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					Helping Your Kids Brush their Teeth
Family dentists in Santa Cruz know how difficult it can be for some toddlers and small children to brush
their teeth. They do not understand the need to do so nor do they like holding still while an annoying
toothbrush encroaches upon their mouths.

Subsequently, young kids will fight and wrestle their parents seemingly every morning and night when it
is time to brush their teeth. But for all of you struggling parents out there, remember that this is not a
new phenomenon; some kids, and maybe even a large majority of kids, just do not like brushing their

Unfortunately in this case, it is commonly known that most habits that are developed during childhood
will persist through adulthood so the importance of teaching a child appropriate dental hygiene is vitally
important to their future health and wellbeing. This means that the eternal struggle between frustrated
but patient parents and their simply exasperated kids will continue to go on as parents the world over
try to do what is best for their children.

Dentists Can Help
Family dentists in Santa Cruz wish to help these struggling parents in their efforts to instill healthy dental
hygiene habits in their children by offering a few suggestions on how to get the kids to cooperate during
tooth brushing time. These are suggestions that have worked for others only and should not be
considered the “how to” manual on how to get your kids to engage in dental hygiene, still, hopefully
they will help.

Most parents have discovered that their little ones
will imitate what they see the parents do. This
modeling action can be of great worth to the parent
trying to get their children to cooperate with
brushing their teeth.

Consider buying identical toothbrushes for yourself
and the child and then turn brushing teeth into a
shared activity that both parent and child engage in
together. Allow them to copy your actions of putting
the paste on the brush and putting the brush into your mouth and the child will usually want to follow
their parent’s example.

Another potentially helpful tip may be to allow the child to brush your teeth while you brush their teeth.
Turning a chore into a game with mom or dad can be extremely beneficial.

Also consider buying tooth paste and a tooth brush that the child enjoys. This typically will have to do
more with what is on the tube that what is in the paste, though, honestly, the better the paste tastes
the more likely the child will want to use it.
Finding the way in which to help your children to brush their teeth may be a long and unique process
but infusing the habit of brushing teeth now in the child will help them considerably as they grow.

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