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									  We promised          We guaranteed        We acknowledged

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  faster refunds.
  We delivered.
                       safe, secure
                       and private
                                            receipt of tax
                                            returns within

                     done did it
                       electronic           48 hours.
                                            We did it!

                    Isn’t it time
                    you e-filed ?
                    Visit our Web site: w w w
This year, e-file and Go Paperless!
Did you know you can                          Why did 53 million                                   Fast Refunds! You get your refund in half
e-file and sign your tax                      people e-file last year?                           the time, even faster with Direct Deposit.
return electronically?                           Accuracy! e-file greatly reduces the chance        Electronic Payment Options! Convenient,
With IRS e-file and the Self-Select PIN       of getting a notice from IRS.                      safe, and secure electronic payment options are
Option, you can create your own                                                                  available. e-file and e-pay your taxes in a single
                                                Security! Your privacy and security are
five-digit Personal Identification Number                                                        step. Schedule an electronic funds withdrawal
(PIN), and sign your return electronically.                                                      from your checking or savings account anytime
                                                Electronic Signatures! Create your own           (up to April 15, 2004), or pay by credit card.
Nothing to mail!
                                              Personal Identification Number (PIN) and file a
                                                                                                   Federal/State e-file! Prepare and file your
                                              completely paperless return through your tax
                                                                                                 Federal and state returns together.
                                              preparation software.
                                                 Proof of Acceptance! You receive an elec-
                                              tronic acknowledgement within 48 hours that
                                              the IRS has accepted your return for processing.

     Totally Paperless!
                                              For more information,
                                              go to
Who can e-file their                              e-file your tax return from the comfort of your
                                                                                                        e-file for
returns using the                                 home anytime, day or night. Within 48 hours           Faster Refunds!
Self-Select PIN?                                  of filing, you will receive confirmation that the     Get your refund in half the time!
• Taxpayers who file Form 1040, 1040A             IRS has received your return for processing.
                                                                                                        Use Direct Deposit, and your refund is even faster and safer!
or 1040EZ;                                        Self-Select PIN in
                                                                                                        THIS YEAR…DON’T WORRY, e-file!
• Individuals who prepare their own returns       Three Easy Steps
using tax preparation software; or                    The tax preparation software will prompt
• Taxpayers who use a Tax Professional.           you to enter a five-digit PIN. Any combination        e-file for
• First time filers must be sixteen or older
                                                  of five digits can be used, with the exception        Peace of Mind!
                                                  of all zeros (00000). If married, filing jointly,
on or before December 31, 2003.                                                                         You get proof of acceptance within 48 hours, so you are
                                                  both spouses will need to create a PIN.
                                                                                                        SURE the IRS received your tax return!
• Taxpayers under sixteen with prior
                                                      To validate identity, the software will
 filing history.                                                                                        Electronic filing is the safest, most secure and private way
                                                  prompt you to enter your Adjusted Gross
                                                                                                        to send your tax return to the IRS.
How can I e-file and                              Income (AGI) from your originally filed 2002
use the Self-Select PIN?                          tax return. If married, filing jointly for tax year
Use Your Personal Computer                        2002, both spouses must enter the same AGI.           e-file: 53 million
A computer, tax preparation software, and             You will also be prompted to enter your           satisfied customers
Internet access are all you need to file your     Date of Birth (DOB). Make sure your DOB is
tax return and sign electronically. You can       accurate and matches the information found
                                                                                                        & still growing!
prepare and file your return completely on-line   in your annual “Social Security Statement”
by using a tax preparation software package       provided by the Social Security Administration.
available on the Internet. Best of all, you can
Internal Revenue Service
                                                                                             Important tax filing         PRSRT STD
Philadelphia Service Center                                                                                            Postage and Fees Paid
11603 Roosevelt Blvd.                                                                        information enclosed—   Internal Revenue Service
Philadelphia, PA 19161                                                                       please read now!             Permit No. G-48

TIP: You may be able to file electronically for free.
To see if you qualify, go to

                                 Department of the Treasury   Publication 8160E(Rev.10-03)
                                 Internal Revenue Service     Catalog Number 26124L

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