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									                        Brownsville Independent School District
                             1900 Price Road      Brownsville, Texas 78521-2417        (956) 698-6379     Fax: (956) 548-8115

Dr. Carl A. Montoya                                                                                     Leandra C. Ortiz
Superintendent of Schools                                                                                  Staff Attorney

                                                         December 5, 20 I2

Honorable Greg Abbott                                             Certified Mail No. 70 II 3500000 I 1004 1758
Office of the Attorney General
300 W. is" Street
Austin, Texas 7870 I

          RE: Public Information        Request - PIR No. 7240

Dear General Abbott:

I am the Staff Attorney for the Brownsville Independent School District ("Brownsville ISO" or "District"). On
November 16, 2012, Brownsville ISO received a request for records pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act,
Texas Government Code §552.00 I, et. seq. ("TPIA" or the "Act") from Mr. Bobby Wightman-Cervantes (Exhibit
A). The request seeks to obtain the following:

          "Please produce copies of any written communications from the law firm of Royston Rayzor related
          to offers to represent BISD against Healthsmart, or communications from Royston Rayzor related to
          Healthsmart. "

The lOth business day after receiving the ovember 16, 2012 request would be December 7, 20 iz'. and the
District's request for an opinion of the Texas Attorney General is timely under the Act.

The District believes that information in documents responsive to this request may be excepted from disclosure
under the TPIA sections §551.001-552.147, including sections §552.101 and § 552.104. Accordingly, pursuant to
Texas Government Code §552.30 I(3), within 15 business days of its receipt of the request, the District will submit
to your office written comments providing reasons why the stated exceptions apply that would allow the
information to be withheld, and copies of the documents about which the District is seeking an opinion.

The requestor is being provided a copy of this letter and notification that the District is seeking an opinion from
your office (Exhibit B). Thank you for your consideration, and please do not hesitate to contact me at (956) 698-

,~:~<WL] tLhy-
Leandra Costilla Ortiz
Staff Attorney for Brownsville ISD

cc:       Mr. Bobby Wightman-Cervantes. Requestor                                   Via hand-delivery
          Ms. Drue Brown, Public Information Officer

I Brownsville   ISO offices were closed from, ovember 19. 2012 through      November    23. 2012 in observance   to the
Thanksgiving    Holiday. District business resumed on ovember 26.2012.

 BISD is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate    on the basis of race, color. national origin, gender,   religion,
                        age or disability in employment or provisions of services. programs or activities.

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