A Brief Biography of Nelson Mandela, by Bahman Baktiari by BahmanBaktiari


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									A Brief Biography of Nelson Mandela,
        by Bahman Baktiari
•   The 1993 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela
    was born in South Africa in 1918.

    An attorney, Mandela became part of the African National
    Congress in 1944 and fought against apartheid starting in

    Charges of treason were brought against him in the 1950s,
    and he stood on trial for five years before being acquitted in
•   The following year, Nelson Mandela was arrested due to his
    involvement in the creation of Umkhonto we Sizwe, a
    military branch of the African National Congress.

    In 1963, Mandela and the other leaders behind the movement
    were charged with treason. They were sentenced to life
    imprisonment in 1964.

    For 26 years, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned at Robben
    Island Prison and at Pollsmoor Prison.

    However, his stand against injustice and his unwillingness to
    compromise led him to receive a significant international
•   In 1990, the South African government released him from

    Prior to acquiring the Noble Peace Prize, he restored the
    African National Congress and became its President while
    playing an important role in ending apartheid.
 About the Author:

Bahman Baktiari is the current Executive Director for the
International Foundation for Civil Society, which works with
other organizations and educational institutions to advance the
values of civil society.

The International Foundation for Civil Society considers Nelson
Mandela a powerful symbol of freedom and human dignity.

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