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                            Shock Mansion Collection
The Shock Mansion Collection includes the Rhyme RMX, Grounds, and EU which all feature
soft oiled full grain leather done in a rich black and are branded with the iconic Shock
Mansion Trios tattoo artwork and blended with contrast colors that depicts each of their
                                      personal styles.

The Rhyme RMX features a high contrast tongue and collar lining displaying the artwork
taken directly from the flesh of the Shock Mansion Trio, with white foxing tape and a black
smoked crystal outsole bottom with a laser etched shock Mansion logo accenting the heel

The Grounds & EU both feature all the same details as the Rhyme RMX with a tonal twist
on the tongue and collar lining artwork, which are done in green (Grounds) and purple
(EU) with the same contrast colors carrying over in to their crystalized outsole bottoms.

The three styles offered in the Crepe & Cream Collection Grounds, Chaveta, and EU are
swathed in two soothing tones of tan and cream suede which create a subtle and balanced
                                       color way.

The alternating tan and cream uppers are supported by a white and cream stripe can-
vas lining and a solid gum vulcanized foxing with cream rubber bottom and tan icon. The
Grounds, Chaveta, and EU feature square tan leather laces and leather and metal detailed
                                      tongue logos.

The Bartie Rider Revolt series includes the NYC83 VLC and Reason, with Chad’s personal
approach and take on each. They both are done with rich black uppers and yellow based
                         tye dye canvas tongue and collar lining.

In addition, both styles feature the Chad Bartie shield logo from Armadillo an Australian
based accessory company that Chad rides for and has a matching belt and wallet that
                   features the same color scheme as his rider revolts.

The Subrosa Rider Revolt is the first collaborative effort for Osiris and the industry leading
bike company Subrosa. The approach to this project was to create a statement through the
            product this was achieved with the debut of the NYC83 Mid VLC.

We sat down with Ryan Sher the co-founder of Subrosa Bike to get his take on what the
ideal goal for the project would be. When we finished we had the NYC83 Mid VLC in a black
                    nubuck upper with white contrast details and logos.

The stand out feature of the shoe is the reflective quarters that were integrated into the
design for getting the cops off your back for riding at night, no lights or reflectors needed
                                 when rocking these kicks.

The Grant Rider Revolt series includes the NYC83 VLC and Pixel, with Josh’s personal ap-
proach and take on each. They both are done with Josh’s signature color story of Red,
Black and White tri-dip effect. In addition, both styles feature Josh Grant’s name and
number 33 with the same stylized font as his jersey, which is also used for the tongue logo
                             so that it all ties in seamlessly.

The Grant Rider Revolt is available for SPR ’12 at all Osiris retailers worldwide and at
                                                                                BREEZE COLLECTION


The Breeze Collection represents a new development in breathable technology. The Grounds, Chaveta,
and EU are outfitted with a hybrid synthetic suede which, is backed with a mesh substrate designed
 with a unique, square perfed pattern that is not only exceptional to behold, but is ideal for airflow.

All upper trims and details are a deep red contrast, the collar and tongue are lined in red mesh, and
the foxing is black on black with a black rubber bottoms with red icon. In short, these three shoes are
                                    styled to look tight with any attire.

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