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Dear Tenant Facility Coordinators_ Please read the ... - SunTrust Plaza


									Dear Tenant Facility Coordinators: Please read the memo below and pass it along to
everyone in your suite/department. Thank you.

TO:    All SunTrust Plaza and Garden Offices Building Occupants

FM:    Greg Wellborn, CPP, Director of Security, Portman Management Company

RE:    Parking Facilities Life Safety Reminders

Thank you for observing these life safety tips when using the SunTrust Plaza parking
garage or surface parking lot.

      Please observe the speed limit of 5 miles per hour in the parking garage and
       surface lot.
      Please observe stop signs and carefully approach pedestrian crossing areas.
      The parking garage is a No Smoking facility.
      Please do not leave packages, clothing, purses, briefcases, laptops, gym bags or
       other valuable items in plain view inside your car. This includes electronic items
       such as phones, chargers, MP3 players, GPS, etc.
      When working late, contact Security for an escort to your vehicle or walk with
       another co-worker to your car.
      Report any suspicious person(s) to security immediately. Be sure to get a
       description of the clothing and physical characteristics to help the officers identify
       the individual(s).

Security may be reached at 404-223-1070 or 404-586-0666 or use the security intercoms
located strategically throughout the garage to report anything unusual or anyone looking
into cars.

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