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The Kentfield Hospital Foundation


The Kentfield Hospital Foundation

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									The Kentfield Hospital Foundation

Established in 1983 to help those who cannot afford medical care, the Kentfield
Hospital Foundation in Kentfield, California, operates through private
contributions from individuals and organizations. These donations supply
financially disadvantaged patients with essentials, such as clothing, special
equipment not covered through insurance, and entertainment supplies to help
raise morale during their stay at Kentfield Rehab and Specialty Hospital.

In addition to providing services directly to patients over the course of their
convalescence, the Kentfield Hospital Foundation also secures temporary
housing or transportation for patients and family members coming from far
outside the hospital's Marin County location. This way, family members can stay
nearby with ready access to their loved ones.

For more than 30 years, Kentfield Rehab and Specialty Hospital has served
patients requiring long-term acute care or rehabilitation after a catastrophic injury.
To honor a loved one, acknowledge an exceptional member of the staff, or to
make an online donation to the Kentfield Hospital Foundation, visit For membership information, contact
Foundation President Susan Jensen at (415) 456-9680.

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