5 Steps To Make Money With Youtube Videos That’s So Easy A 10 Year Old Can Do It by AdrianHines


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									If you want to know how to make money with Youtube videos then you’ve come to the right

I’ve been marketing online since 2008.

My very first form of marketing that I chose was videos.

Over that course of time I’ve made literally thousands and thousands of dollars from this
one marketing strategy alone.

So it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about how to make money with Youtube videos.
I’ll tell you when I got on the Wild Wild West days of Youtube was pretty much over. Back in the
day you could put a video up, stuff it with keywords and get it ranked on the 1st page of Youtube
very easily.

Those days are gone.

Many people that started out making videos with me and
learning how to make money with Youtube faded away.
But I stood the test of time.

And I’m glad that I did.

Once you learn and implement what I’m going to share with you then you will be amazed at how
simple it is to “make money with Youtube”.

I’m going to do this in 5 easy steps so make sure you take notes.
5 Steps To Make Money With Youtube
1. Begin With The End In Mind
You have to know what the end results you want from your videos. Let me help you out

                                                                            here too. The only
purpose of creating videos at THIS point is to build a list.

What is a list?

Its a following of people that want to know more about whatever it is you have to offer. Basically
they watch a video, click on link that you can provide taking them to a lead capture page, and
then they opt in so you can follow up with them.

All big time companies do this because they know most people don’t buy right away.

So don’t get frustrated if you find yourself initially NOT making sales. We’ll get to that. Trust me.
Although I know I can improve in other areas as far as video marketing, I do know how to make
money with Youtube.

So the end in mine it to get people to opt into your list.

2. Keyword Research
You never have to guess at what people are typing into Youtube to search for. Its very simple.
You can use a Google keyword tool which is free to do your research (just type that into

Once you are there, type in a seed keyword (i.e make money online) that people may be
searching for on Youtube.

Then on the left hand side under ‘Match Type’ check exact and uncheck broad. Also under
category in the middle, check closely related terms.

See which searches have low competition and high traffic. A good rule of thumb is 1,000+
searches per month.
Once you find them now you have a bunch of good keywords to focus on.
Then voila, you have a bunch of words that people are searching for.

3. Produce Content
Now you want to talk about in the video what is engaging to your target audience. You must
deliver value IF you expect to make money with Youtube videos.

If you are just selling selling selling people will be turned off.

People like to buy not be sold.

For example right now I am giving you valuable content on how to make money with Youtube
videos. So do the same for your audience.

One last thing, valuable doesn’t have to be boring.

Be engaging, funny, exciting, educating, even controversial, JUST NOT BORING.

4. Publish Content
This is important right here. With videos you have a title, description, and tags.

Make sure you put your keyword in the title and its compelling.

Type up a description that has your keywords sprinkled throughout.

And then all the relative keywords that you did from your keyword research, put in the tags area.
That’s it.

Now its one last step I have to show you how to make money with Youtube.

5. Promote Content To Rank
This is very important for the simple fact that just because you did this work so far doesn’t mean
people are just going to come flocking to your video.
Social engagement is key with this.

Share the link on Facebook and Twitter and other social media websites. Also post the video on
a blog and on other platforms that your target audience hangs out.

Now there is a highly advanced strategy that I use to get almost any video ranked on the 1st
page but I can’t share that with everyone.

You can also send that video you created to the list that you already have. Make sure too you
ask people to comment, like, and share your video.

That tends to go a long way.

So now that you know how to make money with Youtube there’s one thing we failed to cover so
far, which is what are you going to be selling or how do you plan on monetizing.

Some people get money with Google ad sense on their videos.

Others create their own products that they try to sell.

Then you have a certain niche of people that sell Clickbank products, e-books, and whatever

You can do that however many times people don’t have a way of building the list or capturing
the leads, don’t have a website to sell on, plus don’t know how to market effectively.
I’d recommend if you really want to learn how to make money with Youtube videos you plug into
the same platform that I use that gives you all the above AND more. As a cherry on top you get
to earn a massive 100% commissions on products sold.

This is how I’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars on Youtube although there are no
income guarantees.

 If you want to make money with Youtube like a pro like me go ahead
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