; 2014 Lahr Reunion
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2014 Lahr Reunion


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									                           2014 Lahr Reunion
 Sadly I have been informed that the Kanada Haus is shutting down in
November or sooner. With the drop in membership and lack of
interest/involvement the time has come to close. I also understand that their
lease was due to expire and wouldn’t be renewed, so they would have had to
find another home. With the loss of membership and interest, funds
dwindled, so shutting down seemed to be the only option.

 On a positive note, people are still willing to help out when it comes to
reunions in Lahr.

 If there is enough interest in having one in the spring of 2014 (early
May??), then let’s do it. The last two reunions were in the fall, so to be fare
to all, maybe it’s time to have a spring one. I have been checking on Rhine
River cruises, there is one that leaves Amsterdam and ends in Strasbourge; I
think it is 8 days. With this cruise it would be easy to get to Lahr by train, or
if enough people were on the cruise we might be able to arrange a bus to
take us to Lahr.

 After the cruise we could have a 4 – 6 day reunion in Lahr, then people
could spend more time in Lahr, go off and see other parts of Europe or head
back home. As this is 4 years away, it is to soon to get prices for a cruise, a
lot could happen in the next 4 years.

 I will wait for some feed back before putting this on web pages and
Facebook. If anyone has suggestions or recommendations, feel free to e-mail

 If anyone hears of any update to Kanada Haus, please let me know.

Cheers, Bill & Janice Moore

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