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									                               Grand Pointe HOA Meeting
                                    March 11, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 5:20 p.m. Board members in attendance were Steve
Piskun, Craig Benoit, Karen Callahan, and Paula Willets. Also in attendance was Kathy
Rappold for the newsletter, Wally Farel, and Ron Cabassa arrived toward the end of the
meeting to report on landscaping.

Minutes approved from the January 14, 2009 meeting, and minutes from the February 18,
2009 review via email and approved at meeting. The saving and checking amounts will
be switched.

Old Business:

Gate at the park has been reattached. It was questioned if the gate was esthetically
pleasing, all agreed that it was good for now and may be addressed at a later date.

Russ and Steve trimmed the crepe myrtles at the front of the neighborhood.

Rich Gilmartin replaced light at the gazebo; we will check to see if light is on a timer. It
was previously set to come on at dusk.

New Business:

County road commission requested that ligustrum at the back entrance be trimmed. They
feel the trees are blocking the view of oncoming traffic and the stop sign. The board
decided to let our lawn maintenance handle this rather than the country due to esthetics of
the trees.

A homeowner had reported the possibility of a fake cop in the neighborhood. Many have
checked on this and feel this rumor was false.

Discussion about Russ putting an article in the newsletter about the meetings with UPA
(United Peninsula Association) many feel this would be very informative for our

Craig sent out notices for neighborhood violations.

Wally Farel homeowner was present to discuss the installation of a play set; he had
questions about the covenant. He wasn’t aware that a play set was considered a
permanent structure and needed approval from the architectural review board.

Craig got a quote for the new basketball goal at the park. The quote was for $400.00 this
just the goal and does not include installation. We discussed installing this goal at 8ft for
junior kids. The existing goal is at 10ft. We also discussed putting a sign in at the time
of installation stating “NO BASKETBALL AFTER DARK”
The board voted and approved basketball goal. Craig will place order.

Wally Feral volunteered for the architectural committee.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: $7,036.37
Savings: 51,715.92

Karen Lloyd has requested $700.00 for Spring/Easter event. Board approved, Karen will
email Realty Masters for check and Karen will submit receipts.

Association dues: Karen will speak with Terry about how many are still outstanding.


Ron reported lights at the entrance are not on, we need an electrician to adjust lights

Back entrance- Ron brought a few quotes
1. Wallace will put in a sprinkler line a total of 750ft for a “couple of thousand” but we
do not have pump to support this much sprinkler line. To install pump and line would be
6-7K total.
2. To install grass 8805.00 and $250.00 to kill everything present now and money for
3. To install 23 Crepe Myrtles $6858.00

Meeting adjourned at 6:09pm

Prepared by: Paula Willets

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