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									The mental ability test
This test, often computerized, designed to assess your intellectual potential. These tests take the form of logical type of exercises that can have many variations. Depending on the skills the interviewer is looking, the tests may have different formats. Some will have a support abstract dominoes, figures. In contrast, other media report: proverbs, synonyms, geometric shapes or digital. After the test, calculate your score (number of correct answers, gap between the responses) and comparing results to a calibration, that is to say to a group of people who have common characteristics with you: education, age, experience ... This calibration allows to place your results in terms of the reference population as more or less from the average. Your results are not considered in themselves, but against a group of people. These tests are often used for young people without experience who want to prove themselves. It can therefore detect their intellectual potential, their adaptability and learning. It is a very viable test used at the beginning of the recruitment process, either collectively or individually. In general, the results are not disclosed to candidates. However, you can claim your results. Remember also to ask particular people to whom you have been compared. This will allow you to relativize your results. One of the difficulties of this type of test is the time limitation. It is often difficult to choose between speed and accuracy. The success of the test therefore requires the mastery of self and time. Do not get stuck on a question, a problem that we can not solve. Note, however, since in many tests of mental ability, the tests are of increasing difficulty. We must also avoid responding randomly. The probability of mistake is in fact much more important than finding the right answer. You may pass, in the eyes of the examiner, a person loose in his intellectual processes To prepare for this type of test you can buy a specialized book and you train at home. This training will enable you most of you familiar with this type of test to address this stage of recruitment with greater ease.

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