Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer Adds Broad Accessibility to High Visibility for by


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									Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer
Adds Broad Accessibility to High Visibility for

New website for nationwide commercial and hospital laundry supplier of recyclable soiled linen
bags and hamper stands combines best features of mobile-friendly device-aware and
device-agnostic RWD.

Miami, FL, December 08, 2012 --( Streamline Solutions LLC opted out of the great
device-agnostic versus device-aware responsive web design (RWD) debate by combining the advantages
and avoiding the pratfalls of both in the front-end development of their recently launched "Web 3.0
Ready" website, also accessible as

Streamline Solutions provides hospitals, healthcare facilities and commercial laundries throughout the
United States and Canada with soiled linen bags, hamper stands and other laundry and medical supplies.
In business since 1999, the first two iterations of their website long enjoyed the high search visibility
afforded by semantically-optimized W3C standards-compliant web development. And with the recent
launch of their third generation site, they add the broad accessibility potential of a fully responsive web
design. According to Ross Sanders, Vice President of Sales and co-owner of Streamline Solutions, "The
Web is going mobile and we are responding to that. The new web pages Bruce Arnold designed and
developed for us are, in fact, about as 'responsive' as you can get. From flip phones to tablets to full-sized
desktop monitors, the screen presentation adjusts in real time to optimize the viewer's experience."

Scripted in server-side PHP/MySQL with client-side jQuery/Javascript and rendered as W3C-validated
HTML5/CSS3, the new has an integrated WURFL DDR (device description
repository) and leverages the best features of device-agnostic and device-aware responsive web design
coupled with semantically-optimized front-end web development to assure both high search visibility and
broad device accessibility. Mobile microbrowsers with screen resolutions below 240x320 are
automatically routed to their W3C mobileOK "MiniPage" located at Mobile
browsers with screen resolutions of 240x320 or higher are routed to the full presentation but given the
option to drop back to the MiniPage. For all web browser screen widths of 240 pixels or above, the
Streamline Solutions presentation - including text, images and animations - automatically expands,
contracts and adjusts horizontally, vertically and in real time up to a parameter-modifiable maximum of
1300 pixels and is screen-centered beyond that. This assures an ideal presentation for virtually anyone
using popular desktop and notebook browsers like Chrome or Firefox as well as tablet and smartphone
browsers like Opera Mobile for Android devices or Mobile Safari for iPad/iPhone. Zoom is enabled by
default for Mobile Web browsers, but for mobile devices with glitchy zoom capabilities like the original
iPad a footer link is provided to disable it.

"Streamline Solutions has a reputation of being one of the most flexible and responsive laundry supply
companies in North America," observed Miami web design veteran Bruce Arnold, "and and worked very hard to develop a design for them
that projects those admirable qualities."

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About a.k.a.

Streamline Solutions has been providing hospitals, healthcare facilities and other commercial laundries
throughout the United States and Canada with recyclable soiled linen bags, hamper stands, disposable
plastic waste can liners, cart covers and wraps, infectious waste bags, medical supplies and a wide range
of quality, cost-effective product solutions since 1999. Through custom printing, soiled linen and hamper
stand, plastic recycling and facility needs analysis programs they create win/win partnerships with a
growing base of satisfied customers from coast to coast. To learn more logon to their mobile-friendly and
fully-responsive website For questions or quotes call Streamline Solutions at
866-244-7700 or 561-350-4995.

About and

Miami web designer and Mobile Web developer Bruce Arnold's
(305-597-8340) and (786-838-0851) form a responsive web design (#RWD)
and Semantic Web development boutique that defines success on the Web as high visibility plus broad
accessibility. Their HTML5/CSS3 websites are custom handcoded or WordPress PHP/MySQL with
unobtrusive Javascript and jQuery, and pass 9 tests of Web 3.0 Readiness as to content, format, behavior,
accessibility, semantics, syndication, links, internationalization and mobile-friendliness. Maximum web
marketing ROI is assured by a (786-326-8079) methodology that encompasses
both search and social media marketing. Para ayuda en espanglish llame al 305-517-3851.

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Bruce Arnold
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1348 Washington Ave #274
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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