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                                         When To Take An Unpaid College Internship
                                                                By Rose Ybarra

   College years tend to be a time of immense fun and also of border line poverty. It is hard to resist
the invitations of friends who want to go out even when you don’t have the money to finance the

 Why then would you consider taking on an unpaid college internship when you desperately need
money? Many college students do take on an unpaid internship, one reason being it is all they can
seem to find. An overwhelming number of employers offer college internship opportunities to students
that are unpaid. Employers may choose not to pay students because they don’t have enough funding
or maybe they want to see just how dedicated students are to the career field. There are several
factors that should be taken into account before you decide to accept an unpaid internship college.
First of all, figure out if you are going to be able to make it by without a paying job for the term of the
internship college. If not, then decide if you will have time to work a part time evening or weekend job
depending on what hours you are required to work at the college internship. You can ask the internship
employer if they are willing work with you on a schedule to allow for another job.

 Secondly, ask if the employer offers any other benefits or compensation since the position is
non-paying. Some unpaid college internship opportunities offer students some sort of a stipend during
the internship or after it is completed. If you are completing an internship in another town and will need
to commute or live in the other town for the length of the internship, find out if they are willing to pay for
some or all of your expenses. Some employers provide housing for their interns during the length of
the employment.

 Lastly, find out if there will be any chance of an employment offer after you have completed the
internship. Struggling through a few nonpaying months can be well worth it if you are offered a good
paying job in your career after the internship. Now, the job offer would depend completely upon you job
performance during your time as an intern, so if there were conflicts or you didn’t do a satisfactory job
during the college internship, don’t expect a job offer!

 If you are completing the internship college during the summer months and those are the months that
you normally use to earn enough to pay college tuition, you may want to rethink the non paying offer.
Paying college tuition is a priority because without that college tuition money, you can’t return to

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 There are plenty of great, paying internships available for students to take, but if you find a non paying
one that you are interested in, remember to weigh all the factors that would come along with taking the
position. If possible, negotiate with the employer to see what else they offer in return for you work since
they aren’t willing to give you a paycheck.

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                                                    Internship College: Moving Away
                                                                   By Rose Ybarra

When the semester has ended and students are free for the summer, they are often eager to escape
the town where their college campus is located. They are excited to explore new places and find new

 One way to get away from your college town is to take on an internship college in another community.
Even if it is only a few hours away from your college town, an internship college in another community
can give a refreshing few months in a new environment. If you really want to experience a new way of
life, you can apply for a college internship somewhere that is completely different than you are used to.
 For example, if you are attending college in a relatively small community, try finding an internship
college in a city or urban area that will expose you to different kinds of people and traditions.
Additionally, if you are attending a large university in a city setting, try finding an internship in a smaller
town where you can connect with others that are used to a more scaled down lifestyle.

 If you do decide to take on an internship in unfamiliar territory, it would be beneficial to learn how
things run in the community before beginning the college internship. This will help you settle in more
quickly and also will help ensure that you are making the most of your experience and learning as
much as possible. It can also help in your actual internship because you will feel more comfortable
with voicing your thoughts and giving input when you feel comfortable with those around you. Also,
find someone at your job that you connect with and ask them to show you around your new town. It
can help a great deal to have someone that is from the area show you around rather than trying to
navigate things on your own.

 One word of caution however, if you are planning on moving away to complete your internship, you
should probably make sure that you can afford the experience before finalizing your plans. If the
internship will be unpaid, make sure that you have enough money saved up to cover the expenses that
will be involved.

 Future employers like to see that you have taken risks and chances in your life. If you take the
initiative to work an internship college in a place that is unfamiliar to you, it will show potential
employers that you are willing to take huge chances to enhance your career. Seize the opportunity to
recount the experience during your future interviews and share the most valuable lessons that you
learned from the experience.

 No matter what type of college internship experience you are searching for, you will probably be able
to find an opportunity that meets your needs. There is nothing wrong with completing an internship
college in your college town but if you are yearning to get away for a few months, you will likely be able
to find the opportunity you are searching for. You will just have to work hard on the application process
to secure your place where you want to be.

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