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									Prolong battery life on your Laptops / Mobile Devices

Although mobile devices continue to become more and more powerful, battery technology hasn’t
kept up at the same rate so the chances are you’ve found yourself lacking power at a critical
moment at some point, whether it’s been a DVD cut short or a partially downloaded program. For
the frequent traveller a second battery is usually the best option (and IT Support Provider help4IT
can supply them for most devices), but there are things you can do to make the most of your
existing battery :

   1. Disable WIFI and Bluetooth – when you don’t need them. These services often have LED’s
      hard wired into devices and draw power even when you are not using them.
   2. Avoid unnecessary Internet access – it uses nearly as much power as a phone call. Do you
      really need “always on” email synchronisation? Even just changing it to check for new
      emails every 15 minutes will make a noticeable difference.
   3. Turn it off properly if you don’t need it on – most laptops will just go into “standby” mode
      when you press the power button, and still use up the battery. Usually holding down the
      power button until the mobile says it is switching off will do it properly.
   4. Use a new battery – the ability of a battery to store and power devices diminishes over time.
      By using a new battery in your device you can off-set uselessness of your old battery.
   5. Leave in cool + dry place – the preferred conditions for battery storage (some even go so far
      as stating a performance improvement) can be gained by keeping lithium ion batteries in the
   6. Manage your background services and processes – turn off background services and
      processes that take up CPU processing power, which in turn uses more power.
   7. Do not leave battery discharged – it has been recommended by battery manufacturers that if
      you are not going to use a device / battery for a period of time, make sure you leave between
      40% and 60% power. Never leave the battery fully discharged or you will severely reduce
      the battery lifespan.
   8. Dim your screen / Brightness – by turning the brightness down again the hardware will use
      far less power than if it is turned right up.
   9. Disconnect and use mains power – if you do have access to a mains power point then
      disconnecting your battery altogether will help prevent unnecessary usage and will prolong
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