Juggling Work Life and School by DonaldQuixoteC


									Juggling Work, Life, and School
In an increasingly competitive work force the value of education and advanced degrees is seemingly
immeasurable. Those individuals who can list their qualifications on their resume include work
experience but they also list their completed degrees and training they have acquired from accredited

With the amount of qualified individuals entering the job market it can be difficult for hard working
individuals who do not have the same lengthy list of educational accomplishments to compete with
those who do, especially in programs such as nursing. For this reason, the United States has seen an
increase in the number of individuals who are returning to school either to finish their education or to
gain training and a degree in a new or related field of study as their current profession.

Returning to School
For these returning students, the act of returning to school itself can be extremely difficult and stressful
as most maintain their current employment. Not to mention these individuals who are returning to
                                                       school are all adults that have adult responsibilities
                                                       such as family and providing for oneself.

                                                       In order to keep paying the bills every month and
                                                       keep the cupboards stock with food for their
                                                       families, these returning students will now face the
                                                       challenge of balancing a job, typically a full time
                                                       one, their everyday lives and the added stressor
                                                       and time consumer of collegiate level classes.

                                                     Juggling all of these different and important
                                                     aspects to life can be more than a small challenge
and can quickly cause some to drop goals or expectations concerning their renewed education. The first
thing a returning student needs to do to ensure success and accomplish their goals is to set realistic and
attainable goals.

Returning to school is itself a worthwhile goal and the benefits of additional education are clear, but
trying to achieve too much at one time can cause individuals to exasperate their energy and fall short of
all expectations. Therefore it is vitally important to be honest when setting educational goals by
understanding that there will be limits to what your available time and efforts will allow.

Once reasonable goals have been set concerning returning to school a schedule should be created to
best facilitate the achievement of those goals. Adults can properly manage their time even when
priorities seem equal.
Remember to Relax
Remember to schedule free time to relax and ease stress during the day. Again, exasperating one’s
energy leads only to failure so while some may see scheduling breaks as a sign of weakness it is in reality
a strategy for the successful.

This being said, however, returning to school while still maintaining a job and family will take dedication
and breaks should not be over scheduled as there is a lot of work that needs to be done. To counter the
tendency to elongate breaks and free time, create a system of accountability by informing a trusted
loved one of your schedule and asking them to keep you on task.

The best way to stick with it when returning to school is to remember why you are doing so. Additional
schooling will help you to land the jobs you desire and achieve the success you desire in your career and
financial goals.

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