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									                           INITIAL NECKLACES

Suppose, you can create your own personalized initial necklaces with your children’s names or
a special phrase or date. There are various custom hand stamped sterling silver and gold
jewelry available at Mommy Jewelry. There are different categories of personalized Initial
Necklaces available for your special ones. These include Family Love Charms, Discs, Hearts,
Tags & Bars, Initials, Monograms, Rings, Accessories, Non-Personalized Jewelry, and Gift
Certificates. You can visit the extensive gallery of their mom necklaces on their shopping portal.
For example, you can see a sterling heart which can be worn close to your heart. These
beautiful sterling silver charms can be personalized with names, dates or a special quote or
phrase. Initial necklaces can be worn as a single charm or stacked with as many charms as you
like. Perfect for Mommy, Grandma, Auntie or any special person who deserves a “one of a kind”
charm that was made just for them.

Additionally, you can put dots or hearts between names if desired on your personalized initial
necklaces. For example, you can indicate heart as (H); use period to represent dots on your
mom necklaces. You can include up to 20 characters including spaces on the Right side of your
Initial Necklaces. On the other hand, you can include up to 18 characters including spaces on
the Left side of your initial necklaces. The Size of initial necklaces will be the size of a quarter.

You can shop initial necklaces online on their shopping store by making an account in which you
can add items and also see your shopping history et al. Each item is handmade and will
normally ship within 7 business days. If you want the delivery of your initial necklaces to be
urgent, then Rush shipping is recommended. In Rush shipping, your initial necklaces will arrive
to you within 5 business days.

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