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									December 7th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: jonmroz

Empower Network Products - Are They
REALLY Of Any Value?
                                                                     and not just any replicated company provided site, but YOUR
  This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook              OWN personal site that you have 100% control over. So, I was
  Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,             off to the races and ended up purchasing a course on how to
                                                                     install my own blog.
  ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.
                                                                     After weeks of hefty learning curves, trying to figure out
  Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more                    everything there was to know about domain names, hosting,
  features and hide this message.                                    nameservers, cpanels, wordpress, plugins, permalinks, and a
                                                                     whole slew of other techno-babble I finally did it – I finally got
                                                                     my first wordpress blog online – woohoo! Now, I just needed
Empower Network Products                                             to fill the blog with dozens of pages of content, start to optimize
December 7th, 2012                                                   those pages, gain authority by creating back links and soon
                                                                     enough, I would start to generate some traffic to the site.
Empower Network has an array of                                      Well, about 9 months later and endless 20 hour days working
products available to their members… but                             on my blog, I finally started to gain some traction. Sure – it
what are they really?                                                was rough – really rough, but it was worth it because this lead
Are they really worth anything or are they just a bunch of           to my first sales online, which lead to my first 5 figure months,
master resell (aka PLR) products?                                    which lead to my first multiple 6 figure years – all because of
                                                                     a single blog.
Are they tangible, or are they just another digital product that
will end up collecting computer dust on your virtual bookshelf?      Soon, I would start to get the process down and create multiple
                                                                     blogs, which all ended up generating at least 6 figures. The
I often get asked a lot of questions in regards to the Empower       problem was, I had a hard time getting my teammates to
Network Products, specifically from people who are just              duplicate this process. I created endless free videos tutorials
learning how to market online because they really are tailored       giving my teammates access to what cost me thousands of
to that niche, and to be quite honest, their value can missed        dollars to learn, but let’s be serious – there is quite a learning
by those not quite in the know. So, I wanted to cover this           curve when it comes to getting a blog or website online for the
important topic and get their questions answered once and for        first time. Add to that the fact that they would have to add
all.                                                                 endless content and then learn marketing strategies like SEO
                                                                     to rank their blog online… well, let’s just say that it did not
What Is Empower Network Selling?                                     duplicate well.
What are the empower network products?
                                                                     Enter Empower Network And The
This has to be the most common question I get. In short,
Empower Network (at its basic level) gives you a viral authority     Blogging Product
blogging platform that enables you to get your content
delivered to your audience on a massive scale without all
the technical hassles that comes along with getting a website
online while at the same time, enabling you to outrank your
competitors on the search engines with ease.
Believe me, when I was getting started online I had no clue
what a blog was or what it could do for my business… let alone
a viral authority blogging platform. It’s kind of a funny story
now that I look back though. I used to search for months on
end for the “push button” solution that would get me instant
commissions. And after thousands of empty promises, and              I can remember speaking on the phone with David Wood
zero results, I finally decided to partner up with some of           several months before Empower Network launched. We
the top mentors online… and rather than investing in junk            discussed the common issues that people in our industry
softwares and “push button” solutions, I decided to invest in        face including, but not limited to: wimpy commissions and
my education.                                                        technical challenges. David asked the question:
No matter which course I purchased or which training webinar         “What if I could remove technical challenges people
I attended, everyone always said that if you wanted to market        face when getting their business online by creating a
anything online, the first thing you need to have is a blog (web     product that eliminates all of this?”
site). And that means ANYTHING. It doesn’t matter if you
want to sell shoes online – you’re going to need a web site…

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December 7th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: jonmroz

I chuckled a bit thinking of the technical challenges he would
face to ensure others wouldn’t, but little did I know his
determination. David Pulled it off.
When someone purchases the Empower Network Basic
(lowest level) Product, they INSTANTLY have their own
100% fully customizable wordpress blog online, loaded to the
brim with content that converts visitors into sales. There are
absolutely ZERO technical hurdles to overcome and you are
fully operational upon making your product purchase. Add to
that the fact that you can add your own personal content to
your own personal Empower Network blog, and outrank your
competitors on google with ease… I am not joking when I say
that this $25 product is literally worth hundreds of thousands
of dollars.
You see, because there are tens of thousands of Empower
Network members all blogging on the same domain, there               In short, if you were to install wordpress on your own host to
is a CRAZY amount of activity on the site. And with activity         own your own blog, at minimum you would still need to pay for
comes social signals, and back links from sites like facebook,       hosting, domains, and get a theme which could end up costing
stumbleupon and other social sites. And THIS is EXACTLY              you an estimated $100 +.
what google wants. It is for this reason that when you               With the Empower Network Basic
post content, and you optimize it properly by following my
exclusive team training, that you can literally outrank your
                                                                     Product, you are getting everything below
competitors, sometimes within hours in what used to take             for only $25 monthly:
around 9 months. And when you rank on the first pages
of google for your chosen keywords, you literally have the
                                                                     The   Empower     Network                             Viral
potential to get paid for a lifetime. So again …                     Blogging Platform
The Basic Empower Network Product
That Costs $25 Is Literally Valued In The
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars.
I can say this from personal experience, because every blog
that I have created has generated hundreds of thousands of
dollars, and Empower Network alone has also generated
me hundreds of thousands of dollars – my first year alone (as
seen in the picture below).

                                                                        • Hosting
                                                                        • Search Engine Optimization
                                                                        • Highly Converting Sales Pages
                                                                        • Several Stunning Lead Capture Pages
                                                                        • Social Media Integration
                                                                        • Placement On A High Authority, Aged Domain
                                                                        • Complete Instructional Manual
                                                                        • Step-By-StepTraining Videos
                                                                        • Training Lessons Work Book
                                                                        • Built-In Email Follow Up System and Campaign
And That Wasn’t Even All The Commissions Generated. Here                • Customer Management System
is a Screenshot From My Empower Network Back Office,
                                                                        • Team E-mailer
After ONLY 10 Months In The Business (Using The Empower
network Products)                                                       • Revenue Tracking System
                                                                        • Resell Rights
                                                                        • 100% Commission Pay-Outs for Affiliates
Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                            2
December 7th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: jonmroz

   • The ability to earn $25/month Commissions, over and                 • Downloadable training audios
     over again
                                                                         • At least 3 new additions per week
Purchase Price: $25/monthly                                              • 40-60 minute training audios
Commissions for reselling the product: $25/monthly                       • Revenue tracking system
In other words – Get 1 and your system is FREE.                          • Resell rights
Note: In order to take advantage of the other empower                    • %100 commission pay-outs for affiliates
network products, you must first purchase the Empower
                                                                         • The ability to earn $100/monthly commissions, over and
Network Basic Membership Product.
                                                                           over again.
To View The Official Empower Network Products Page Click
Here                                                                  Purchase Price: $100/monthly
                                                                      Commissions for reselling the product: $100/monthly
Additional                Empower                 Network
                                                                      In other words – Get 1 and your system is FREE.
                                                                      Note: In order to take advantage of the other empower
Now that we have covered the lowest cost empower network              network products, you must first purchase the Empower
product and you can see the pure value in it, where the benefit       Network Basic Membership Product.
outweighs the cost by an average 1 to 10,000, let’s move on to
the other products.                                                   For A Complete List Of The Empower Network Products Click
As Benjamin Franklin once said:
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best
interest”…                                                            The Empower Network Costa Rica
Empower Network Is No Exception.                                      Mastermind Intensive
As I covered in the paragraphs above, my first months online
were spent struggling, trying to figure it all out. It wasn’t until
I finally (after months of buying junk from the wrong people),
got partnered up with the right leaders, and learned from the
right training courses, that I was able to start to see results in
my business.
Without exception, Empower Network is an accumulation of
the world’s greatest online marketers all packaged into one
unbelievable training platform.

The Empower Network Inner Circle

                                                                         • More than 11 hours of high definition training videos
                                                                         • Learn Empower Network empire start-up secrets
                                                                         • Build confidence
                                                                         • Enhance communication skills
                                                                         • Public speaking
                                                                         • Training workbook
                                                                         • Training lessons
                                                                         • Advance marketing training
                                                                         • Revenue tracking system
   • Access to the inner circle knowledge base                           • Re-Sale rights
   • Industry guru interviews                                            • 100% commission pay-outs for affiliates
   • Marketing secrets                                                   • The ability to earn $500 commissions, over and over
   • Promotional secrets                                                   again

   • How to sell and market – strategies and methods                  Purchase Price: $500 (One Time)

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                            3
December 7th, 2012                                                                                        Published by: jonmroz

Commissions for reselling the product: $500
In other words – Get 1 and your system is FREE.
Note: In order to take advantage of the other empower
network products, you must first purchase the Empower
Network Basic Membership Product.
For A Complete List Of The Empower Network Products Click
In addition to the products listed above, you also have the
option for high tier commissions which include the $15K per
Month Formula Product, and The Masters Retreat. Empower
Network is ALWAYS updating their lessons and you can
expert nothing less than exceptional training and education.
Combine that with the support, training and systems available
exclusively to our team, and you have a guaranteed winner.
“Empower Network is a proven system, with products
PROVEN to generate massive results when used properly”.
Now, it just comes down to YOU – Your willingness to
succeed… Your willingness To Take Action.
Get Started Here
To Your Limitless Potential,
Jon Mroz

PS – Leave your comments below and let us know – What do
you think of the Empower Network Products?
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