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									    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	          	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012
Name of officer against whom complaint is being lodged:   
Leslie T. Knight 
Education/degree of officer against whom complaint is being lodged:   
Law Degree 
Designation/Post held of officer against whom complaint is being lodged : 
City of Richmond Assistant City Manager/Human Resources Management Director 
Organization/Department of officer against whom complaint is being lodged : 
City of Richmond Human Resources Department and City Manager’s Office 
Richmond City Hall 
450 Civic Center Plaza 
Richmond, CA  94804 
(510) 620‐6600 
Approximate Annual Salary of Officer:  
$250,000 (Total cost of employment in 2011 was $287,507 according to the Contra Costa 
Times public employee salary database) 
Officer’s time in designation/post:  
Approximately 7+ years with the City of Richmond 
Name of the complainant :  
Stacie Plummer 
Position of complainant: 
City of Richmond Finance Manager I (Library & Cultural Services Department).  
Employment with the City of Richmond spans over 26 years.  Employed with the City of 
Richmond during two separate time periods.  Currently an employee of the City of 

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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	         	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012

California	Penal	Code	424	
   (a) Each officer of this state, or of any county, city, town,
or district of this state, and every other person charged with the
receipt, safekeeping, transfer, or disbursement of public moneys, who
    1. Without authority of law, appropriates the same, or any
portion thereof, to his or her own use, or to the use of another; or,
    2. Loans the same or any portion thereof; makes any profit out
of, or uses the same for any purpose not authorized by law; or,
    3. Knowingly keeps any false account, or makes any false entry or
erasure in any account of or relating to the same; or,
    4. Fraudulently alters, falsifies, conceals, destroys, or
obliterates any account; or,
    5. Willfully refuses or omits to pay over, on demand, any public
moneys in his or her hands, upon the presentation of a draft, order,
or warrant drawn upon these moneys by competent authority; or,
    6. Willfully omits to transfer the same, when transfer is
required by law; or,
    7. Willfully omits or refuses to pay over to any officer or
person authorized by law to receive the same, any money received by
him or her under any duty imposed by law so to pay over the same;--
   Is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three,
or four years, and is disqualified from holding any office in this
   (b) As used in this section, "public moneys" includes the proceeds
derived from the sale of bonds or other evidence or indebtedness
authorized by the legislative body of any city, county, district, or
public agency.
   (c) This section does not apply to the incidental and minimal use
of public resources authorized by Section 8314 of the Government

California	Penal	Code	Section	504	
Every officer of this state, or of any county, city, city and
county, or other municipal corporation or subdivision thereof, and
every deputy, clerk, or servant of that officer, and every officer,
director, trustee, clerk, servant, or agent of any association,
society, or corporation (public or private), who fraudulently
appropriates to any use or purpose not in the due and lawful
execution of that person's trust, any property in his or her
possession or under his or her control by virtue of that trust, or

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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	         	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012
secretes it with a fraudulent intent to appropriate it to that use or
purpose, is guilty of embezzlement.

California	Penal	Code	Section	487	
Grand theft is theft committed in any of the following cases:
   (a) When the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is
of a value exceeding nine hundred fifty dollars ($950), except as
provided in subdivision (b).
   (b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), grand theft is committed in
any of the following cases:
   (1) (A) When domestic fowls, avocados, olives, citrus or deciduous
fruits, other fruits, vegetables, nuts, artichokes, or other farm
crops are taken of a value exceeding two hundred fifty dollars
   (B) For the purposes of establishing that the value of domestic
fowls, avocados, olives, citrus or deciduous fruits, other fruits,
vegetables, nuts, artichokes, or other farm crops under this
paragraph exceeds two hundred fifty dollars ($250), that value may be
shown by the presentation of credible evidence which establishes
that on the day of the theft domestic fowls, avocados, olives, citrus
or deciduous fruits, other fruits, vegetables, nuts, artichokes, or
other farm crops of the same variety and weight exceeded two hundred
fifty dollars ($250) in wholesale value.
   (2) When fish, shellfish, mollusks, crustaceans, kelp, algae, or
other aquacultural products are taken from a commercial or research
operation which is producing that product, of a value exceeding two
hundred fifty dollars ($250).
   (3) Where the money, labor, or real or personal property is taken
by a servant, agent, or employee from his or her principal or
employer and aggregates nine hundred fifty dollars ($950) or more in
any 12 consecutive month period.
   (c) When the property is taken from the person of another.
   (d) When the property taken is any of the following:
   (1) An automobile, horse, mare, gelding, any bovine animal, any
caprine animal, mule, jack, jenny, sheep, lamb, hog, sow, boar, gilt,
barrow, or pig.
   (2) A firearm.

California	Government	Code	8314	
(a) It is unlawful for any elected state or local officer,
including any state or local appointee, employee, or consultant, to
use or permit others to use public resources for a campaign activity,
or personal or other purposes which are not authorized by law.
   (b) For purposes of this section:
   (1) "Personal purpose" means those activities the purpose of which
is for personal enjoyment, private gain or advantage, or an outside
endeavor not related to state business. "Personal purpose" does not
include the incidental and minimal use of public resources, such as

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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	         	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012
equipment or office space, for personal purposes, including an
occasional telephone call.
   (2) "Campaign activity" means an activity constituting a
contribution as defined in Section 82015 or an expenditure as defined
in Section 82025. "Campaign activity" does not include the
incidental and minimal use of public resources, such as equipment or
office space, for campaign purposes, including the referral of
unsolicited political mail, telephone calls, and visitors to private
political entities.
   (3) "Public resources" means any property or asset owned by the
state or any local agency, including, but not limited to, land,
buildings, facilities, funds, equipment, supplies, telephones,
computers, vehicles, travel, and state-compensated time.
   (4) "Use" means a use of public resources which is substantial
enough to result in a gain or advantage to the user or a loss to the
state or any local agency for which a monetary value may be
   (c) (1) Any person who intentionally or negligently violates this
section is liable for a civil penalty not to exceed one thousand
dollars ($1,000) for each day on which a violation occurs, plus three
times the value of the unlawful use of public resources. The penalty
shall be assessed and recovered in a civil action brought in the
name of the people of the State of California by the Attorney General
or by any district attorney or any city attorney of a city having a
population in excess of 750,000. If two or more persons are
responsible for any violation, they shall be jointly and severally
liable for the penalty.
   (2) If the action is brought by the Attorney General, the moneys
recovered shall be paid into the General Fund. If the action is
brought by a district attorney, the moneys recovered shall be paid to
the treasurer of the county in which the judgment was entered. If
the action is brought by a city attorney, the moneys recovered shall
be paid to the treasurer of that city.
   (3) No civil action alleging a violation of this section may be
commenced more than four years after the date the alleged violation
   (d) Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use of public
resources for providing information to the public about the possible
effects of any bond issue or other ballot measure on state
activities, operations, or policies, provided that (1) the
informational activities are otherwise authorized by the constitution
or laws of this state, and (2) the information provided constitutes
a fair and impartial presentation of relevant facts to aid the
electorate in reaching an informed judgment regarding the bond issue
or ballot measure.
   (e) The incidental and minimal use of public resources by an
elected state or local officer, including any state or local
appointee, employee, or consultant, pursuant to this section shall
not be subject to prosecution under Section 424 of the Penal Code.



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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	           	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012

California	Labor	Code	1102.5(c)	
(a) An employer may not make, adopt, or enforce any rule,
regulation, or policy preventing an employee from disclosing
information to a government or law enforcement agency, where the
employee has reasonable cause to believe that the information
discloses a violation of state or federal statute, or a violation or
noncompliance with a state or federal rule or regulation.
   (b) An employer may not retaliate against an employee for
disclosing information to a government or law enforcement agency,
where the employee has reasonable cause to believe that the
information discloses a violation of state or federal statute, or a
violation or noncompliance with a state or federal rule or
   (c) An employer may not retaliate against an employee for refusing
to participate in an activity that would result in a violation of
state or federal statute, or a violation or noncompliance with a
state or federal rule or regulation.
   (d) An employer may not retaliate against an employee for having
exercised his or her rights under subdivision (a), (b), or (c) in any
former employment.
   (e) A report made by an employee of a government agency to his or
her employer is a disclosure of information to a government or law
enforcement agency pursuant to subdivisions (a) and (b).
   (f) In addition to other penalties, an employer that is a
corporation or limited liability company is liable for a civil
penalty not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for each
violation of this section.
   (g) This section does not apply to rules, regulations, or policies
which implement, or to actions by employers against employees who
violate, the confidentiality of the lawyer-client privilege of
Article 3 (commencing with Section 950), the physician-patient
privilege of Article 6 (commencing with Section 990) of Chapter 4 of
Division 8 of the Evidence Code, or trade secret information.

Summary	of	Facts:	
1. Violation of Government Code 8314, Penal Code Sections 424(a)(1) and 424(a)(2), in excess 
   of the incidental and minimal use of public resources authorized by Section 8314 of the 
   Government Code, Penal Code 487 (Grand Theft) and Penal Code 504 (Embezzlement). 
   Leslie Knight receives a monthly car allowance of $450 (to drive her personal car for city 
   business) as part of her City of Richmond executive management benefits package.  She has 
   been receiving this monthly car allowance since her employment began with the City of 
   Richmond more than 7 years ago.  Leslie Knight has concurrently been using a city car, 
   assigned to her department (Human Resources), for Ms. Knight’s personal purposes for 

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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	                                     	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012
    more than 6 years.  The City of Richmond Public Works Department has the car’s excessive 
    mileage records showing Ms. Knight’s daily use and need for excessive car service; the 
    Public Works Department also keeps the car’s excessive fuel records; and has records 
    showing Ms. Knight’s city car accident reports where she has caused at least two accidents 
    in the city car resulting in damage, both times, exceeding $400.  Ms. Knight has had her 
    department car replaced for a newer model three (3) times over the last 6 years. Staff also 
    has pictures of her department car being parked in Ms. Knight’s home driveway at night and 
    on weekends. These public losses and misuses/misappropriation of public funds/resources, 
    by Ms. Knight, on the City of Richmond and its taxpayers all far exceed $400 making her 
    actions, in her highly compensated public employment position, civil offenses as well as 
    felonious crimes against public policy. 

Figure A: HR Department City Car parked at Leslie Knight's     Figure B: HR Department Car parked at Leslie Knight's home 
home in Hercules, CA on Sunday, 11/7/2010                      in Hercules, CA on Thursday, 2/11/2010 

                        Figure C: HR Department Car parked at Leslie Knight's home in Hercules, CA 
                        on Thursday, 6/2/2011 

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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	             	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012
2. Violation of Government Code 8314, Penal Code Sections 424(a)(1) and 424(a)(2), in excess 
   of the incidental and minimal use of public resources authorized by Section 8314 of the 
   Government Code, Penal Code 487 (Grand Theft) and Penal Code 504 (Embezzlement). 
   Leslie Knight uses five (5) Human Resources staff members during city time, within city 
   offices, using city resources and compensated with city funds to manufacture baby shower 
   favors and her jewelry business marketing materials for use in the sale of said products to 
   the outside public during and after city business hours.  The five (5) Human Resources staff 
   members that are regularly coerced into doing personal work for Ms. Knight on city time 
   (using city compensated time that often results in paid overtime) for Ms. Knight’s private 
   gain are: Lisa Carter, HR Executive Secretary II; Lois Clark, PERS retiree/now hourly (in 
   violation of AB 1028) HR Executive Secretary II; Sharrone Taylor, Administrative Services 
   Analyst; Ester Esparza, PERS retiree/now hourly (in violation of AB 1028) Human Resources 
   Technician, and Jessica Somera, Human Resources Technician.  These public losses resulting 
   from misuses/misappropriation of public funds/resources, by Ms. Knight, on the City of 
   Richmond and its taxpayers all far exceed $400 making her actions, in her highly 
   compensated public employment position, civil offenses as well as felonious crimes against 
   public policy.  Below are pictures of one of the Human Resources Department offices where 
   materials to manufacture products for sale are stored. Also included are pictures of the 
   products the staff make for sale for Ms. Knight’s private gain.  The product pictures are 
   captured within Ms. Knight’s office in City Hall. There is one other HR Department 
   office/room and the City Hall basement storage room assigned to the Human Resources 
   department where other materials are housed (no picture available). 

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       Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	                                             	
                                        |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012

           Figure 1: Taken in Leslie Knight’s Office on 11‐8‐2010 




Figure 1: Taken in a vacant office in the Human Resources  



                                                                     Figure 3: Taken in Leslie Knight’s Office on 11‐8‐2010

Figure 2: Taken in Leslie Knight’s Office on 11‐8‐2010

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          Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	                                     	
                                           |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012

      Figure 4: Taken in a vacant office in the Human Resources Dept.  11‐30‐2011

Figure 5: Taken in Leslie Knight’s Office on 11‐8‐2010                              Figure 6: Taken in Leslie Knight’s Office on 11‐8‐2010

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          Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	                                          	
                                           |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012


Figure 7: Taken in a vacant office in the Human Resources Dept.            Figure 8: Taken in a vacant office in the Human Resources Dept.  
 4‐18‐2012                                                                 4‐18‐2012

Figure 9: Taken in a vacant office in the Human Resources Dept.  11‐30‐2011

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    Public	Corruption/Misuse	of	Public	Resources	Complaint	–	Against:	Leslie	Knight	              	
                                     |City	of	Richmond	Public	Officer	|	11/10/2012
3. Violation of Labor Code 1102.5 (c). Ms. Knight is my employer under the aforementioned 
labor code. When I refused to do work, creating marketing materials for Ms. Knight’s jewelry 
business, I should have been protected under labor code 1102.5 (c) from her retaliation for my 
refusal to participate in an activity that would result in the violation of a state statute.  
However, since the day I refused to do personal work for Ms. Knight’s personal gain, Ms. Knight 
has changed my position title four (4) times resulting in my gaining additional responsibilities 
and duties with no additional compensation; she has transferred me to different departments, 
against my will, four (4) times.  Each transfer I took on additional duties with no additional 
compensation and was forced to do the work normally undertaken by two employees, resulting 
in me working excessive hours on the job. And I have been denied promotions recommended 
by my directors to Ms. Knight for her approval on four (4) separate occasions.  Most recently 
my director initiated a promotion that was granted by the City’s Labor Relations Manager, Lisa 
Stephenson, and then two months later the decision was overturned by Ms. Knight. 
In a further retaliation event, I discovered financial wrongdoing taking place in my department 
and I brought my allegations to the attention of my department director, Katy Curl.  Ms. Curl 
took the issues to Ms. Knight to discuss corrective actions.  Ms.  Knight declined to impose 
corrective actions on the department staff committing the malfeasance, but indicated that I 
had some culpability for the crimes, because I was the finance manager in the department and 
the wrongdoing was happening under my watch.  I reported the wrongdoing issues to the City 
Manager, Bill Lindsay, for his investigation and received no word from him regarding my 
submitted documentation of the events, but was soon after threatened by my department 
director with disciplinary action.  I reported the malfeasance to the Federal Office of the 
Inspector General, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, The Contra Costa County 
Grand Jury, and the FBI’s Public Corruption unit to invoke my protections under the California 
Whistleblower’s Protection Act.  Since my reports, Ms. Knight has been caught watching me on 
surveillance cameras in City Hall and coercing City of Richmond Department Directors that I 
engage in conversation with in the course of my workday in City Hall, to document the details 
of my conversations with them and email the information to Ms. Knight and her assistant. 
Ms. Knight as the Assistant City Manager/Human Resources Management Director is 
responsible in her dual, but conflicting, roles with the receipt, safekeeping, transfer, and/or 
disbursement of public moneys, and public resources.  Ms. Knight’s education in law and her 
subsequent receipt of a law degree indicate she should have known or was criminally negligent 
in failing to know, the legal requirements that governed her acts in public office. 


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Richmond probed over stimulus grant - SFGate
No t e b o o k:         seplummer's notebook
Cre at e d :            11/12/2012 9:04 AM

                                                                          F San Francisco, CA (cha nge )
                                                                            Partly C loudy
                                                                                    Toda y         Tue .
                                                                                    50/66          52/70     5 Da y Fore cast Traffic
 Monday Nov 12, 2012 9:04 AM P T

                                       sfgate .com   W e b Se arch by YA HOO!   Busine sse s                                                                          Sign I

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   Richmond probed over stimulus grant                                                                                          Photo Galleries             Displaying 1-3
   Jennifer Gollan, Bay C itizen
   Updated 9:04 p.m., Friday, October 12, 2012

                                                     A federal agency has opened a rev iew into allegations that
                                                     the city of Richmond submitted erroneous reports as part                             W e e k 10:   MTV EMAs       MTV
                                                     of an almost $400,000 federal stimulus grant intended to                             49e rs vs.    2012: R e d   2012
                                                     boost broadband use among minorities and low-                                          R am s        carpe t      m om

           Share                                     income residents.
                                                                                                                                Most Read | Most C ommented | Most Em
          C omments (9)        Email This            Katy Curl, the city 's library and cultural serv ices director,
          Larger | Smaller     Font                  acknowledged in an interv iew that her department could                    1. C ongress wants answers on Petraeus a
                                                     not document $57 ,000 worth of in-kind serv ices, such as                  2. What happens next for Alex Smith
          Printable Version
                                                     electricity and phone bills, it said it had paid for ov er the             3. Bay Bridge crews resolve last uncertai
                                                     past two fiscal y ears as part of the program.                             4. 49ers, Rams tie; Alex Smith hurt
                                                                                                                                5. Elmo puppeteer accused of underage
   "We used the numbers in good faith that they were correct," Curl said. "As we looked back, it wasn't a                          relationship
   number that could be v erified."                                                                                             6. Alex Smith's concussion hurts 49ers
                                                                                                                                7. C alif. snowpack outlook grim for water
   Prompted by a whistle-blower complaint from a finance manager in the city 's Library and Cultural
   Serv ices Department, the National Telecommunications and Information A dministration began                              lo ading...

   rev iewing the city 's handling of the grant this month.
                                                                                                                                FROM OUR HOMEPAGE
   National program
   The grant is part of a $4.7 billion program to improv e the nation's broadband sy stem. The whistle-
   blower declined to be named for fear of jeopardizing her job prospects.

   It does not appear that any federal funds hav e gone missing.

   "We are looking in to it," telecommunications agency spokeswoman Heather Phillips said. She said the
   agency is "v igorously ov erseeing" all projects in the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program,
   which is part of the Obama administration's federal stimulus program.

   Curl said the city would submit new reports to the federal gov ernment accounting for a different set of
   in-kind serv ices worth about $54,000. The new reports could include serv ices such as computer
   maintenance and office space, she said.

   Sherry Drobner, the literacy program manager who submitted the erroneous reports, did not return a
   call requesting comment.

   Curl declined to discuss whether Drobner had been disciplined, citing confidentiality rules surrounding
   personnel matters.

   The finance manager alerted the city manager's office in A ugust about the alleged financial
   irregularities, documents show. The finance manager say s she then receiv ed an e-mail from the Library
                                                                                                                                2nd woman in scandal ID'd
   and Cultural Serv ices director that threatened her with disciplinary action, which led her to report the                    Liaison was apparent target of emails from
   financial irregularities to federal officials.                                                                               Petraeus' biographer; questions on nation
   Harassment claim filed
   She has also filed a harassment claim with the city attorney 's office against the city 's human resources

                                                                                                                                                         Page 13 of 59
director/assistant city manager and the Library and Cultural Serv ices Department director,
documents show.

Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay declined to comment about the whistle-blower complaint but
defended the city 's ability to administer federal funds.

"My major concern is if there's a problem with the way we'v e handled something," Lindsay said. "I'm
confident in our ability to handle federal funds. If there are issues where we didn't handle them
appropriately , I would like to take correctiv e action."

The city will receiv e at least $1 1 million this fiscal y ear in federal stimulus funding, which will
underwrite projects including incentiv es for homeowners to install solar panels and energy -efficient
lightbulbs, and prov iding a high-speed Internet sy stem for the Port of Richmond.

Richmond receiv ed its digital literacy grant through a project administered by Portland State
Univ ersity and funded with $3.3 million in federal stimulus funds. The goal is to increase broadband use
among more than 23,000 adults in Richmond and elsewhere.

Providing in-kind services
The grant, which began in September 201 0, runs through mid-201 3. Richmond officials hav e pledged to                     Twists to your Thanksgiving
prov ide more than $500,000 worth of in-kind serv ices as part of the federal grant.                                       These nontraditional recipes will spice up
                                                                                                                           Turkey Day feast.
Some of the serv ices are to be prov ided by community organizations, including the Richmond A dult
School, that are recruiting and training residents to use the Internet.

Bay Citizen is part of the independent, nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting. For more, go to
w w w E-mail:

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                                           Foreclosure Profile Report

1081 ROCK HARBOR PT                                            Foreclosure Stage: Auction
HERCULES, CA 94547                                                   Sale Date 09/13/10            Published Bid   $1,004,208
         County CONTRA COSTA                                                                        Opening Bid    $0
 Parcel Number 404-580-074-7                                      Sale Status Active                Notice Date    11/24/09
 Thomas Guide                                                   Postponed For No                    Document #     278398
       RadarID 39432922                                                        Reason
 Legal Description                                                  Sale Date 09/13/10                Sale Time 10:00 AM
T8593 L120                                                          Prior Date 08/10/10            Sale Location 725 COURT ST
                                                                 Original Date 12/11/09                           MARTINEZ
Property Details
                                                                    Loan Date 01/11/07             Loan Amount $960,000
      Year Built   2003                   Zoning                   Loan Doc # 9843                 Loan Position 1
          Type     SFR - RSFR               Units   1
          Beds     5                       Baths    4                 Trustee REGIONAL SERVICE CORP
          SqFt     3,419                Lot Size    6,761                     3210 EL CAMINO REAL 200
        Rooms      10                     Stories   2                         IRVINE, CA 92602
        Garage     0                      HVAC                                714-259-7850
           Pool    0                   Fireplace    0              TS Number 05-FMB-81872
                                   Transfer Date    07/28/06
                                                                        Lender INDYMAC FEDERAL BANK FSB
Value & Equity                                                                 155 NORTH LAKE AVENUE
          Value $611,079 $179/sf (08/09/10)                                    PASADENA, CA 91101
          Loans $1,116,000 183%                                Transaction History
          Equity $-504,921 -83%                                Type     #     Date       Doc #    Grantee                    Amount
            Rent $2,312                 Cap Rate 4.54%         Transfer       06/30/04   251395   OVERSIER,PAUL & LESLIE K        $0
                                                               Transfer       07/28/06   240031   OVERSIER,PAUL & LESLIE K        $0
Tax Assesment
                                                               QCL            07/28/06   240031   KNIGHT,LESLIE                   $0
   Assessed Yr     2009            Annual Taxes     $11,163    Loan     1st   01/11/07   9843     INDYMAC BANK FSB          $960,000
          Total    $676,500        Est. Tax Rate    1.65%       - NOD         08/19/09   200380   REGIONAL TRUSTEE SERVICES  $21,545
          Land     $219,785       Delinquent Tax    $0          - NTS         11/24/09   278398   REGIONAL SERVICE CORP $1,004,208
      Improved     $456,715        Delinquent Yr    0          Loan 2nd       01/11/07   9844     ALL AMERICAN MORTGAGE INC $156,000
Owner Name & Mailing Address                                   Notes


Data provided by and subject to                                                                           Page 4 of 27
the terms of's User Agreement.                                                       Report as of: 09/06/10 10:27 AM
                                                                                                                   Page 23 of 59
                                                                 City of Richmond

 To:       Bill Lindsay, City Manager
 From:     Stacie Plummer, Finance Manager I
 CC:       Pam Covington, IFPTE Local 21 Representative
 Date:     8/27/2012
 Re:       Library & Cultural Services Outstanding Issues

 Thank you Mr. Lindsay for taking the time to meet with me and my union representative on Friday,
 August 24, 2012. I appreciate you allowing me the time to speak to you about the issues plaguing my
 department and how these issues are materially impacting my ability to carry out particular
 responsibilities in my capacity as the department’s Finance Manager I. To be more specific, my duties
 impacted include: 1) enforcing compliance with professional ethics; 2) enforcing compliance with fiscal
 policy; and 3) minimizing financial risk to the City of Richmond. Attached you will find a 212 page
 document I have prepared outlining some of the issues afflicting the Library & Cultural Services
 department currently.

 While I am mindful that our meeting last Friday (setup by the city’s labor relations representative and
 my union representative) was designed to focus more on the distinctions between the positions of
 Finance Manager I vs. Finance Manager II, I wanted to take the time now to clearly convey my hopes
 in regards to resulting outcomes following our meeting.

 My hopes are:

       1. With the attached document, you will investigate the issues included within it and come to
          resolution so that the library can improve its mediocre performance and service delivery as
          compared to other bay area libraries and once again lead in innovation and service as it did in
          its start

       2. You will discuss with the Human Resources Director/Assistant City Manager her obvious bias
          against me, which Directors and staff have confirmed privately, that I have had to endure for
          approximately five years now and you have it cease immediately. Due to this confirmed bias:

               a. I have been denied Director initiated promotions four (4) times;

               b.   I have had my position title changed four (4) times resulting each time in me taking on
                    additional duties and responsibilities with no additional compensation;

               c.   I have been transferred among departments four (4) times, and

               d.                 plit between departments three (3) times resulting in me having to report to multiple
                    directors simultaneously, each offering conflicting direction, while concurrently carrying
                    out the financial management workload of at least two individuals.

               e. I have not found evidence that these peculiar circumstances or work arrangements
                  have been imposed upon any other person within the City of Richmond to date.

                                                                                                   Page 24 of 59
   3. You take into consideration:

           a. My being born and raised in Richmond

           b. My 20+ years as an employee of the City of Richmond

           c.   My MBA in Financial Management (with honors)

           d. My city paid Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science (with honors), and

           e. My desire to have a position that grants me the authority and responsibility to utilize
              my knowledge and skills in operations analysis, administration, management,
              supervision, leadership, financial management, project management and technology
              to bring about the necessary success the residents and taxpayers of the City of
              Richmond deserve and require.

 Page 2

                                                                                             Page 25 of 59
Page 26 of 59
Page 27 of 59
Page 28 of 59
Page 29 of 59
                                                                                              PLUMMER, Stacie

Stacie Plummer

From:       Stacie Plummer

Sent:       Thursday, February 09, 2012 1:22 PM
To:         Katy Curl
Subject: FW: Request for Legal Opinion from December 2011 Status Request: Volunteer vs Contract Worker vs
         City Employee (can you be both)

Stacie Plummer, MBA, MUS | Finance Manager | Library & Cultural Services | City of Richmond |
Ph: 5)0-620-6930 | Fax:510-620-6575 | Email: stacie
Richmond Public Library | 325 Civic Center Plaza | Richmond CA 94804-1630
This communication may contain privileged or other confidential information. Ifyou have received it in
error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail and immediately delete the message and any attachments
without copying or disclosing the contents. Thank you.

From: Bruce Soublet
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 10:34 AM
To: Stacie Plummer
Subject: RE: Request for Legal Opinion from December 2011 Status Request: Volunteer vs Contract
Worker vs City Employee (can you be both)

I will get the response to you early next week.

oSmvA Q&aubk
Assistant City Attorney/
ADA Coordinator
City of Richmond
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-6507 (f) 620-6518

Confidentiality Notice: The contents of this message, together with any attachments, are intendeed only
for the use of the individual(s) or entity to which they are addressed and may contain information that is
legally privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure. Ifyou are not the intended recipient, you are
hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this message, or any attachment is
strictly prohibited. Ifyou are not the intended recipient or otherwise authorized to receive this message,
please contact the sender by reply e-mail or phone at (510) 620-6509, and delete all copies of this
message along with any attachments. Thank you.

From: Stacie Plummer
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 10:24 AM
To: Bruce Soublet
Cc: Katy Curl
Subject: Request for Legal Opinion from December 2011 Status Request: Volunteer vs Contract Worker
vs City Employee (can you be both)
Importance: High

Hi Bruce,

8/20/2012                                                                                          Page 30 of 59
                                                                                               PLUMMER, Stacie

We are approaching a new budget season and the Library Director sees a contract plan requesting that the LEAP
Program Manager's Sensei conduct contract work for LEAP again while also being on staff in Recreation. You
have the legal opinion on this from December. The Director was hoping to get an opinion before this thing gets
any more confusing. This is just a follow up on the status of the RLO. If you could please let me know your
opinion on the matter.


Stacie Plummer, MBA, MLIS | Finance Manager | Library & Cultural Services | City of Richmond |
Ph: 510-620-6930 | Fax:510-620-6575 | Email: stacie
Richmond Public Library | 325 Civic Center Plaza | Richmond CA 94804-1630
This communication may contain privileged or other confidential information. If you have received it in error, please
advise the sender by reply e-mail and immediately delete the message and any attachments without copying or
disclosing the contents. Thank you.

 8/20/2012                                                                                           Page 31 of 59
                                                                                             PLUMMER, Stacie

Stacie Plummer

From:           Stacie Plummer

Sent:           Tuesday, February 28, 2012 4:03 PM
To:              Katy Curl
Subject:         FW: RLO - Ki Reseach Institute (Contractor vs. Employee) City Attorney Opinion Provided
Attachments: Ki Research Institute Contractor & Employee RLO.pdf

Attached is the City Attorney's opinion on the Sensei's work at LEAP.

Stacie Plummer, MBA, MLIS | Finance Manager | Library & Cultural Services | City of Richmond |
Ph: 510-620-6930 | Fax:510-620-6575 | Email: stacie
Richmond Public Library | 325 Civic Center Plaza | Richmond CA 94804-1630
This communication may contain privileged or other confidential information. Ifyou have received it in
error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail and immediately delete the message and any attachments
without copying or disclosing the contents. Thank you.

From: Crystal Shanklin
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 3:14 PM
To: Stacie Plummer
Subject: RLO - Ki Reseach Institute


Your Request for Legal Opinion is complete and ready for pick

City Attorney's Office
450 Civic Center Plaza, 3rd Fl
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-6509 (Office)
(510) 620-6518 (Fax)

 8/20/2012                                                                                         Page 32 of 59
                                   REQUEST FOR LEGAL OPINION
                       Print Document - Add Attachments - Deliver to City Attorney's Office
    Date: 12/15/2011

    Department: Library &Cultural Services             Initiated by: Stacie Plummer            .. -. .'-Phone: 510-620-6930
    Subject Ki Reserach Institute and Citv of Richmond Employee Pietro Maida

        Resolution: [ I Ordinance: f 1 Contract: [ 1 RFP/Q: [                         Opinion: k/1 Review: \y\

    Please indicate the nature of your request and the purpose of the contract or document to be reviewed:
     Mr. Pietro Maida is a City of Richmond employee working in the Recreation Department as a Recreation Program Leader
     teaching Aikido. He is also contracting with LEAP under the entity Ki Research Institute where he provides Aikido
     breathing exercises and peaceful resolution to conflict services for students. The Ki Research contract expires June 30,
     2013. 1) Is there a conflictof interest (employee vs. contractor)? 2) Currently LEAP has no budget to pay Ki Research
     Institute so Mr. Maida is volunteering his services at LEAP. Is volunteering services under a current contract allowable?
                                                ttLEAP <i +he phy s< aaJ components a* teanahon
added : employee- Teaches the merrfeU CcmpicnJ s<
                  (items must have completed the review process BEFORE placement on the Agenda)
    [•[Deadline for opinion? 12/23/2011                [J Meeting Agenda (choose one): City Q Agency ^Authority Q|
    List Attachments:

    Ki Research Institute contract July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013 $36,000

                                     RESPONSE BY CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE

      -/y /O ^Lo >^>-VW^g-j,..., gA-g ^^-^"y ,xi_-v-^.-^_ Vt^c G^ov- Vc-v-

     /su>*'<3 a>** ro r\ yiL /x^-^-t-. <uj ^-<^zf #-     <=)doc{ <£~<tC&_^ £sny/o*~-fX.<£- gPt^cci /Jdr-c* tt* ^£<*

            1st Review Date:          ,C/*,/s/                       2nd Review Date: •*&/&*//* lOt
            3'd Review Date:

   0 APPROVED AS TO FORM                    Attorney's Signature: Viu^^^-W^cu:^5? Date: ''£/o//s

                                                                                                                       rev. 3-07

                                                                                                               Page 33 of 59
                                             CITY OF RICHMOND
                                           STANDARD CONTRACT
       Department: Library-LEAP
                                                       Project Manager Sherry Drobner
       Project ManagerE-mail:
                                                       Project Manager Phone No us
                                                                             (510) 307-8082
       PR No:                    Vendor No: 6203       PO./Contract No:
       Description of Services

       ££& aXfd6ntS **h Ki trainln910 Pr°m0te ***«a~. concentration and focus for

      follows^ P3ftleS t0 ^ STANDARD CONTRACT do mutually agree and promise as
        S^^SSZ^ C°ntraCt Contractor
      1 as trie City ) and the following named3re the City 0f Rlchmond ^™ referred to
            Company Name: Ki Research'^titute (KRI)
            Street Address:        812 Cornell Ave.
           City, State, Zip Code: Albany, CA 94706
           Contact Person: Pietro Yuji Maida                  "    ""             "     "
           Telephone: (510) 290-8640                      Email: int0ku@sbcgloTaL^r^;
           Business License No: 0040014270              /Expiration Date: October 1, 2011
           ACalifornia Q corporation,•limited liability corporation n aeneral
          BtSSa^SKSrDindiJL" mnonSfiJ«-
          • other [specify:]  —

          I^L The effective date of this Contract is               July 12010     
          tem"nateS              ^ne 30,2013          uniess lemnnated J°Za^ J '
          fiULta^C^ total payments to Connor under this Contract sha.l not

         Sm2SSSTZ o°ntrac,0r shaH provide «lose ^rvices and carry out


                                                                                                 Page 34 of 59
                 Authorized Representatives anrt Mntiroc This Contract is subject to the
                 *» T^H RePresentatives and N°tices Provisions (Exhibit C) which are
                 attached hereto and are incorporated herein by reference.

                fpSn^K"8 ThiS C0ntract is subJect t0 ** General Conditions
                SSSi\n L^3re **?* h/ret0 and are incorporated herein by reference,
                subject to all the terms and conditions contained or incorporated herein.
                Sp*;ial Conditio"*- This Contract is subject to the Special Conditions (Exhibit E)
                (if any]i which are attached hereto and are incorporated herein by reference
                subject to all the terms and conditions contained or incorporated herein (Note-
               2£E22^r"*theCjty wi"a9ree t0 lpeclal CorZ^
               SnyK10"' Jh,S Contract and are incorporated herein by reference.
               (Exhibrt F) which are attached hereto is •"«**t0 tne ,nsuranoe Provisions
               Signatures. These signatures attest the parties' Contract hereto:
    a municipal corporation

                                                            Ki Research Institute (KRI)
                                                            (* TheCorporation Chairperson ofthe Board
                                                            President or Vice President should sign below)
                                                            By:      r ,AA*^         u^
   I hereby certify that this Contract                      Title: -rj^gg^f pcyvj i
   has been approved by City/Council.
                                                           Date Signed: J^L I O, Z~o f &

                                                           (* The Corporation ChiefFinancial Officer.
  Approved as to form:                                    Secretary orAssistant Secretary should sign below)
                                                          By: \ ],j2^ f(lJhSt^

                                                          Date Signed:         X/7 U ( cj ~x^ co
                                                          (NOTE: Pursuant to California Corporations
                                                          Code Section 313, if Contractor is a corporation
                                                      ornonprofit organization, this Contract (1) must
                                                      be signed by (a) theChairperson oftheBoard
                                                      President orVice-President and (b) the
                                                      Secretary any Assistant Secretary, the Chief
 LIST OF ATTACHMENTS:                                 Financial Officer oranyAssistant Treasurer.
Service Plan
                                              Exhibit A
Payment Provisions                            Exhibit 8
Authorized Representatives and Notices        Exhibit C
General Conditions                            Exhibit 0
Special Conditions                            Exhibit E
Insurance Provisions                          Exhibit F
Standard ContaxitEJ/TE9-28-07

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                                                           For the Contract between the City of
                                                           Richmond and
                                                           Ki Research Institute (KRI)

                                         EXHIBIT A
                                      SERVICE PLAN

Contractor shall, to the satisfaction of the Literacy Program Manager       Derform tho
following serv«ces and be compensated as outlined below                    'P            *

relaxation to deal JStknZSZ fevels ofZ« EL"0?"? outcomes of usin3 ca'rnness and
taught Juvenile Hall.                                 "•? •"»««»•**
Countylocally at Berkeley pSh^^^^ West County Detention Center and Alameda

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                                                               For the Contract between theCity of
                                                               Richmond and

                                                               Ki Research Institute (KRI)

                                              EXHIBIT B
                                      PAYMENT PROVISIONS

   ' SST°r iS "0t" **"* Under this Contract- Con^ctor shall be compensated as
     S^lf P^llfnts,made Pursuant to this Contract shall be subject to the Contract
     S " lL"T' • ™e Payment L""« includes expenses (phones, photo copying meals
     and travel etc). Invoices, shall be adequately detailed, based on accurate rewrd^ and
     ^ZXttSSrto-Ci* c°nfractor™>*«fi?KS£
     Contractor shall submit timely invoices to the following address:
    AttenHon. City of Richmond. Finance Department -Accounts Payable
    ^^itaQ^er                                      Department: LibraJv-LEAP
    Richmond, CA 94804-0046

   ^d068-^ afe """gf*1 Drobner                      before payments sK ofthe
4' Citys Project Manager. Sherryby Contractor shall be subject to the approval aulrized.
   ««.£!£Wi" The City shall not pay davs after completion
*' satisfaction. ¥2 '"^°iceSS) Wmin 45late fees or interest. of services to the Citv's

  s^hal^au^St"^ Sha" ber°btained before a"y Pavment ««* this Contract
6 snanteairthmizecf and the business license must be kept current during the term ofthfe
   Contract for payments to continue to beauthorized.
7. AH insurance coverage required by this Contract shall be provided by the Contractor
   before this Contract shall be executed by the City. The insurance wveraaemusfbe
   kept current during the term of this Contract for payments to Sn^e to be authon^d

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                                                          For the Contract between the City of
                                                          Richmond and
                                                          Ki Research Institute (KRI)

                                         EXHIBIT C
  IMc^ All notices, demands, statements, or communications provided for by this
  Contract shall be in writing and may be delivered by deposit in the Unifed States mail
  M? Pr?£?d-,N°BCeS to"* City sha" * dressed to lh.SpSKdSd
 2£2E?"d bf°V°SeCfi0n 11>to*• P"*« mana9er responsible for the
 administrator of or the supervision of the scope ofwork under ttiis Contract Notices to
 fte Contractor shall be addressed to the party designated by Contractor (as delSld
 ^oTZfi^h" 12)- notice shal. be deemed delivered (a) upon phonalVS£*$
 as of me fifth business day after mailing by United States certified mail posteae
 prepay addressed to the proper party; or (c) as of 12:00 p.m. on the seclnd business
 day ,mmed.a ely after the day it is deposited with and accepted^ ftSS&SSor a
 similar overnight courier service, addressed to the proper party andI markedMb? ^
 business day morning delivery. For the purposes ofthis Contact a"busiest 2$
      CITY hereby designates as its Authorized Representative the Project Manaaer
       whose name and address are as follows:                            J Manager
       Sherry Drobner

      City of Richmond

      Richmond. CA 94804-0046

1 2 CONTRACTOR hereby designates as its Authorized Representative the Project
      Manager whose name and address are as follows:                              J
      Pietro Yuji Maida

      Ki Research Institute (KRI)
      812 Cornell Ave.

      Albany, CA 94706

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                                                EXHIBIT D
                                        GENERAL CONDITIONS

          1 ^dependent Contractor. Contractor acknowledges, represents and
            warrants that Contractor is not a regular or temporary employee joint
              venturer or partner of the City, but rather an independent Contractor This
              Contract shall not be construed to create an agency, servant, employee
              partnership, or joint venture relationship. As an independent Contractor
              Contractor shall have no authority to bind City to any obligation or to act'
              as City s agent except as expressly provided herein. Due to the
              independent Contractor relationship created by this Contract, City shall not
             withhold state or federal income taxes, the reporting of which shall be
             Contractor's sole responsibility.

        2. Brokers. Contractor acknowledges, represents and warrants that
             Contractor has not hired, retained or agreed to pay any entity or person
             any fee, commission, percentage, gift, orany other consideration
             contingent upon or resulting from the award or making of this Contract.
        3. City Property. The rights to applicable plans, drawings, reports
            calculations, data, specifications, videos, graphics or other materials
            prepared for or obtained pursuant to this Contract, which, upon request
            are to be delivered to City within a reasonable time, shall be deemed '
            Sf* ^                   'f aPP«cable, Contractor shall prepare check prints upon
            request Notwithstanding the foregoing, Contractor shall not be obligated
            to provide to City proprietary software or data which Contractor has
           ^ S had developed for Contractor's own use; provided, however,
           SS k fctor^a": Purs"ant to Section 15 below, indemnify, defend and
           hold harmless City from and against any discovery or Public Records Act
           request seeking the disclosure of such proprietary software or data.
      4- ,Patf"Is' Tr5emarks. Copyrights and Rights mn*t* Contractor shall not
         publish or transfer any materials, discoveries, developments, concepts
         designs, ideas, know how, improvements, inventions and/or original works
           of authorship resulting from activities supported by this Contract without
          EfeXTSl! Pn°r Written consentof*» City Manager If anything resulting
          from activities supported by this Contract is patentable, trademarkable
          copyrightable or otherwise legally protectable, City reserves the exclusive
          ngnt to seek such intellectual property rights. Notwithstanding the
          foregoing, Contractor may, after receiving City's prior written consent
          seek patent trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights on
          anything resulting from activities supported by this Contract. However
         City reserves, and Contractor irrevocably grants, a nonexclusive fully '
         Pa!?;*UpLL°ya,,ty"free' assumaD,e. Perpetual, worldwide license, with the
         ngnt to transfer, sublicense, practice and exploit said license and the riqht
         to make, have made, copy, modify, make derivative works of, use, sell
General Cortdlfora/EJ/TE 09-26-07             1 Of 12

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               import and otherwise distribute under all applicable intellectual properties
               without restnction ofany kind said license.                       p^perues
               Contractor further agrees to assist City, at City's expense, in every proper
              way to secure the City's rights in any patents, trademarks, copyriK
              rTf^Plt °%Bt P!°^ rignts re,atin9 with respect thereto. Contractor
              City of all pertinent information and data *™*°- lnc,udin9 the disclosure to
              shall also assist City in the execution of all applications, specifications
              oaths, assignments, recordations, and all other instruments which Citv
              t *I ^ necfssarvin order to apply for, obtain, maintain and transfer
              such nghts, orif not transferable, to waive such rights. Contractor shall
                                               of a" instruments specifications, deem
             9 ^ S C,ty in *e execution other aPP«cations,which City shall oaths,
             assignments, recordations and all
             necessary in order to assign and convey to City, and any assigns and
             nom.neesthe sole and exclusive right title and interest in and to any
             fSHS' n T^\^PV^hts or other intellectual property rights relating
             thereto. Contractor further agrees that its obligation to execute or cause
             to be executed, when it is in Contractor's power to do so, any such
             insbxjmente or papers shall continue during and at all times after the end
            £23^25? n™?^"? Ul? irrevocably designates such intellectual
            rSZ^Sli Contactor hereby** expiration oftne ,astand appoints
            City, and its duly authorized officers, agents and servants, as its agent and
            attorney-in-fact, to act for and in its behalf and stead to execute and file
            any such applications and to do all other lawfully permitted acts to further
            meapplication for, prosecution, issuance, maintenance or transfer of
            letters of Patents, copyright and other registrations. This power of attomev
            is coupled with an interest and shall not be affected by Contractor*^T
            subsequent incapacity.

       5. Inspection Contractor's performance, place of business and records
          ?HT ^° th,lc?ntract are subject to monitoring, inspection, review
           and audit by authonzed representatives ofthe CITY, the State of
           California, and the United States Government

          If the project or services set forth in Exhibit Ashall be performed on City or
          nnnL9^0??^0^ 8ha" have ** n"9nt performed on City or other
          notice. If such project or services shall not be to inspecisuch work without
          public property, City shall have the right to inspect such work upon
          reasonable notice.

                                  "•"**• of City. the event that the project or
      5* ^^i J^e^Se<Aand approval•* forth ^InExhibit Ashall be performed
         to the full satisfaction
          services set forth in Exhibit Aare also itemized by price, City, in iK
         22fJl JSJOT".™*» *Con*a<** delete'certain items or series
         set forth in Exhibit A. in which case there shall be acorresponding
         reduction in the amount ofcompensation paid to Contractor.
General CcrxSflons/EJrTE 09-28-07         2 Of 12

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               SSni£L*"V"!60*and exP«ns«. Ornish all facilities and
               services required herein, unless otherwise provided in Exhibit A.
          7. Records Contractor shall keep and make available for inspection and
             SSn*.f^^^P^ntatives of the City, the Stateof California
               and the United States Government, the Contractors regular bus™
               ttVZcS"™1 records pertainfn9 to•*Srtract^ "*
              ^TSl^ retai" « <locuments Pertaining to this Contract for a
                                             Coders Federal or State audits are
              S £J? (5) ye!!! afterthisand until alltermfoation (or for any further
              penod that is required by law)
             request CONTRACTOR T?"l"l* records ^Srio^'upo^
             tSST^mSSiSS shall make theseoon"**availabte to authorized
             Go^rnenT8*"" ^ "» »*°f Ca,ifomia' and »a wSfSS
             ZSS^S^SS^ 3nd benecessary for maintain reco'
             exercise such controls asmayd^"ed aCC0Unte' proper financialds. and
             management underthis Contract. The Contractor's accouS and
            systems shall conform to generally to C^ cSSTccTunSng
            SSETSS" ^a" "f Safi8fac,0,yaccepted accounting principles and ail
            ES&'ET"8 abreakdown oftotal «*•c S K
            Contact, including property executed payrolls, time recordsufiHtvhii*
            ZT^'y VOU5W8- ^ Ci* 8ha" *^afforteTpSlcc^to
            SEES* reC°fd.S' b00ks'and Contractor sha» pSe s^proiect
            Srf r„arn°l° longer period (5**«*afterLterminaton ofWs
            Contract. or for such attea8tfive as may be required by law
           Contractor shall permit City and its authorized representatives and
           accountants to inspect, examine and copy Contacts ood? Records
           accounts, coirespondence. instnj^cMWdrawings^eceip^ sul^rX%«
           purchase orders, vouchers, memoranda and otheV K S T '
           project or services set forth in Exhibit A, and any and all data relevant to
           this Contract at any reasonable time for the purpose ofaudMm and
          this Contract and shall provide such assistance as may bTreasVnlrX to
          ^^Xr^l^iChi'TCSon- ContrX^a^aHow'city
          a^f8^tnereco,t,ieeP,n8a"<* accounting personnel ofContractor
          City further reserves the right to examine and re-examine saw books
          records, accounts, and data during the five (5 vearoeriod«te*»«.
          tomtfntfon ofthis Contract and Contract^£S£&2%
         destroy, alter, or mutilate said books, records, accounts and Xfanv
         manner whatever for five (5 years afterthe termSn'ofmis ConSac7
General Condittons/EJ/TE 09-26-07        3 Of12

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               Sf^fH u<?aullfornia Government Code §10527, the parties to this
               SE^^J? SUbf*5t0 State ofCalifornia audit of representatives
               of the Auditor General of the"^ examina«°n andfor aperiod of three (3)
               shaTbeZnnnJI*T* matters connected Tne lamination and audit
               shal be confined to those"""l"1'5 Contract with the performance of this
               ConSS                9' bUt nC" "mited ,0, ,he 00,t 0f admi"isteri"g ft?
           r^JS^ll*™^ ^"ges and/or extra work under following:
         * Contract shall be performed^and paid for In accordance with the this

              changed work. Contractor City Mana9er may autnorize extra personnel
              %2£Z City*9V*i°r meexpressly recognizes that other Cityand/or
              are without authorization to either order extra and/or changed woTor
             warve contract requirements. Failure ofContractor to secure the
             auttionzation for such extra and/or changed work shall constitute awaiver
             of any and all nght to adjustment in contract price due to such
             unauthonzed work and Contractor thereafter shall be entitled to no
             compensation whatsoever for performance of such extra and/or changed

            Hi£rt^0nJt0f ,he °pini0"that a"V w°* which Contractor has been
            ducted to perform is beyond the scope of this Contract and constitutes
            make adetermination as to whether notH*Citvof»»*SL iScKail
            ££»°£C°ntT0rSha"pr0mptlyor not such work is in fact bevond
            fte scope ofthis Contract and constitutes extra won? Tn L eventZ
           Crty determines that such work does constitute extra work cZ shaH
           provide extra compensation to Contractor on afair and equtoble basis A
           change order or Contract Amendment providing for such cnmnwKon L
           S£E^F*m"-b?rta« and Con^ctSexe^
           byContractor and theappropnate City official.
           In me eventCity determines that such work does not constitute extra
           nV^Ca0nnrttraCtorhS!:al, n0t te paid made by City staff aoovelha^ovided
           herein and ifsuch determination ise5rtra «™P*nsation said determina«™T
          may be appealed to (he City Council; rfhSJISuS
          must be submitted to me City Manager within five (5) da^aftefme staffs
          determination is sent to Contractor. Said written appeal shalUncMe a

     9 Additional Assistance. If mis Contract requires Contractor to prepare
          plans and specifications. Contractor shall provide assistance as nlclssarv
         lri^,Ve a"lqueSfions re9ardin9 suc" P'ans and specificationsEa?
         anse dunng me penod of advertising for bids, and Contractor shallissue
General Condflions/EJ/TE 09-26-07            4 Of 12

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