Co-Arts
April screening is now available to four more artists with one already on the list. Sign up as soon as possi-
ble by getting an "Active Member Application" at the Sign-in table on March 22. I will be there to help you
with this process. Not ready yet? Then the next screening will be on October 25, 2011.
Co-Arts is fortunate to have many members willing to take responsibility to keep our organization humming. One of
these "hummers" is Paula Parks who graciously volunteered to be my backup teammate on the Membership Commit-
tee. Paula has worn various hats in our organization and I'm grateful to her for assistance. We all are also relieved to
have her safely return to us after her recent trip to New Zealand. She was probably in flight at the time of the terrible
earthquake. (You have been a mover and a shaker, Paula, but that was a bit much!)
Samish Island June Workshop
East, Sleep, Paint, Fun
By Ginni Guest

         emember it is ―Signup Time‖ for the June Workshop at Samish
         Camp with Kathy Collins June 5th thru June 10th. An additional
         highlight will be a representative and an artist from Winsor New-
ton who will do a presentation one evening; they always bring goodies to
give away. Plus we have ―Movie Night‖ every night! So much fun.
                                                       All you have to do for
                                                       5 days is “eat, sleep
                                                       and PAINT”!
                                                       What could be more perfect?!
                                                       Cost is $370 for a standard cabin and $400 for a new
                                                       cabin. This includes a charge of $10 for the new clean-
                                                       up service.
                                                       Come see me at the March 22nd meeting or call me:
                                                       425-822-0861 or email me: for
                                                       more information.

                     Non-Juried Show News
By Coralynn Jones

      he hanging in the cafeteria went well with many thanks to the volunteers Julie Codd, Lynn Kerr, Jeanie John-
T     son and Kate Waldmann. I am still looking for one or two people who would like to be bi-monthly helpers at
either the Breast Center OR the Cafeteria. The shows change on
alternate months. The Breast Center show will change on March
       rtists who need to pick up work between nine and ten
A      are: Betty Bartlett, Clifford Burkey, Kim Caldwell, Helen
Drummond, Julie Fisco, Joan Glenn, Ruth Handewith, Jeanie John-
son, Lynn Kerr, Rita Nicoll, Ross Nicoll, Judy Odell and Kate Wald-
mann. The show looks great and thanks to all who participated.
Artists who would like to hang on the 26th can bring their
work to the Breast Center starting at 8:30 am.
There will be tags and inventory sheets at the General Meeting as
                                                                           Who says it takes three artists to
usual. If anyone has questions please feel free to call me.
                                                                                   hang a picture?
Seattle Co-Arts Fall Paint Out - Sign-Up Time Has Arrived
By Kim Caldwell

    t is time to start signing up for this year’s
    Fall Paint Out I will star taking reserva-
    tions at the March 22nd meeting. The
    Paint Out takes place from Sunday,
September 11th 3pm to Friday, September
16th after lunch.
The cost is higher this year because we are
staying an extra day, adding meals and pay-
ing a cleaning crew to clean the main lodge.
The only cleaning we will have to do is our
own cabins.
The cost: New cabins with shared bath-
rooms are $330, rustic cabins (walk to
bathroom) are $300, and RV with complete
hookup electric and sewer $300. $50 non-
refundable deposit is required to hold your
Persons with disabilities will be given priority for the new cabins. Please be prepared to share a new cabin
room, if necessary, with another artist. If you share, this means more people can have the newer cabins.
The area is beautiful, the food is fantastic and the artist friends you will meet and make, priceless.
            Please note that I am looking for someone to be my assistant. If you are interested,
            please contact me, Kim Caldwell.

Joan Grout’s Art Supplies Available
By Sheila Stump

         upplies (mostly Masa paper) from Joan Grout, plus signed and
         numbered prints of her work are now available. Her husband
         donated them to support the Greater Marysville Artists' Guild
 scholarship, now named for Joan. Unfortunately, the group is too
 small for so much material, so I will bring the unsold stuff to Co-
 Arts. Our idea is to share the proceeds between the 2 scholarship
 funds. I also have a complete equipment and supplies kit for paper
 making and paper casting (including some molds). They are sufficient
 supplies to teach classes.
 The supplies occupy 2-3 storage bins, so I won't bring them in, but I
 will have everything available in my car (complete with transport dolly, which I will loan the purchaser).

 Thanks, Sheila Stump
          hris Romine will be teaching her yearly workshop at Tri-Dee’s
     C    in Mount Vernon on September 24th and 25th. Information is
     available on their website: http://tri-
     Currently Chris is one of the featured
     artists at the Bluehorse Gallery in Bel-
     lingham through the month of March.
     She also has paintings in the Vartan-
     yan Winery Estates in Bellingham. For
     more information, see their website at:

                                                   andice Christie and
                                             C     Chris Romine had paint-
                                             ings accepted into the juried
                                             Northwest Collage Society
                                             Spring Show at Phinney Cen-
                                             ter Gallery, 6532 Phinney
                                             Ave.N, Seattle. Candice re-
                                             ceived an award for her paint-
                                             ing "China Birch" (to the
                                             left). The show will run
                                             through April 1, 2011.

      ecelia Venolia’s acrylic painting ―Sentinel of the
C     Bay‖ (to the left) has been juried into Parklane Gal-
lery’s ―Local Color‖ Art Exhibition. The show runs March
8th through April 3rd.

     Denise Crie Telephone
     Hello! Yesterday, I discovered
     that there was a 'typo' in my
     phone number, when a fellow Co-
     Arts member tried to call me...the
     correct phone number is: 425-672
     -8062; not 8072. Thank you for
     making this correction.
Sherri Bails Offers Workshops With a Twist

         herri Bails is teaching Saturday Workshops
         with a "Twist." The workshops will be held at
         Olalla Valley Vineyard and Winery in Olalla
         (just west of Gig Harbor).
Dates include May 14, 2011 with another one later
on September 17, 2011. Time: From 1--4pm.
We will be painting in the Gathering Room or, in sunny weather, in the vineyard. And the twist... We will be
enjoying a light luncheon: Assorted Mini Quiche to include Salmon, Pesto, & Sun Dried Tomato w/Chicken;
                                                        Garden Basket of Vegetables w/ Garlic Ranch Dress-
                                                        ing; Garden Basket of Grapes and Strawberries;
                                                        Swedish Meatballs; Domestic Cheese & Seasonal
                                                        Baked Brie w/ Assorted Crackers; and the option of
                                                        coffee, tea, or punch, in addition to tasting the vine-
                                                        yard wines. Cost: $30.00 for the workshop
                                                        and $19.00 for the luncheon and winetasting. Total
                                                        cost will be $49.00.
                                                              All media choices are welcome; some experience
                                                              with your media choice is necessary. Sherri will be
                                                              emphasizing design, composition, and color choices.
                                                              Please bring your own choice of subject matter. Seat-
                                                              ing is limited, so please reply ASAP.

Jacqui Beck Teaches Expressive Workshops

       acqui teaches a variety of Expressive Acrylic Painting workshops, a great opportunity to learn to paint
       more expressively and personally. Discover techniques that lend themselves to increasing the ten-
       dency to experiment, loosen up, and be more expressive. Learn how to use collaging, underpainting,
and layering techniques as you bring more life to your paintings and more enjoyment to your painting pro-
Upcoming Workshops (see for details):
Monday - Friday March 21-25 [$395] Expressive Acrylic Painting 5
Day Workshop: Wider & Deeper, Location: Rainier Valley Cultural
Saturday April 9 [$95] Expressive Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting.
Location: Everett Artist Supply [register with Jacqui]
Saturday April 16 [$95] Expressive Acrylic Painting: Focus on Com-
position & Design, Location: Rainier Valley Cultural Center
Jacqui Beck is a Featured Artist in the Full Circle Exhibit at Columbia City
Gallery through May 1st. Also, Jacqui was one of the jurors for the 11th An-
nual Unclad Exhibit at Gallery By the Bay, Stanwood WA.
Four Co-Arts Members Awarded            PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SHOW SPON-
Prizes in Miniature and Small Paintings SORS
Show at Gallery North                   Autumn’s Framing and Gallery • 537 Main St, Ed-

                                                                            monds, WA 98020 (425) 778-5150
         our Seattle Co-Arts members were awarded prizes
                                                                            ADG • 19231 36th Avenue W,
         recently for their entries in the Gallery North Minia-
                                                                            Lynnwood, WA 98036 (425) 771-7603
         ture and Small Paintings show. Betsy McPhaden
and Keith Artz placed Second and Third respectively in the                  Art & Soul Photography • 2860 Northwest 
Market St,
Miniature category, while Nancy Bogni and Alice Owen                        Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 297-1223
place First and Second in the Small Paintings category.                     Artist & Craftsman • 4350 8th Ave NE, Seattle WA
This year Clifford Burkey was the juror and faced the tough                 98105 (206) 545-0091
job of selecting the prize winners.                                         Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff •
The annual show features more than 295 entries from nation- Dakota Art Store • 6110 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
al and local artists and will run through March 31st.       WA (206) 523-4830

                                                                            Digital Canvas Northwest • 3003 S Lake Crabapple Rd,
                                      Judith Heim’s Painting in             Marysville, WA 98271 (206) 550-2510
                                      NW Collage Society Exhibit            EAFA • Eastside Association of Fine Arts,
                                      “Box of Magic Scarves,” a collage
                                      by Judith Heim, was accepted into     FrameWright & Kaewyn Gallery • 10101 Main St.,
                                      the 2011 Spring Northwest Collage     Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 483-7385
                                      Society Exhibit.
                                                                            Unique Art Framing • 3429 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA
                                      The show is at Phinney Center Gal-    98134 (206) 447-9441
                                      lery, 6532 Phinney Ave N., Seattle,
                                                                            University Bookstore • 4326 University Way NE, Se-
                                      WA through April 1. The Juror for
                                                                            attle, WA (206) 634-3400
                                      the show is Francine Seders.

                                                                            Addresses for 10% Donations
                                                                            NW Hospital Foundation c/o NW Hospital, 1550 N.
                                                                            115th St., Seattle, WA 98133

                                                                            The Seattle Breast Center 1560 N. 115th Suite 104,
                                                                            Seattle, WA 98133

                                                                            Valley Breast Center Medical Arts Center 4033 Talbot
                                                                            Rd. S Suite 470, Renton, WA 98055

                                                                            Coldwell Banker Bain gives back to Co-Arts through its
                                                                            Community Partnerships
Clifford Burkey and Betty Bartlett Showing at Café Lati
                                                                            When you buy or sell your home with Coldwell Banker
                                                                            Bain, 10% of the commission will be donated to the
Clifford Burkey and Betty Bartlett are presently having an art show at
                                                                            Co-Arts Scholarship Fund.
Cafe Lati, 11003 35th Ave. N. E. Come by and checkout the paintings if
you get a chance.                                                           Contact Kathie Bliss at 206-399-7142 for more infor-
                                                                            mation about the program.
c/o JR Hawse
17414 Valley Circle Drive
Bothell, WA 98012

 President: Kathryn Flanagan

 Newsletter Editor: Janet Hawse

 Deadline for April Issue: April 13, 2011

 Email Janet at

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