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Group VI


									Group VI Convergence/ Integration and Mainstreaming of ISM in the Health Care System

Issue I: ISM in CHCs under NRHM policy and guidelines
• To start ISM wing Ayurved, Homeopathy in CHCs all over Gujarat in four stages Required Medical and Paramedical staff will be provided to ISM wing. This will be done through Central Govt. Scheme.

Issue I: ISM in CHCs under NRHM policy and guidelines
• The centre is to be selected on the basis of 1. Existing Infrastructure 2. OPD turnover 3. Willingness of the Authorities • At present the existing ISM manpower should be utilized and if necessary Collaboration of ISM department in the state. This can be done under Govt. of India schemes and NRHM guidelines.(Both ISM Doctors and Paramedical Staff) • Drug and Equipment Availability will be done as per the Government Scheme and NRHM guidelines

Issue I: ISM in CHCs under NRHM policy and guidelines
• 10 days Training programs will be arranged at district and State levels for both ISM and allopathic health professionals.
– Ayurved and Homeopathy Training program for Allopathy doctors. – Allopathy training program for Ayurved/ homeopathy doctors. – Ayurved Modules – Gujarat Ayurved University & Homeopathy modules – Directorate of ISM&H. Allopaty modules – Directorate of SIHFW for Ayurved and Homeopathic doctors within 15 days

Issue II: Role of ISM Doctors in National Health Programs
• The ISM personnel will be involved in RCH program.
– Nutritional Programs: Ayurvedic Nutrition Program for women and children to be prepared.

• ISM personal skills will be used in Non-communicable disease/Life style disease • HIV/ AIDS Programme: To help people suffering from HIV/AIDS • Utilize their skills where ISM treatment is effective in fighting with any type of disease. • Reporting of activities and data with achievements should be undertaken to publicize achievements through ISM

Issue III: Integration in PHC on line with NRHM policy and guidelines

• Homeopathy Doctors should be posted along with Ayurved doctors in PHC according to available resources with equal remuneration. • All Ayurved/ homeopathy medicines will be provided to PHC adequately. • Required infrastructure will be provided at PHCs for this activity.

Issue IV: ISM in Civil Hospitals
• ISM specialty clinics and ISM wings in Civil hospitals.: Particularly where there are no separate ISM facilities in the first phase. • Establishment of ISM wing in other places should also be explored. • Possibility of bringing all the system under one roof should also be explored. This can be done under Govt. of India scheme.( Infrastructure facilities, Man Power and Paramedical Staff.)

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