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									 Lucky Group
Metal Scrap Recycling and Alloy Manufacturing
              Company in Dubai
About Lucky Group of Company:
- Established Business in 1973.
- Is Multinational Corporation.
- Global Scrap Metal Trading, Scrap Recycling and Alloy
   Manufacturing Company .
- Offering vital scrap metal contributions such as copper,
   brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous and rubber tubes
   to several industries around the world.
- Located at Dubai, Jebel Ali, Doha, Toronto and Shanghai.
                      Our Divisions:
                                                       Scrap Division
                            There is a definite need for quality metals in the market.
                              Through recycling and processing scrap commodities,
                                                   we hope to meet this requirement.

Alloy Division
We pride ourselves on being an efficient, high
quality production facility with a customer-centric
approach to everything that we do.
Scrap Division - Scrap Recycling
 Lucky Group commonly recycle products from various
 recycling facilities. And our products are:
- Copper Scrap
- Ferrous Scrap
- Non-ferrous Scrap
- Brass Scrap
- Aluminum Scrap Metals
Scrap Recycling –
 Lucky Group’s main service are:

 - Aluminum Scrap Recycling
 - Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Recycling
 - Copper Scrap Recycling
 - Copper Metal recycling
 - Scrap Yards Dubai

Alloy Division – Alloy Manufacturing
Lucky Alloys is renowned as one of the largest secondary and semi-primary
aluminum alloy manufacturing facilities in the Middle East.

Our modern alloy manufacturing plant is
located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, UAE and
ranks among one of the largest secondary
alloy manufacturing facilities in the
Middle East. Lucky Alloys facility achieved
ISO 9001 certification in 1998, and were
re-certified in 2010.
Alloy Manufacturing –
 Lucky alloys or aluminum alloy manufacturers in
 Dubai end at Lucky group, which is famous for
 aluminum and ferrous scrap recycling in Dubai

 - Secondary Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing
 - Semi-Primary alloys Manufacturing
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