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             Software extra bonuses
December 8, 2012 By Joseph Mai
Scroll to the end to see my bonuses
 AdvantageBot Is The Most Powerful Business Tool Released In The Last
 100 Years… And You’ll Either Own It, Or Have Your Business Dominated
                      By A Competitor That Does…

 Without A Heart-Stopping Ad Budget Your Business Is Consigned To Live Off
                              The Crumbs!

Over the years I’ve spent more than a million dollars on traffic, ad buys and payouts to
affiliates, but at the back of my mind I always wondered if ‘another way’
existed… Something that could ‘predict’ better results and help my business make
                                                      bigger profits in real time (and not
                                                      next time…)

                                                      Back in 2004/5 we stumbled on
                                                      a software program called
                                                      ‘Glyphius’, a secret text scoring
                                                      engine built for top level
                                                      copywriters and ad agencies…
                                                      this software had the ability to
                                                      predict if the words you wrote
                                                      would get a better response…
… the developer of this software kept it pretty much on the QT, but amongst those ‘in
the know’ it became a powerful secret that not only worked, but worked so well some
credited it with almost supernatural powers.

                 We liked it so much, we didn’t just buy the software…
                      WE BOUGHT THE COMPANY!
And that’s when things really got fun…

You see, once we learned how it worked, we set out to analyze even more ads, to ‘feed
the machine’ with more data, to fuel the incredibly powerful algorithm and take the
accuracy levels to a point where it has become as close to perfect as humanly possible!

 After 2 Years, 200,000+ Ads Analyzed & Millions Of Words Computed, We’re
    Offering You What Others Are Calling’The Holy Grail’ Of Marketing!

We’ve called this new, improved, software ‘AdvantageBot’ – because unlike any other
marketing tool or resource on the planet it delivers an IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE to
anyone using it…

… THOUSANDS of hours and 10′s of thousands of dollars have been invested into the
algorithm running beneath the simple surface of this software – And the net result is an
85% prediction accuracy rate!

This for you means… Without spending a single dime on ‘test ads’ & paid traffic or
devoting months to tweaking and re-working campaigns, you’ll KNOW which ‘message’
will generate the best response, the highest conversions and the fastest route to
profits even before you’ll use it.

If you can type and click a button, you’ll wield more marketing power than your
competitors could even dream of… And the beauty of this system is that you are not
gambling on something unproven or new, you’ll be harnessing the successes of the
past and unlocking the truth, that until now has been impossible to see…

                 When You Have AdvantageBot By Your Side You’ll…

Get Your Emails Opened, Your Lists Bulked Up And Your Products Flying Off
                              The Shelves!
Over the last few years we’ve sold tens of thousands of products and made millions
of dollars in sales and each time we release a new product we’ve used AdvantageBot
to the full, so it’s pretty easy to do the math on how well it works…

          If you want more clickthroughs on ads/promo materials
          If you want extra sales create headlines & stronger copy
          If you want a great product name or tag line score it first
          If you want to create tweets or social posts that get shared
          If you want higher open rates score email subject lines

 Anywhere where you use text, (and the spoken word such as video scripts) you
   can use the software to predict your way to higher conversions and better

We use the software to boost email open rates, sales page conversion rates, banner ad
click through rates and much, much more….

For example: In a recent test we rocketed an offer’s conversions by 15%+ by
simply tweaking the words on an order button. (You can watch that video and get the
free buttons here) …
And this is not just about sales pages: My last book became an best seller on
Amazon (and yes, the book’s title was carefully created using AdvantageBot)

                        Click here to see many more true reviews.

Take a few minutes to check out our main website:

               Click Here To Visit The Main Site [opens in a new window]

On the main site you can see the results of some of our tests, read more about how
AdvantageBot works, what your scores actually mean. Plus the many different ways
you will be able to use it.

     You’ll also see that when we ‘officially’ launch the software in early Jan the price
                                  point will be $197.

     Considering what AdvantageBot does that price point is a bone-fide bargain…

 But that’s NOT the amount we’re asking you to invest
           Between Dec 4th – Dec 11th we are opening up early just for you!

This entire page is your ‘friends & family’ private deal and you’re invited because
you’re a customer or a long term, loyal subscriber (or you’ve been privately invited by
one of our business partners).
And because of that we’re giving you first mover advantage, instant access to the
software today (PLUS+ valuable, extra bonuses) And at half the price everyone else will
pay later…

    For Just A Few Days As a Big ‘Thank-You’ To All Our Marketing
  Today’s Your Chance To Grab This Right Away And Pay Just Half Of What
                           Everyone Else Will!

     Click Complete Your Order to get following bonuses:
                       === Bonuses From Author $835 ===
                         === Bonus From ===

                            The Supreme Wealth Library - Value: $55

                                 WP Mobile Pro - Value: $399.5

           Perry Marshall – AdWords Boot Camp 2012 Gold 5 Weeks - Value: $1245

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