The Unexpected Benefits you Notice when you Quit Smoking by crodriguezjoseph


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									            The Unexpected Benefits you Notice when you Quit Smoking
It‟s the little things.

You see, when you habitually do, see or hear certain things day after day you really don‟t
notice them.

It‟s only when they are gone that you notice their absence.

                                                    And when they are gone you start to notice
                                                    the other things you have started doing in
                                                    their place - without really planning or
                                                    predicting them.

                                                      I mean sure, we all expect easier breathing,
                                                      being fitter, less coughing etc but some of
                                                      these things can take a little longer but, as
I said, it’s the little things that reward you day by day.

My client from last week was highly surprised and delighted when she noticed that the whites
of her eyes were going, well; white only THREE DAYS after her Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

This got me to thinking about what other quitters have noticed so I did s0me asking around.
Here is a short list of what I heard:

      I feel more comfortable in my own skin again.
      I gained a little weight and realized the world didn't come to an end. In fact it‟s kinda
      I can now get closer to people I like without feeling self-conscious of having the
       „smoker's stink‟
      I can carry my groceries home without having to stop and rest as often
      I don't have to air brush the cigarettes out of my photos any more. (That one made me
       laugh, whoever would have thought of doing that?)
      I can lie in bed for as long as I like after waking because I don't have to get up and
      I can go to bed before my wife does because I don‟t have to wait until she goes so I
       can smoke my last three cigarettes of the day (which btw kept me awake for a few
       more hours)
      My brain rediscovered what oxygenated blood is all about... and lo-and-behold it
       remembered what to do with it!
       The final word goes to this man, “I don't smoke and I don't chew and now I don't go
       with the girls that do”What will change for YOU when you quit smoking.

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